7/26 Powell’s Ring of Honor TV Review: Kushida vs. Jay White for the ROH TV Title, Six-Man Mayhem match, Beer City Bruiser vs. Brian Molinas, big television match made official


By Jason Powell

Ring of Honor TV
Taped on June 24 in Lowell, Massachusetts at the Memorial Auditorium
Aired in syndication over the weekend, Mondays on the FITE TV app

The broadcast team of Ian Riccaboni and Rico De La Vega checked in following the ROH TV opening. The Young Bucks and Adam Page were standing in the ring as De La Vega said anybody who is anybody knows who he is. Riccaboni hyped the ROH TV Title match as the main event.

Powell’s POV: I’m a nobody. I watch the show every week and have no clue who Rico De La Vega is. And that’s fine if this is his introduction, but they should have at least showed the broadcast team to start so that viewers could put a face with the voice.

Matt Jackson stated in the ring that there is zero competition in the tag team division. He said the three of them decided to focus on the six-man tag team gold. Nick Jackson said that’s a great idea and since they beat the former six-man champions last week, they have their eyes on Dalton Castle and The Boys. Nick said that since the Bullet Club is in the office, consider the match booked. Page took the mic and introduced Marty Scurll, who made his entrance. The broadcast team hyped a six-man mayhem match for after the break… [C]

Ring introductions for the six-man mayhem match took place. Matt Taven and TK O’Ryan came out with Vinny Marseglia…

1. Marty Scurll vs. Josh Woods vs. Vinny Marseglia vs. Will Ferrara vs. El Terrible vs. Frankie Kazarian in a Six-Man Mayhem match.. The wrestlers who accompanied their stablemates to ringside headed to the back by the time the match started. Terrible clotheslined Kazarian and covered him, but Scurll ran in and broke it up. Scurll headed to ringside to celebrate heading into the break. [C]

Kazarian performed a huracanrana from the ring and onto Woods, who was on the floor. Woods came right back with an exploder suplex on the floor, then caught Ferrara with a couple of knees on the floor. Woods followed it up with a fairly clunky running knee on Ferrara, who sitting on a chair near the barricade. Shane Taylor showed up and attacked Woods at ringside. Tayloer laughed at Woods after putting him down, then taunted the ringside fans before heading to the back.

In the ring, Marseglia performed a swanton on Ferrara, but instead of covering him he rolled to the corner while holding his head. Scurll entered the ring and played to the crowd while Riccaboni compalined that Scurll had yet to do anything offensively during the entire match. Scurll was about to apply his finisher to Ferrara, but he ran away when Marseglia recovered and teased punching him.

Kazarian had a run of offense on Terrible and then performed a slingshot cutter on Marseglia. Scurll ran in and tossed Kazarian to ringside, then covered Marseglia for the pin…

Marty Scurll defeated El Terrible, Vinny Marseglia, Will Ferrara, Frankie Kazarian, and Josh Woods in a Six Man Mayhem.

Powell’s POV: A random yet entertaining match with Scurll avoiding contact until the finish. This would have been Miz-like heat for most wrestlers, but most of the fans in attendance cheered Scurll’s antics.

Christopher Daniels delivered a backstage promo while standing in front of the ROH logo. He said that after 24 years of pro wrestling, he’s always prided himself on not letting one loss define him. Daniels said that after losing the ROH Title to Cody he had a fire lit inside of him. Daniels said he went to Chicago Ridge looking to stomp a hole in Cody’s ass (censored). He said ROH officials sat him at home and told him to cool off and think about what he’d done. Daniels accepted Cody’s challenge to a best of three falls match. A graphic listed the match for two weeks from now on ROH television… [C]

Powell’s POV: I’m surprised they didn’t save the Cody vs. Daniels rematch for the online pay-per-view that will be held during SummerSlam weekend. That said, I like that they are advertising it this far out. Hopefully they continue to push it this week and next week and make it feel like a big event.

2. Beer City Bruiser (w/Silas Young) vs. Brian Milonas. Footage aired of Beer City Bruiser and Silas Young taking out Jay Lethal at Best in the World. Young carried his workplace injury sign that mocks Lethal. Milonas is a fellow 300-pound wrestler who competed in the Top Prospect Tournament. He performed an early fallaway slam on Bruiser for a good pop and followed it up with some corner splashes and a clothesline.

Young stood on the apron and jawed at Milonas, who took the bait only to eat a dropkick from Bruiser, which knocked Milonas to ringside. Bruiser followed up with a summersault dive onto Milonas on the floor. Back in the ring, Bruiser worked over Milonas in a corner and then performed dove at him and covered him for a two count.

Milonas caught Bruiser on the ropes and then superplexed him and covered him for a two count. Milonas performed a back senton for another two count. Milonas went for a leg drop from the second rope, but Bruiser avoided it and followed up with a running kick and a top rope frogsplash for the win. After the match, Silas changed his sign to read 29 days since they destroyed Jay Lethal…

Beer City Bruiser defeated Brian Milonas.

The broadcast team hyped the ROH TV Title main event… [C]

Powell’s POV: A fun television match between the super heavyweights with Milonas getting more than enough offense to keep it interesting. De La Vega is doing a decent job as the heel color commentator. He immediately stated that Milonas going for the second rope leg drop was a mistake, which gave him some credibility. I have a laptop in front of me so it’s possible I’ve missed something, but I don’t believe they have shown De La Vega yet.

Ring entrances for the main event took place. Riccaboni said White has beaten Punishment Martinez more than once. De La Vega said Martinez is from his home of Puerto Rico and he will continue to make White pay…

3. Kushida vs. Jay White for the ROH TV Championship. Bobby Cruise delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. The wrestlers shook hands and the match started with over 18 minutes of television time remaining. After some early back and forth, White connected with a dropkick heading into a break a few minutes into the match. [C]

Riccaboni hyped Kelly Klein will compete in a three-way in the Women of Honor special next week. Meanwhile, White had offensive control and applied a Muta Lock. Kushida reached for the ropes, but White grabbed that arm and wrapped it around Kushida’s throat. Kushida eventually reached the ropes. Kushida came back with a rolling heel kick and then performed a flip dive onto White at ringside.

Later, White performed a Flatliner and followed up with a German suplex into a bridge for a two count. Kushida kicked out and immediately went for his Hoverboard Lock finisher, but Kushida reached the ropes to break the hold heading into the final break. [C]

White performed his Kiwi Crusher and got a two count. Riccaboni helped tell the story of the match by pointing out that White couldn’t hook the leg of Kushida due to the damage that had been done to his arm throughout the match. White continued to sell the arm. Kushida caught him on the top rope, flipped him from the ropes and into the Hoverboard Lock. White nearly reached the ropes, but Kushida rolled him back into the ring and then performed the Back to the Future small package driver and scored the clean pin…

Kushida defeated Jay White to retain the ROH TV Title.

After the match, Kenny King came out and applauded as he entered teh ring while Kushida and White shook hands. White left the ring. King raised Kushida’s hand. Kushida was apprehensive. King signified that he wants a title shot…

They cut away from the ring to show a graphic hyping the Cody vs. Daniels rematch for the ROH Title in two weeks. The broadcast team hyped Kelly Klein vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Karen Q in a Triple Threat, and Sumie Sakai vs. Kris Wolf for next week’s Women of Honor special…

Powell’s POV: A good television main event that lacked promo time and/or production work to make it feel special. We never hear from Kushida so I assume he doesn’t speak English well enough to hold his own, but how about using an interpreter? White delivered some good mic work about the Punishment Martinez feud. At the very least, we should have heard from him going into his biggest ROH match to date. Again, though, I enjoyed the match and it’s nice to see White being featured more prominently. Overall, a solid television show with three entertaining matches and the ongoing hype for the Cody vs. Daniels rematch. I’m looking forward to the WOH show next week, so be sure to stop back for my review. Dot Net Members will hear my audio review of this episode later today.


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