Alexa Bliss on playing a heel, WWE’s Talking Smack post show

Smackdown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News and was asked about playing a heel character. “Well, here’s the thing. It’s so much fun, though,” Bliss said. “I love portraying different characters. When I was younger, my mom always said I was super-dramatic anyway. So I always try to channel that a little bit. It’s so much fun, though. To portray something that you’re really not. It’s like a little escape and I love to act and to be dramatic. I feel like the wrestling ring in WWE is the perfect platform to do that. It’s totally acceptable.”

Bliss also spoke about the Talking Smack post show. “I love Talking Smack,” she said. “It is so much fun. We just literally go out there and say whatever we want. Somehow, it’s never planned, but somehow I end up bickering with Daniel Bryan every single time. It’s a lot of fun and it does so much for everyone’s character to really show what we can’t portray in the ring whether it’s time, whether it’s having a match with no speaking parts. It’s that moment that really can help define who you are in the ring and I love being on Talking Smack because it’s fun to literally go out there and talk smack.” Read the full interview at

Powell’s POV: Bliss is in my top three when it comes to Smackdown wrestlers who have made the most of the Talking Smack platform. She stood out in a major way during her early appearances on the show. She also spoke about WWE Draft night, being shy at one point in her life, breaking away form the Blake & Murphy team, and more.



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