Paul Heyman recalls telling Gabe Sapolsky not to run a non-WWE show during WrestleMania week

Paul Heyman’s second WrestleMania week blog for Yahoo Sports focusses the non-WWE events being held during WrestleMania weekend and the advice he once gave Gabe Sapolsky when he was asked about running a show during WrestleMania weekend. “My answer, at the time, caught him off guard,” Heyman recalled. “‘I wouldn’t do it,’ I cautioned my prize pupil from my days as the owner and creative head of ECW.

“‘It’s WWE’s week. Unless you can steal the audience away, or draw a bigger house (sell more tickets, generate more revenue at the box office), you’re just riding WWE’s coattails, exploiting their week, and even if your show is infinitely better, you can’t be perceived as being any better than second place. Why ever be number two, especially in direct competition?'” Heyman goes on to answer the question of what advice he would offer if Gabe asked him the same question today. You find out Heyman’s answer at

Powell’s POV: Hey, does that explain why Impact Wrestling is not running a show in their home market and turning a profit like so many rival promotions are this weekend? Nah.



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