WWE releases TJ Perkins and Hideo Itami

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE announced on Friday that TJ Perkins and Hideo Itami have been released. Read the official announcement of Itami’s release here.

Powell’s POV: WWE previously announced the release of Tye Dillinger, who publicly announced on Tuesday that he asked for his release. There’s no word yet as to whether Perkins or Itami made similar requests, though it is assumed with Itami given that he wrapped up his run in late January.

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  1. I’m so sick of this. They wasted Itami. Granted he had some injuries, but they had no clue how to use him. Sad.

    • ARRRRRRRRR-Truth February 22, 2019 @ 7:50 pm

      Truth be told, you can cut and paste several names into that statement. It’s unfathomable how WWE can collect such a stacked roster of talent and proceed to waste the vast majority of it.

      Vince isn’t worried about wrestling. The interview posted the other day with Jake Roberts was spot on. Vince is concerned about marketing and merchandise. If he doesn’t think an individual can fall into one of those two categories, they’re going to be a waste of roster space. Who cares how many 5 star matches they can have if they aren’t marketable. Sad.

      • Well, in fairness, wrestling is about more than just 5 star matches. I tried NJPW, and I found it boring. I don’t want just wrestling. I’ll take character over wrestling, in fact. You need character development to keep the interest of most fans. So in some ways, Vince isn’t wrong there.

        Where WWE sometimes (often) fails is going for the superstar “look” over more talented individuals, I think. They have gotten better with it though, hence AJ’s push, despite not being 6’4″.

        • An NJPW 5 Star Match doesn’t JUST have wrestling – it also has amazing, dramatic STORYTELLING involving two strong CHARACTERS who’s histories, styles, and ideologies are clashing together. You’re literally watching two characters DEVELOP throughout a match.

          Yet, it sounds like you missed all of that since you found NJPW boring. Must explain how you completely missed out on the character development of guys like Naito, Okada, Omega, etc.

          I guess you, like Vince, only think character development exists in 20 minute talking segments?

          • Sorry, NJPW is boring, repetitive hogwash.

            Old school wrestling was about guys like Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes who talked you into the building. It was about Hulk Hogan and Bruno Sammartino looking the part. It was NEVER about the wrestling.

          • I wouldn’t say character development only takes place in talking segments. There’s little things a wrestler can do, such as cheat, or not. Or they could wrestle a more aggressive style, or maybe more arrogant. You can tell a bit of a story there, yes.

            To answer your question though, yes, I largely believe character development takes place in talking segments, though. 80% of it probably does, anyway. That’s where I learn what the wrestler wants, and the path they’ll take to get it.

            I like characters, and I prefer the talking segments to watching 30 minute matches. My favorite acts are good speakers.

            And Dat Boy raises a point: Ric Flair, to many, perhaps the greatest ever, was about the verbal sell. Yes, he could wrestle too. If Flair wasn’t who he was on the mic though, he’d have been just another guy.

            I get some people really, really love NJPW. Hey, that’s cool. To each their own. It’s a niche product, though. That style of story telling never goes over in the WWE.

    • Yawn. Wrestling has never been about the in ring product. Itami can’t talk, has zero charisma, and is an undersized spot monkey.

      • That’s a bit shortsighted to say the least. Itami became an entertaining talker at the end of his 205 run, he’s considered a legend by many, and I wouldn’t call him a spotmonkey because his wrestling style is kickboxing.

  2. Wow, guess TJP’s tweets about Ricochet cost him his job since he didn’t ask for his release like Itami and Dillinger. Good for Itami-totally wasted in WWE as we all know. What a joke someone as talented as him being wasted on 205 Live.

    • The nothing happening midget has been hurt the whole time he’s been in WWE. He’s mediocre in the ring and can’t talk.

      TJP was wasted, but not much, as he’s an in ring only guy as well.

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