Sean “X-Pac” Waltman training seminar at Ken Anderson and Shawn Daivari school

The following press release was issued to to promote Sean Waltman’s training seminar at The Academy school in Minnesota on October 30.

The Academy: School of Professional Wrestling is proud to announce that our next training seminar will feature former WWE, WCW, GFW/TNA Impact Wrestling Superstar and nWo/D-Generation X member Sean “X-Pac” Waltman on Monday October 30th, 2017.

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman brings 28 mind blowing years of professional wrestling experience to the table and has been an integral part of the history of professional wrestling as an industry for every promotion he has worked for.

After training under the legendary “Professor” Boris Malenko (father to former WWE/WCW Superstar and current WWE Producer Dean Malenko, whom Waltman would later feud with in both the WCW and WWE for their respective Cruiserweight and Light-Heavyweight titles), Sean found himself making waves felt around the wrestling world working as “The Lightning Kid” for Eddie ‘Trainer of Champions’ Sharkey in Minneapolis having some of the most athletic and exciting matches with Jerry “The Whole F’n Show” Lynn unparalleled to anything that was being seen on television with matches that were taking place way ahead of their times.

These matches earned Waltman opportunities working for promotions around the world and even landed him a tryout match with the WWE.

Waltman impressed WWE officials so much, that even with massive height/weight/size difference of the then WWE Superstars in 1993 compared to Waltman, WWE still offered Sean a full-time talent contract to wrestle exclusively for the promotion. And on Monday May 3rd of that same year, Sean cemented his spot as not another pro-wrestler, but a WWE Superstar, scoring a pinfall victory over Razor Ramon and being renamed, The 1-2-3- Kid.

Sean was hand picked by Kevin Nash & Scott Hall to ride in their van from town to town and the group later became known as The Kliq, dominating the top of WWE events between Diesel, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and The 1-2-3 Kid himself holding the WWE Tag-Team, Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Championship belts for the better part of 3 years.

In 1996 Waltman would join fellow Kliq mates Scott Hall & Kevin Nash in WCW by becoming the 6th member of the nWo, officially rechristening himself as “Syxx.” Waltman was single handedly carrying the workload in the ring for the entire nWo having classics way ahead of their time again with the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko and Rey Mysterio.

In 1998, Sean found himself back under contract with the WWE and going under the ring name “X-Pac,” Sean was the cornerstone of this new genesis of the baby-face D Generation X run, officially kicking off the Monday Night Wars the day after WrestleMania 14. With Triple H, Chyna and the New Aged Outlaws, this incarnation of D-Generation X would go on to become the most popular and the most money-making factions in the history of the professional wrestling industry.

In 2002 Waltman joined the newly formed TNA Wrestling promotion to add some much needed star power to it’s roster of incredibly talented, but mostly unknown on a national platform, wrestlers. Instead of resting on the laurels of years of strong TV under his belt, Sean was one of the few wrestling “Stars” in TNA who never phoned in a match and stole the show almost every time he was seen on a TNA broadcast. This culminated in Waltman winning the TNA X-Division title in an amazing ladder match featuring the likes of AJ Styles, Ace Steel, Kid Kash, The SATs and Tony Mamaluke.

Since then Sean has been a major player in every major wrestling promotion around the world. From AAA in Mexico to MTV’s Wrestling Society X, to helping usher in TNA’s transition to Impact Wrestling in 2010 and even returning to his “1-2-3 Kid” persona for Chikara Wrestling’s annual King of the Trios Tournament; where Waltman teamed with Darin Corbin and The Academy’s very own, Coach Arik Cannon as a part of team “Team Minnesota.”

Now under a legends contract with the WWE, Sean is helping the WWE build and mold tomorrow’s wrestling superstars by having worked in WWE’s developmental system as both a Scout and an Evaluator, as well as keeping his eyes open for up and comers on independent wrestling shows and training seminars he’s booked at around the world.

The Academy will be holding two seminars and will be open to anyone looking to gain knowledge in the world of professional wrestling, regardless of experience. All are welcome from those with no pro- wrestling training, to established wrestlers looking to expand their knowledge and take their game to the next level.

The first seminar will be held from 6:30pm to 8:30pm for those who have had 0 to 20 professional wrestling matches. From 8:30pm to 10:30pm will be the second seminar for those who have had 20+ pro-wrestling matches.

Participation in the seminar of your experience level is $50. You can attend both seminars for $75. You can register for the Sean “X-Pac” Waltman seminar at:


If you are interested in starting a career in pro-wrestling, The Academy: School of Professional Wrestling is kicking off our Fall Class starting October 6th, 2017. There are a limited number of spots remaining in this class. For more information, to enlist today, or to schedule a consultation to come in and speak with us in person, please visit

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