2/06 Powell’s WWE Mixed Match Challenge Review: Goldust and Mandy Rose vs. Jimmy Uso and Naomi

By Jason Powell, Prowrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Mixed Match Challenge
Aired on Facebook Watch
Kansas City, Missouri at Sprint Center Arena

The broadcast team of Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Beth Phoenix checked in from ringside. Cole said they were going to show viewers how they could be interactive with the show. Graves used his phone to give a brief demonstration and then they went to ring entrances…

1. Jimmy Uso and Naomi vs. Goldust and Mandy Rose. Daniel Bryan won the fan vote over Kurt Angle 68 percent to 32 percent and therefore served as the special referee for the match. Cole noted that the winning team would face Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss. Goldust and Uso started and danced. Goldust ran the ropes and then asked Uso for a chance to catch his breath. The fans chanted ‘You’ve still got it” at Goldust, who yelled, “I never lost it” back at them.

Rose held out her hand and Goldust kissed it. Uso asked if that’s what teams do. Jimmy then kissed his wife’s hand. Goldust hugged Rose, so Jimmy hugged Naomi. Jimmy kissed Naomi. Godust made a funny face as the fans chanted Yes. Jimmy high-fived Goldust and Bryan led a loud Yes chant. Goldust went to the corner where Mandy was puckered up, but Jimmy rolled up Goldust before he could kiss her. Goldust punched Uso and then said he wanted a kiss and Jimmy took it from him.

The women tagged into the match. Mandy mocked Naomi’s hair, which led to her eating a kick. Rusev and Lana were shown chatting with fans backstage. Mandy got a two count off a version of the facebuster. Later, Goldust checked in and hit the Final Cut on Uso, but Naomi broke up the pin. Rose slapped Naomi, who chased her. Rose hid behind Goldust on the floor, but Naomi dove over him and landed on Rose. A short time later, Naomi and Uso hit a series of moves on Goldust that concluded with Uso hitting a top rope splash for the win…

Jimmy Uso and Naomi beat Goldust and Mandy Rose in 10:00.

After the match, Rusev’s music played and he and Lana walked onto the stage. Lana encouraged the Rusev Day chants. Rusev said he and Lana are the best married couple. Rusev hilariously sang, “Lana is the best, Lana number one.” Lana said she and Rusev would crush Elias and Bayley next week and then celebrate Rusev Day…

Cole set up a pre-taped promo with Elias and Bayley. Elias said Rusev and Lana would learn to walk with Elias. Bayley sang while Elias played his guitar, but he stopped her. She asked for a hug, but he rejected her…

Powell’s POV: Viewership peaked at over 76,000 live viewers. The biggest positive of the MMC is that the wrestlers are allowed to have a little more fun than they do on Raw and Smackdown. Strowman and Bliss were a blast at the end of last week’s match, and the bit with Goldust and Jimmy to start this match was a lot of fun too. It’s still hard to care about the outcome of the tournament as nothing is really at stake and it doesn’t feel like this matters within their usual storyline universe, but it’s an easy lighthearted 20 minutes for those who watch the show.

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  1. I love this concept because, as Powell pointed out, the wrestlers get to have some fun with it. This week was excellent once again. I had a feeling Jimmy Uso and Naomi were going to win, but I thought the Rose-Gold pairing was money. I wish they’d carry that over to RAW.

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