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By Darren Gutteridge, Dot Net Contributor (originally published at

In case you missed it, check out the WWE Statistics Series 2018 Part 1.

Welcome to the 2018 WWE Statistics Series! Over the past 12 months, I’ve compiled stats on every single show WWE produced. I have no real explanation as to why I started, outside of a vague notion that combining my love of spreadsheets (don’t judge me) with WWE may help me re-engage with the product that I had spent most of 2017 avoiding entirely. And while I’m still not a regular viewer of Raw and Smackdown, collating these stats has certainly helped me keep up.

Yesterday we covered brand specific wins and losses, and today we’re going to look at the overall numbers. This collates and contrasts every win, loss and no-contest between Jason Jordan vs. Cesaro opening the first Raw of the year, to Ronda Rousey and Natalya vs. Nia Jax and Tamina closing out the last episode of Raw of 2018.

I’ll explain some of the nuances of the stats as we go (you can explore the entire spreadsheet on Google Docs), but I’d first like to thank for their exhaustive record keeping that helped me start, maintain and double check this mammoth undertaking. Also everyone on ProWrestling.Net for the easy to skim TV reports, which I used in place of watching the shows when my free time was short.

And now, the breakdown.

The following stats are, to the best of my knowledge, accurate. They were taken from every televised WWE show between episode 1284 of Raw on January 1st and episode 1336 of Raw on December 31st. Matches were only counted if they aired on TV or the WWE network, and only if they aired during 2018 (this discounts any events taped in 2018 that won’t air until 2019). Also, any wins or losses that occurred whilst a wrestler wasn’t under WWE contract were not counted (this largely effects NXT UK talent). They had to appear on the roster pages of either the WWE website or Wikipedia (or both) to be counted.

Total matches (Brands)

As with yesterday, we’ll first look at the stats broken down by each individual show. So Finn Balor had 46 Raw matches this year, but his overall amount of matches is higher as this doesn’t count PPVs etc.. Also, for a full breakdown of what constitutes a “Network Special” and what constitutes a “PPV”, please see the lists at the very bottom of this article.

Show Wrestler – Total Matches
Raw 1. Finn Balor – 46 matches

2. Seth Rollins – 39 matches

3. Sasha Banks – 33 matches

Smackdown 1. AJ Styles – 28 matches

2. Rusev – 27 matches

3. Becky Lynch / Charlotte / Shinsuke Nakamura – 22 matches

NXT 1. Roderick Strong – 15 matches

2. Lacey Evans / Nick Miller / Shane Thorne – 14 matches

3. Adam Cole / Dakota Kai / Otis Dozovic – 12 matches

NXT UK 1. Jordan Devlin / Mark Andrews – 8 matches

2. Ligero / Saxon Huxley / Zack Gibson – 7 matches

3. Dave Mastiff / Eddie Dennis / Flash Morgan Webster / James Drake / Joe Coffey / Rhea ripley / Toni Storm / Wolfgang – 6 matches

205 Live 1. TJP – 23 wins

2. Akira Tozawa – 22 wins

3. Drew Gulak / Lince Dorado / Tony Nese – 21 wins

Main Event 1. Curt Hawkins – 19 matches

2. Zack Ryder – 15 matches

3. Mojo Rawley – 14 matches

Network Events 1. The Miz – 15 matches

2. Asuka / Rusev – 11 matches

3. Bobby Lashley / Braun Strowman / Charlotte flair / Finn Balor – 10 matches

PPV 1. Seth Rollins – 11 wins

2. Braun Strowman / Carmella / Nia Jax – 10 matches

3. AJ Styles / Charlotte Flair – 9 matches

Total matches (Overall)

Now, we get to the good stuff – the below represents everyone’s final score across all shows in 2018. And unsurprisingly, it’s another strong round for Finn Balor!

Wins/Losses/Overall Wrestler – Total Matches
Wins 1. Finn Balor – 36 wins

2. Asuka / Braun Strowman – 35 wins

3. Seth Rollins – 34 wins

4. AJ Styles – 29 wins

5. Cedric Alexander / Ember Moon – 27 wins

Losses 1. The Miz – 31 losses

2. Finn Balor – 28 losses

3. Apollo Crews / Curt Hawkins / Kevin Owens / Tony Nese – 27 losses

4. Jinder Mahal / Mickie James / Rhyno / Rusev – 26 losses

5. Dolph Ziggler / Viktor – 25 losses

Overall 1. Finn Balor – 65 matches

2. Seth Rollins – 55 matches

3. The Miz – 52 matches

4. Bobby Roode / Braun Strowman / Dolph Ziggler – 50 matches

5. Bayley – 49 matches

Based on everyone’s data, the average WWE superstar could expect 8 win and 9 loses, for a total of 17 matches over the course of the year, for a poultry 1.4 matches a month (I suspect NXT and NXT UK are responsible for dragging down this average). Also, for those wondering who took home the wooden spoon prize for “most no contests”, it was the Phenomenal AJ Styles by some margin, clocking in 4 in total.

Win Percentages

The average win percentage for 2018 worked out at 42.72%. But some people went above and beyond this middle of the road percentage. Quick point of clarity – the top 5 people with a 100% win record in 2018 are the only people with that percentage. But 33 unlucky people ended 2018 with a 0% record, so the top 5 below represents those with the most amount of matches without a win. Also, although Dave Mastiff lost at the UK Tournament special, he wasn’t an official roster member at the time, so the loss wasn’t counted. This, as well as he being the greatest wrestler under God’s hot sun, is why he appears on the below list.

Win Percentage Wrestler – Total Matches
100% 1. Ronda Rousey – 17 wins

2. Rowe – 7 wins

3. Dave Mastiff – 6 wins

4. Jaxson Ryker / Matt Riddle – 3 wins

5. Samir Singh / Shawn Michaels – 1 win

0% 1. Curt Hawkins – 27 losses

2. Vanessa Borne – 7 losses

3. Raul Mendoza – 6 losses

4. Kenny Williams / Killer Kelly / Mike Hitchman / Sin Cara – 5 losses

5. Amir Jordan / Big Cass / Tucker – 4 losses

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow we’ll look at the individual records of “who beat who”. Who beat the most members of their roster? Who got turned over by the most amount of people? Find out tomorrow, or look for yourself by checking out the comprehensive set of spreadsheets for yourself. You can also follow me on Twitter – @TheGutteridge

Network Specials include: All Kickoff Shows, Mixed Match Challenge, Mae Young Classic, UK Tournament, Greatest Royal Rumble, Crown Jewel, Super Showdown, Starrcade and Tribute to the Troops.

PPVs include: Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Fastlane, WrestleMania 34, Backlash, Money in the Bank, Extreme Rules, SummerSlam, Hell in a Cell, Evolution, Survivor Series and TLC.

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