Ric Flair to appear at Wing Bowl 25, NHL player not a fan of the woooo

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair will be among the special guests at the Wing Bowl 25 event on February 3 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Wells Fargo Center. Mick Foley competed in the Wing Bowl 23 and was ejected for sneaking wings into his fanny pack. Read more on Flair’s appearance at CBSlocal.com.

Powell’s POV: Philadelphia Flyers fans have adopted the wooo. Flyers right wing Jakub Voracek is not a fan, as he recently asked whether the fans “are ten years old”. Reporter Al Morganti agreed, but later backed down when he received Twitter heat. For more on that part of the story, click here.

The Best of The Boom features Eric Bischoff joining Jason Powell in this March 20, 2019 discussion on whether there are similarities between Verne Gagne's booking during the AWA's dying days and Vince McMahon's WWE booking today, AEW, a Turner network shakeup, and more...

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  1. I’ll willing to bet more people know who Ric Flair is as opposed to Jakub Voracek.

    • I’ve never even heard of the Philadelphia Flyers or Wing Bowl. My excuse is that I’m english. But yes we all know Flair. WOO!

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