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Gleed’s NXT UK Hit List: Pete Dunne vs. Danny Burch, Dave Mastiff vs. Damien Weir, Eddie Dennis vs. Sid Scala, Ligero vs. James Drake

By Haydn Gleed, Prowrestling.net Staffer (@haydngleed)


Pete Dunne vs. Danny Burch: A great match and the best since the launch of the brand. Between this match, Pete Dunne vs. Noam Dar, and Zach Gibson vs. Noam Dar, there have been three strong matches to kick off the new weekly series, and arguments could be made for each being the best of the three. The two week build to this match and the effective sit-down interviews last week pushed this one to the top because it felt like a bigger match. Perhaps the first five minutes of the match were too slow, but aside from that the near falls down the stretch were tremendous aided by an announce team providing a great soundtrack to what was happening in the ring physically and emotionally.

Dave Mastiff vs. Damien Weir: Dave Mastiff is being positioned as the big monster of the division and is being fed guys in order to prove his dominance. For as long as I watch wrestling I will never be impressed by a cannonball in the corner as much as I am when Big Dave hits his. NXT UK has positioned him in a way now that they can either push him in the Braun Strowman babyface monster role or the role of the monster who goes after the crowd’s favourite wrestler. It was also a nice little bit of exposure, albeit brief, for Pete Dunne’s former tag team partner Damien Weir (aka Damian Dunne).

Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang promo: A minor Hit as I felt it went about a minute or two too long for what was essentially the Scottish trio’s mission statement. It was believable and the heat that was generated from the crowd added to this. After five shows, NXT UK has stronger mid-card heels than Raw #justsaying.

NXT UK Misses

Ligero speaks: Part of Ligero’s popularity over the last fifteen years has been the mystique around him. I’ve seen dozens and dozens of shows with Ligero and have never once heard him talk. He has been listed as being from Mexico, but I knew in reality he was from Leeds, yet because he didn’t talk it never ruined the illusion. With him saying even three sentences on this show, it destroyed that mystique as he just sounded like any other ordinary guy from Leeds, but this guy from Leeds wears a mask with horns for some unexplained reason.

Eddie Dennis’s NXT UK Debut: After a great build for Dennis over the last couple of weeks, this in-ring introduction felt ho-hum. Firstly, the crowd were silent throughout, which can be explained that they hadn’t seen the vignettes that the viewers at home did, however his in-ring style seemed different to what long time UK indie scene fans will remember. Instead of the smash mouth, aggressive, fast paced style, he used a methodical heel Diesel type of in-ring style, which didn’t seem to sit right with me. On top of this, his opponent, Sid Scala, was destroyed by Dave Mastiff a couple of weeks ago, but this was quite a competitive match even though Dennis ultimately won. Disappointing.

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