Witness disputes Paige’s version of the events that led to Alberto El Patron investigation, Paige’s brother expresses concern

A woman who recorded a portion of the Paige and Alberto El Patron verbal dispute in Orlando, Florida on Sunday is disputing Paige’s version of the events that led to police investigating El Patron for domestic violence. “Completely false,” the woman told Heavy.com in response to being accused of throwing a drink at El Patron, as Paige claimed in a Twitter statement on Monday.

The woman stated that El Patron “reeked” like alcohol when she encountered the couple at Orlando International Airport. “They were arguing back and forth, screaming at each other,” she added. The woman also sent an audio file to TMZ, which picked up a portion of the argument between El Patron and Paige. Although it didn’t make her audio recording, the witness claims Paige referred to El Patron as an abusive husband and accused him of ruining her life and her career. Meanwhile, the witness claims El Patron stated that Paige’s bag should be checked while adding “she’s got all the coke in it, it’s all hers.”

Meanwhile, Paige’s brother Zak Bevis took to Facebook to express concern for his sister. After claiming that Brad Maddox physically and mentally abused Paige, Zak added: “And now she’s with a control freak who think he’s a tough guy cause he’s beats my sister and has money too cover his tracks… I love my sister she will end up like Whitney Houston or Amy Winehouse.”

Powell’s POV: The Orlando police are still investigating and no charges have been filed. There have been numerous red flag incidents involving El Patron and Paige, and her brother is right to express his concern. You can listen to the audio that TMZ ran below.



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