Adam Cole on the responsibilities of being ROH Champion, WWE possibilities, being leader of Bullet Club

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On the responsibilities of being champion: When I am a guy who’s potentially being put in a position to carry the ball and be the world champion, I focus a lot of my energy on being a guy that people talk about more than anyone after the show is over. I do everything I can in my matches, promos to really kind of stick out from the crowd when I am in the process of chasing that championship. When I am champion I feel the need to focus more than ever on being the guy who elevates and makes whoever I face really shine and stick out because when you have that role as champion all eyes are on you. Fortunately, when you’re in that position with guys who are challenging for that championship, a lot of people’s most watched match is that contest to see if the challenger can hang with the champion. So there’s a lot of pressure there. I focus hard on making my opponent look good. When you’re in that championship role you’re in there to be like a Ric Flair or Shawn Michaels, make your opponent look as good as can be.

On being the leader of the Bullet Club: It’s been awesome, it’s safe to say Bullet Club has been the most impactful faction in the past decade, everyone talks about it, it’s transcended pop culture, you see signs of it in WWE and over the world. The Bullet Club t-shirts are everywhere. I think the reason Bullet Club has been able to stay as constant and relevant as it has is because the group is constantly evolving and adding new talent just to make the sure group moved forward. A position opened up for me when AJ (Styles), (Luke) Gallows, and (Karl) Anderson left, the group knew they needed some new blood and I happened to be the guy that got the call, it’s really cool to be a part of this group and the audience are so into it. When I retire I’ll look back fondly on the Bullet Club and the group of guys I’ve been associated with.

On his future and if WWE is a possibility: I never say never. If I were to sit here and tell you that I don’t want a WrestleMania moment someday, I would 100 percent be lying to you. Of course, someday I would like and see that for myself. It’s a matter of focusing on what’s right in front of me and realizing how little control I really do have. Because as much as I would like to sit and explain to you where I’ll be in a year, I really don’t know. That isn’t up to me.

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