Braun Strowman undergoes elbow surgery, reportedly out up to six months

WWE announced that Braun Strowman underwent elbow surgery on Thursday in Birmingham, Alabama. reports that Strowman will be out up to six months.

Powell’s POV: The story attributes the injury to the attack by Roman Reigns. It also states that it was discovered during surgery that Strowman’s elbow was actually shattered, which is why there is a longer recovery period listed. Whether that’s fact or storyline fodder is unclear at this point.

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  1. You know, there is a way to make this a positive: turn Roman Reigns heel right now.

    Reigns comes out to the boos, only this time, he proclaims how he is sick of the crap he’s been given and has decided to deal with these things on his own. Undertaker? Got in his way. Strowman? Picked a fight he shouldn’t have.

    Really play up the embittered wrestler who has decided that there is no point in holding back his rage anymore – and the entire WWE universe will feel it.

    Then, and this is the risky part, have him attack a planted fan in the audience – preferably female. A child would be ideal, but most children aren’t trained in how to take a bump, so let’s not do that.

    Then Strowman comes back to a hero’s welcome – a monster that needs to stop the monster that is now out of control.

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