Reby Hardy buries Impact Wrestling management in new Twitter rant

Reby Hardy took to Twitter to sound off on Impact Wrestling management on Friday. She indicated that the company threatened to sue them, then hours later Anthem executive Ed Nordholm sent a “fakeass ‘wishing you well’ tweet” via his own Twitter page. She also accused Jeff Jarrett of sending “two nonsensical drunk texts” while the company was in radio silence mode otherwise. You can read the full string of texts at

Powell’s POV: It’s quite the rant and is definitely worth taking the time to read in full. I suspect the company is claiming ownership of the Broken Universe based on her pointing out that they are even “coming after Señor Benjamin” whom she notes was “never paid a dime by the company” and was not under contract. She also pointed out that TNA violated Matt’s contract repeatedly, yet he didn’t make a fuss about it. In fact, she said the Hardy brothers financed the three highest rated segments on Impact last year “because they believed in TNA.” There are two sides to every story, but Reby’s side makes Anthem’s Impact Wrestling management team look petty, especially coming a night after Dutch Mantell’s speech touched on respect for talent.



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  1. Gold digging whores aren’t always the most reliable sources.

    • I rarely defend people, especially when I have no personal interaction. However, I must say that this “gold digging whore” was praised by a lot of people close to the situation for standing by Matt and helping him get his life back on track when he was going through his personal issues.

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