Lucha Underground marathon to air over Thanksgiving weekend

luchaundergroundEl Rey Network issued the following press release to to promote the Lucha Underground marathon that will air over Thanksgiving weekend.

El Rey Network will air the third annual “Way of the Turkey” Thanksgiving marathon featuring 96 hours of hard-hitting, high-kicking kung-fu and lucha libre action.  The marathon will begin with “House of Traps” on Thursday, November 24th at 6 AM ET, and culminate with “The Flying Guillotine 2″ on Sunday, November 27th at 4:00 AM ET. 

A 24-hour “Lucha Underground” fan favorite marathon will air from 6:00am Saturday to 6:00 am on Sunday and will feature 22 episodes of  El Rey Network’s addictive, Lucha Libre wrestling series from Emmy Award®-winning producer Mark Burnett, MGM, Robert Rodriguez and FactoryMade Ventures. 

El Rey Network’s “Way of the Turkey” Thanksgiving Marathon Schedule


6:00am et        House of Traps”

8:00 am et       “Opium and the Kung-Fu Master”

10:00am et      “One-Armed Swordsman”

12:30pm et      “Return of the One-Armed Swordsman”

2:30pm et        “The New One-Armed Swordsman”

4:30pm et        “Chinese Connection/ Fist of Fury” 

7:00pm et        “Executioners From Shaolin” – Hosted by “Lucha Underground’s” Dario Cueto

9:15pm et        “Legendary Weapons of China”

11:15pm et      “The 36th Chamber of Shaolin” – Hosted by Rza

1:45am et        “Return to the 36th Chamber”

4:00am et        “Disciples of the 36th Chamber” – Hosted by Rza       


6:00am et        “Clan of The White Lotus”

8:00am et        “Legendary Weapons of China”

10:00am et      “House of Traps”

12:00pm et      “The Flying Guillotine” – Hosted by “Lucha Underground’s” Johnny Mundo

2:00pm et        “The Flying Guillotine 2”

4:00pm et        “Five Deadly Venoms” – Hosted by: Lo Meng

6:00pm et        “The Crippled Avengers” – Hosted by Rza

8:00pm et        “Chinese Connection/ Fist of Fury” – Hosted by Shannon Lee

10:00pm et      “Way of the Dragon” – Hosted by Shannon Lee

12:00am et      “Game of Death” – Hosted by “Lucha Underground’s” Chavo Guerrero

2:00am et        “The Big Boss”

4:00am et        “Ten Tigers of Kwangtung”


“Lucha Underground” 22 episode Fan Favorite Marathon

6:00am et        “Top of the Ladder” – Season 1 Episode 7

7:00am et        “A Unique Opportunity” – Season 1 Episode 8

8:00am et        “Aztec Warfare” – Season 1 Episode 9

9:00am et        “Grave Consequences – Season 1 Episode 19

10:00am et      “Trios Champions” – Season 1 Episode 24

11:00am et      “Fight to the Death” – Season 1 Episode 29

12:00pm et      “All Night Long” – Season 1 Episode 32

1:00pm et        “PenUltimaLucha” – Season 1 Episode 37

2:00pm et        “Ultima Lucha Pt. 1” – Season 1 Episode 38

3:00pm et        “Ultima Lucha Pt. 2” – Season 1 Episode 39

5:00pm et        “A Much Darker Place” – Season 2 Episode 1

6:00pm et      “Death Comes in Threes” – Season 2 Episode 7

7:00pm et      “Life after Death” – Season 2 Episode 8

8:00pm et        “Aztec Warefare 2” – Season 2 Episode 9

9:00pm et        “Cage in a Cage” – Season 2 Episode 14

10:00pm et      “No Mas” – Season 2 Episode 15

11:00pm et      “The Contenders’ – Season 2 Episode 20

12:00am et      “Six to Survive” – Season 2 Episode 21

1:00am et        “Ultima Lucha Dos Pt. 1” – Season 2 Episode 24

2:00am et        “Ultima Lucha Dos Pt. 2” – Season 2 Episode 25

3:00am et        “Ultima Lucha Dos Pt. 3” – Season 2 Episode 26

5:00am et        “The Amulet” – Season 3 Episode 2


6:00am et        “Ten Tigers of Kwangtung”

8:00am et        “Executioners From Shaolin” – Hosted by “Lucha Underground’s” Dario Cueto

10:00am et      “Chinese Connection/ Fist of Fury” – Hosted by Shannon Lee

12:45pm et      “Way Of The Dragon” – Hosted by Shannon Lee

3:00pm et        “Game of Death” – Hosted by Shannon Lee

5:15pm et        “The Big Boss”

7:30pm et        “Five Deadly Venoms” – Hosted by Lo Meng

9:45pm et        “The Crippled Avengers” – Hosted by The Rza

11:45pm et      “Five Fingers of Death” – Hosted by “Lucha Underground’s” Dario Cueto

2:00am et        “The Flying Guillotine”  – Hosted by “Lucha Underground’s” Johnny Mundo

4:00am et        “The Flying Guillotine 2”

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Powell’s POV: A great opportunity to catch up on LU. As always, you can find John Moore’s reviews of the weekly television shows in the LU TV Review section.


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