Goldberg addresses his WWE future in front of the Raw After WrestleMania crowd

WWE aired Bill Goldberg’s appearance in front of the Raw After WrestleMania crowd on WWE Network.

Goldberg started by saying this isn’t part of the show. He took a deep breath. “Here are the facts,” he said. Goldberg said he was approached about returning in October for the first time in 13 years. He said he had to think about physical shape, age, and desire. He barked that he wasn’t reading from “a damn script” and said he would appreciate it if the fans would listen.

Goldberg said the fans may have wanted the invincible guy they saw 13 years ago. He said he’s still that guy, but his focus has moved directly to his family. Goldberg said human beings can accomplish great things when they do it for the right reasons. He said the past few months have been great and he’s the luckiest guy in the world in that he got to come back and show a little piece of what he used to be.

Goldberg said fans can boo him or cheer him, but his son is the reason his heart beats. He said he’s the reason he goes to the weight room every morning, and he tries to be something that his son can be proud of. Goldberg said he thinks they accomplished what they set out to do. He told his wife and son that he loves them more than can be quantified. He said he thinks he proved it by living in the gym, the bathroom, and at the dinner table so that he could be a little bit of what he used to be. The fans chanted Goldberg.

Goldberg called for his son to join him in the ring. His son tripped when he jumped the barricade. Goldberg said his son is taking bumps already. He said it’s one more bump than he took in his entire career before WrestleMania. Goldberg spoke about taking the WWE Universal Championship to his son’s school and what a moment it was. He said the fans can boo or cheer him, but either way it means he did something. The fans chanted his name again.

“This could possibly be the last time you ever see me in a ring,” Goldberg said. “And some of you may appreciate that, but as I said, I’m here for my family.” Goldberg said as long as they appreciate it, he will fight for his family. He said he will push and train and do whatever it takes “to be me.” Goldberg said 13 years removed from the debacle of WrestleMania 20, “I think we did pretty good last night, Brock and I.” Fans cheered.

Goldberg said he still had a little glimmer of that Goldberg and and it gave him hope that he can succeed. He said since he still believes that he’s one of the biggest and baddest on the planet, you never know what or who’s next.” Goldberg put the mic down and then he and his son bowed to all four sides of the arena. Goldberg put his son on the middle rope and raised his arm while his wife was shown taking photos with her phone. Goldberg picked up the mic and said, “One more thing, never say never.”

Goldberg and his son took a lap around the ring. Goldberg slapped hands. His wife was shown crying, and then she looked into the camera and gave two thumbs up. Goldberg made his way up the ramp and stopped to sign an autograph for a younger fan as his music played.

Powell’s POV: A cool moment. So Goldberg didn’t officially retire, but he acknowledged the possibility of it before leaving the door open for more. Goldberg speaking in his own voice to the fans actually won over the Night After WrestleMania crowd. I’m not sure why they didn’t air this on Raw. Were they concerned he couldn’t win over the crowd? If this was a WWE Network hook, they didn’t do a good job of hyping it consistently throughout the night. By the way, John Moore will be by with a full review of Raw Talk on Tuesday morning.



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