Impact Wrestling’s TV partner back on Dish Network

CBS and Dish Network reached a multi-year contractual agreement that returns POP TV and other CBS-owned networks to the satellite company’s programming lineup. Read more at

Powell’s POV: CBS and its cable networks were blacked out on Dish Network for three days. In other words, Impact Wrestling did not air on Dish Network on Thursday. For that matter, Dish Network subscribers also missed out on CBS’s annual Thanksgiving day football game. I suspect we’ll be seeing more disputes between the networks and the satellite and cable companies going forward due to the effect that cord cutting and other factors have had on the industry.

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  1. Dish customers did get the football game as it is over the air, the local CBS stations are on a different deal as they are owned independently.

    • Going off of the Deadline story, which said they did not. Sorry, I’m not a Dish Network subscriber.

    • As a Dish customer who enjoys the news on the local CBS affiliate, I can tell you that it did affect local stations. Even though Local Stations are a different package, the stations are either owned by CBS or the programming is, which means they were affected.

      The reason for blocks like this is because of people cutting cable and switching to services like Netflix and Hulu.
      As a result, companies like CBS keep charging more and more for their programming, which means companies like Dish have to charge more and more for their service.

      If the FCC wanted to be useful, they should be looking into getting stuff like that under control, setting limits on how much programmers can charge per year, instead of trying to destroy Net Neutrality

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