Vince Russo says TNA Impact Wrestling executive Jeff Jarrett contacted him

Former WWE, WCW, and TNA creative team member Vince Russo stated in his latest podcast that TNA Impact Wrestling executive Jeff Jarrett recently reached out to him. “I got an email from Jeff Jarrett about a week ago,” Russo recalled. Russo said Jarrett asked him to share the type of podcast numbers that he does on Podcast One. Russo said he gave Jarrett realistic numbers.

Russo said the next thing he knew he read that Bruce Prichard was going to Orlando to work for TNA “based on his widely popular podcast.” After praising Prichard’s podcast and storytelling ability, Russo said he was bothered that despite his own history with Jarrett, the company opted to bring in Prichard. “This is why I hate the wrestling business, we all use each other to our advantage,” Russo added. Russo said he had no intention of going on the air and shilling for something he doesn’t believe in.

Powell’s POV: Russo said he has blackballed himself from the wrestling business “because I’m not one of them.” It doesn’t sound like Jarrett made Russo an actual offer, but it’s interesting that he reached out to him. As for Russo, if he was simply sharing his numbers with Jarrett out of friendship and had no interest in returning, then why is he so upset that Jarrett hired Prichard?

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  1. Jobby Whazzisname March 6, 2017 @ 1:12 am

    I think the point was that Jarrett hasn’t spoken to him in years due to heat for consulting for Dixie in 2014 and then reached out to ask him about the podcast numbers. He was annoyed because Jarrett only contacted him because he needed something.

  2. Why does Russo feel the need to share every detail of every conversation/business matter with the world. The last time Russo worked with tna he purposely (imo) revealed him self as a secret advisor by leaking an email sent to him from Dixie, probably another reason why no one will touch you anymore. blatant. Attention seeking

  3. “then why is he so upset that Jarrett hired Prichard?”

    Because Russo likes to get featured in wrestling magazines and news sites. It’s publicity.

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