WWE hyping a “historic announcement” for Raw

By Jason Powell, Prowrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE announced Friday that Stephanie McMahon will appear on Monday’s Raw to make a “historic announcement.”

Powell’s POV: I assume this is related to the women’s division since the company tends to have Stephanie deliver those types of announcements.

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  1. Scott K Homewood July 20, 2018 @ 1:27 pm

    It’s Hogan related.

    • She’s gonna announce new segregated brands based on Hulk Hogan’s recommendations! Ha.

      • Oh man!!! I’m black but that was still some funny sh*t!!! This is how you have fun here in the comments section.

  2. Women’s Tag Titles, possibly?
    It could work if they go with Becky Lynch’s idea of having 1 team defend across Raw, SD, and NXT.

    • I guess that could be the only way of salvaging the whole Bayley/Sasha horrible feud.

      • Bayley and Sasha are going to do a wedding angle at Summerslam.

        Elias comes out to object, and professes his love for Bayley. He sings her a song, but Bayley stops him halfway through. She takes the guitar, turns, and smashes Sasha over the head.

        Bayley and Elias hug. Bayley heel turn. We’ve planted the seeds for the finals of the next Mixed Match Challenge. Boom.

  3. She is announcing Carmella as the newest member of the WWE Hall of Fame,to be introduced in a special ceremony at SummerSlam.

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