11/17 Moore’s TNA Impact Wrestling TV Review: Eddie Edwards and Jeff Hardy vs. DCC, Trevor Lee vs. EC3 vs. Mike Bennett vs. Lashley in a number one contenders match, Gail Kim relinquishes the TNA Knockouts Title due to injury


Logo_TNA_dn_600By John Moore

TNA Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped in October in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios

The introductory teaser video focused on the DCC’s attacks ending with the DCC revealing themselves as James Storm, Bram, and “An Unidentified Third Man” (Eddie Kingston)… Josh Matthews and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero were on commentary…

Eddie Edwards said that winning this championship, he knew it put a target on his back and he was okay with that. Eddie said you don’t step into the ring not knowing that you are going to get hurt or get your ass kicked and he was okay with that. Eddie said he thinks he’s a pretty standup and nice guy. He said he does it to your face where he tells you what he’s going to do which is what he did for Lashley or Eli Drake. Eddie said that James Storm and his boys done care about titles and rules but rather creating chaos and anarchy. Eddie said that was fine because he likes fighting and chaos. Eddie said he was not leaving the ring until he fights.

The DCC TV distortion played as the DCC were in their DCC room reading another promo through macspeak. The middle guy who I assume is James Storm said this was not about titles. He said they bring order to chaos and have taken their stand where they revealed their identity and nothing can stop them. Storm said that was their manifesto and now they can continue with their mission. He said Eddie’s challenge was accepted.

The DCC then teleported (?) and made their traditional entrance in the Impact Zone. The DCC also have entrance music now and the long haired guys now don’t mind showing their hair. Josh Mathews noted that the third guy was the newest member of Impact named “Kingston”. Eddie went to attack Bram but was blindsided by Kingston. As Kingston was playing to the crowd this allowed Eddie Edwards to pummel him. Bram and Storm gave the DCC the numbers advantage. James Storm tried to hit Eddie Edwards in the head with the world title but they were stopped in their tracks by Jeff Hardy’s entrance music which allowed Jeff to clean house with Kingston. Storm and Bram just calmly walked away leading into commercial… [C]

John’s Thoughts: There are some cool parts of the DCC act like how they’re mostly business and they have great talent. I’m still not completely sold on them yet, mostly because I’m not sure what TNA wants the viewers to believe. I think they’re heels, but they did beat up the Tribunal that one time. Also, while in the process of beating Eddie Edwards last and this week, it seems like the crowd seems more willing to get behind them due to their affinity for the returning James Storm.

Eddie Edwards yelled at Aiden O’Shea “We need this match!!!”. They were complaining outside of Billy Corgan’s(?) office. O’Shea said he’ll solve everything and that he and Corgan would see both of them right now. O’Shea kept the camera man from entering the office…

John’s Thoughts: Just a thought, didn’t Corgan suspend James Storm so he shouldn’t be able to wrestle on Impact right? Plus, based on the way they abruptly cut into what seemed like the middle of Eddie Edwards making a statement, it looks like TNA is in the process of editing out any traces of Billy Corgan that they can get away with.

Jessie Godderz made his entrance with a theme song that still says he is a BroMan. Josh Mathews pointed out that this was not a Grand Championship match and that it was a regular match. Aron Rex wore the pink trunks that he wore as heel Damien Sandow…

1. Jessie Godderz vs. Aron Rex. Godderz started the match off with a double leg takedown. Rex was sent into the corner where he took some strikes from Godderz. Godderz slammed the head of rex into several buckles. Godderz also gave Rex several European Uppercuts. Godderz went for the Boston Crab but Rex fought out with the eye rake. Rex continued to target the eyes of Godderz. Godderz escaped a headlock. He blocked a suplex into an inside cradle for the two count. Rex ran back with a clothesline. Rex gave Godderz clubbing shots to the chest leading to locking in the resthold on the ground. Godderz escaped but was tossed to ringside.

Rex continued to attack Godderz on the outside. Rex took down his elbow pad and hit Godderz with the exposed elbow while he was on the apron. Aron Rex Godderz escaped out of a headscissors submission but Rex continued to keep an upper hand. Godders fought back with a front kick and hit a rally of clotheslines. Godderz gave Rex the eye rake and took Rex outside to slam him on things. Godderz used the steps to rake the eyes even further. Godderz took the action back in the ring to give Rex the ten count punches in the corner. He followed up with an enziguri.

Rex escaped a back suplex and grounded Godderz with a chop block. Aron Rex looked like he was trying to lock in a Texas Cloverleaf but Godderz ended up escaping the hold before Rex could lock it in. Godderz tripped a bit but eventually locked in the Adonis Crab to pick up the submission win over Aron Rex after Rex quickly tapped.

Jessie Godderz defeated Aron Rex via submission.

Backstage Laurel Van Ness was bragging to Sienna and Allie that she was getting cute text messages from Braxton Sutter which caused Allie to show jealousy. Laurel said that Braxton “does more” than just text her which caused Allie to pout. Maria said some people thing they’re hot stuff but now Brandi Rhodes was all alone with her husband hurt. Maria said Sienna and Laurel were the two most beautiful women in the knockouts division and no one wants to team up with Brandi Rhodes. She asked Allie if she wanted to team with Brandi. Allie said she would never go against Maria. Sienna said no one was dumb enough to go against them. The intimidation caused Allie to cower.

John’s Thoughts: All is right in the world of Aron Rex (besides his awkward name). He simply wasn’t good as a main event manufactured babyface and he excels as a mid-card heel. He’s also back to acting like a toned down version of Damien Sandow which is actually working. Godderz continues to impress as a singles wrestler, the only thing they have to do now is get rid of the bad BroMans identification.

Josh Mathews recapped Decay’s attack on Jade and Gail Kim from last week and said that Gail Kim requested some time to deliver so me news. A graphic said “Breaking News: Gail Kim to vacate Knockouts Title”. Gail Kim told Jeremy Borash that if she couldn’t give 110% to the knockouts and fans she has to step aside. JB pointed out that the injury came about in Gail’s match against Maria. Gail Kim said she thought she could fight through it but after Rosemary’s attack the doctor wouldn’t clear her. Jeremy Borash said he was sad to hear that…

Jeff Hardy and Eddie Edwards left The Boss’s office and Aiden asked them about the meeting. Jeff said they got everything they wanted. Jeff said the DCC wanted chaos and he is the chaos. Eddie Edwards said two against three where everything goes…

Maria made her way to the ring with her Lackeys who were coming out for a tag team match. Josh Mathews pointed out how they were called the “Lady Squad”. Brandi Rhodes was alone for her entrance. Maria mocked Brandi and said no one wants to be her partner. Brandi pointed out that Allie might want to be her partner but she gets confused sometimes so she was being sent to the back right now. Allie made a pouty face as she walked to the back. Brandi said she got someone else who was a five time knockouts champion. Madison Rayne.

John’s Thoughts: I’m a fan of Madison’s work and believe that she might be the most underutilized knockout on the roster, but I don’t think it does the title any favors to point out that the current enhancement wrestler of the Knockouts division won the title five times.

2. Sienna and Laurel Van Ness (w/ Maria) vs. Brandi Rhodes and Madison Rayne. Brandi Rhodes tried to chase Maria and eventually got to her in the ring. Laurel Van Ness slapped Madison Rayne and requested that Brandi tag her in. She dominated Laurel with many slaps and chops. Sienna tagged in and was hit by an enziguri. Madison Rayne was distracted by Laurel. Sienna hit Madison with the chokebomb. Laurel and Sienna traded tags while isolating Madison away from her corner. Madison tried but couldn’t escape a headlock.

Madison managed to sneak in a rollup pin attempt but Laurel Van Ness came back with a suplex and continued to try to pick up the pinfall over Madison. Madison dodged the curbstomp and clotheslined Laurel. Madison earned the hot tag for Brandi who couldn’t fully utilize the hot tag against the powerful Sienna. Brandi hit a few moves on Sienna. Brandi hit an uppercut and a knee on Sienna. Laurel broke up the pin attempt. Madison Rayne booted Laurel out of the ring. Sienna dominated but had her AK-47 hold blocked. Brandi Rhodes hit her legsweep finisher to pick up the victory.

Brandi Rhodes and Madison Rayne defeated Allie and Laurel Van Ness via pinfall in 6:07.

Brandi and Madison Rayne celebrated their win after the match as Maria and the Lady Squad slowly backed up on the ramp…

John’s Thoughts: Not the worst match in the world. Obviously, Madison Rayne did a bulk of the in ring work and selling due to Brandi being so green but at least they utilized Madison Rayne as much as they could to hide those weaknesses. What does disappoint me is that earlier on in the year they were trying to build up Sienna as the monster of the division, but now she just loses to everyone and she even had to sell/lose to the very green Brandi Rhodes.

It’s Cameron, North Carolina time! Matt Hardy was deleting emails. Reby said it was odd since Matt Hardy was eating candy. Matt Hardy said there was just so much left over candy from Halloween. Reby said the reason behind that was due to Matt Hardy giving the trick-or-treaters green beans instead of candy. Matt asked why would anyone in their right mind give trick or treaters green beans and he said that was absurd. Matt said that sounded like an exaggeration. Reby said Jeff Hardy was out there fighting by himself.

Matt said Jeff was asking like a savage, a barbarian, and a Neanderthal. Matt said Violence doesn’t work, communication does. Matt also said Jeff was disrespectful in missing his ice cream social. Reby rolled her eyes and walked away. Matt Hardy continued to delete emails where he saw a Young Bucks email. Matt said he doesn’t like music and wanted to “unsubscribe” which summoned Brad Stutts because he said the word “scribe”. Reby asked who Matt was talking to and he said no one. Reby said Matt has amnesia or something and she has a video that might bring back Matt’s memory…

3. Lashley vs. Ethan Carter III vs. Mike Bennett (w/Maria) vs. Trevor Lee in a number one contenders match. Mathews said it was a really big deal when EC3 made Abyss tap out. EC3 tried to make a beeline to Lashley but the other two wrestlers pulled them apart. This allowed Lashley to gain the upper hand. Lashley, Lee, and Bennett triple teamed EC3. Bennett tried to roll up Lashley. Lee tried to roll up Bennett. Lashley tackled both men in against the turnbuckles. Lashley threw Bennett at Lee and then gave him a delayed suplex. Lashley then overhead tossed Lee onto EC3. [C]

Trevor Lee gave Bennett order to double team EC3 who fought back with boots. Lashley accidently tackled a turnbuckle. Lee and Bennett double teamed Lashley next and tossed him to the outside. Bennett hit several basement dropkicks to EC3’s head while Trevor Lee followed up with some kicks of his own. Trevor Lee and Mike Bennett landed a double suplex on EC3. Lee and Bennett tried to take the pin on EC3. Bennett yelled that they were a team. Lee kept going for pins while Bennett was distracted by Lashley. EC3 tried to make a comeback but Lee came back with a high dropkick. Lee and Bennett did this act where they acted like a team but would keep breaking each other’s fall attempts.

Lee and Bennett eventually traded punches and took each other down with a clothesline. Ethan Carter III powered up and cleaned house with Lee and Bennett. EC3 gave Bennett a flapjack and Lee a flapjack into Bennett. Lashley speared EC3 when he attempted a double one percenter. Bennett hit the cutter on Lashley. Trevor Lee attempted a pin on Mike Bennett during a bridged German Suplex which might have been the most believable neafall he’s had in his career. Trevor Lee went for the fishermen buster. EC3 went for a TKO. Bennett dominated by hitting Lee and EC3 with spinebusters. Lashley spinbustered Bennett. Trevor Lee caught Lashley in the middle of a spear with a leaping powerslam. Nice!

Trevor Lee hit the footstomp on Bennett. He hit the punt kick on EC3. Lee followed up with a Tope Con Hilo on Lashley and EC3. Bennett pushed Lee off the top rope. EC3 hit the TKO on Lee with the knee. He used this to set up the rear naked choke to pick up the submission win.

Ethan Carter III defeated Trevor Lee, Lashley, and Mike Bennett via pinfall in 9:34 to become the number one contender for the TNA World Championship.

This victory woke up the crowd a bit but it seems like they were still tired. EC3 quickly marched to the back which Mathews said was EC3 being pure business… [C]

John’s Thoughts: This match did three things right and well. One was the establishment of EC3 having a new submission and a new tool in his tool chest. Two, the fatal four way stipulation did its job in protecting Lashley by keeping him out of the picture. The best part of the match was Trevor Lee getting a chance to shine by himself in the closing minutes. Lee also was allowed to show more personality than usual. I do feel a bit bad for the Impact Zone fans. They were never the strongest crowd but they definitely were quiet during this match when there was nothing particularly wrong. This might have been Lee’s best showing on Impact and hopefully it leads to them taking him out of X Division hell.

Back at the Hardy Compound, Reby Sky was trying to bring back Matt’s memories by forcing him to watch “The Final Deletion”. He asked how did they get his head in a hologram. Matt liked mowing the lawn but hated that it messed up Jeff Hardy’s beautiful designs. Matt asked Reby that he didn’t know he was such a good violin player. Matt was saddened by shooting fireworks and trying to set his brother on fire. Matt said he’s seen enough and walked away. Matt teased getting a premonition but it was just a sneeze…

Eli Drake hosted Fact of Life back at the Impact Zone. Drake demanded EC3 come out as the guest to Fact of Life. EC3 walked on set all sweaty. There were canned boos. EC3 kicked away the chair. Eli Drake asked why EC3 had to make it awkward. Drake said he was going to call a spade a spade and EC3 choked. Drake said he wanted to make history with EC3 and he wanted EC3 to put his title shot on the line. Drake said he had a chance to do something special and EC3 will have a chance to prove he’s champion.

Ethan Carter III brought up Eli Drake refusing EC3’s challenge. EC3 said calling a spade a spade he refused the offer. Eli Drake said EC3 has held a lot of titles here and done it all. Drake asked EC3 to put his shot on the line while he won’t challenge for the world title for one title for one year if he loses. EC3 recapped the offer. He said the problem is he wants Eli Drake in the scene and said he’s only better when chanced. EC3 said he wants this to be the best and most competitive roster in prowrestling and they were close in this fact. EC3 declined again. Ethan Carter III said he sees that in his eyes he sees that Eli Drake wants to be champion. He said that this is due to Drake feeling the agony of defeat. EC3 said Drake can challenge for the title anytime he wants but he does propose a one on one match between Eli Drake as to who is the best man. EC3 said Drake has to put one thing on the line to have this match, “Drake’s voice” for one year.

Eli Drake recapped the new offer of possibly losing his ability to talk for a year. Eli Drake said he was going to come out on top and he accepted the new offer. EC3 said never again in regards to Drake’s voice…

Jade was cutting a backstage interview until she was interrupted by Crazzy Steve. Steve said that Jade’s decay will come at the hands of Rosemary. Steve said that Jade should find her. Abyss said it was beautiful out there as she left the scene to hunt for Rosemary… [C]

Jade was in a fighting stance backstage as she was hunting for Rosemary. They cut back to the Impact Zone where Basille Baraka made his entrance for a singles match…

4. Basille Baraka vs. Mahabali Shera. Baraka and Shera trades shots early on. Baraka hit Shera with a clothesline leading to a ground choke. Baraka choked Shera around the ring. Shera no sold punches and Shera’d up. He hit right hands on Baraka but missed a clotheline as Baraka turned the momentum against him to keep him grounded. Baraka gave Shera a leg drop to lead to a nearfall. Baraka continued his methodical offense. Baraka jumped into Shera who gave him a power slam. Shera gave Baraka a splash then did his usual clotheslines. He learned a new move in a shoulder block.

Baraka tried to steal a win by rolling Shera up with the tights. Baraka walked into Sheara’s body slam. Shera then twiddled his moustashe which meant he was going to lock in the camel clutch. Shera picked up the submission win.

Mahabali Shera defeated Basille Baraka via submission in 4:05.

Shera couldn’t celebrate because Baron Dax quickly ran in to take him down. He then did a push that Pope called “final judgement” (I hope that was just a figure of speech and not his finisher because it looked lame). Dax and Baraka put the boots to Shera. Baraka gave Shera a boot to the balls. Al Snow ran out and did his coach routine with the whistle acting like he was coaching the Tribunal. The Tribunal shooed Snow away who rather than leave, saved Shera with elbows to the Tribunal. Al Snow’s theme played as he stood tall in the ring which prompted Josh Mathews to think that Al Snow was trending on Twitter. Josh said this was a miracle. Al Snow and Shera did the mega powers handshake.

John’s Thoughts: Al Snow is awesome! The other three guys aren’t. This is a real undercard feud that would be tough to get off the ground. It could have been hot if Grado were in the place of Shera but, ugh, Shera. The best part of that segment was Josh Mathews sounding like a sarcastic heel Michael Cole at the end of the segment.

Jade walked up to Rosemary in a fighting stance. Rosemary called Jade Gail’s little chosen one. Rosemary said she always enjoyed their interactions as she did some creepy touches to Jade. Rosemary said they were never alone. Jade said she doesn’t give a damn as to what Rosemary says she just knows it is going to be Rosemary vs. Jade for the Knockouts title. Rosemary asked Jade if she had enough of the violence that Decay inflicted on her. Jade said “we” are darkness and chaos made flesh. She said “we” have a brand of violence unlike any other. Jade said she wasn’t afraid. Rosemary said it was perfect that Jade will indulge their need for pain, violence, and blood. Rosemary said Jade will join them in this match in a steel cage… [C]

Josh Mathews said next week was going to be a special Thanksgiving episode of Impact Wrestling. Josh said there was going to be an X-Division Elimination Match (and didn’t tell us who would wrestle, I assume it’s the same 6-7 guys). Josh also noted that EC3 was facing Eli Drake in a title shot vs voice match…

The DCC were out first wearing sleeveless hoodies. Jeff Hardy was out first for his team with an entrance theme from his band’s “Within The Cygnus Rift” CD. The title of the song was “Obsolete”. Jeff was less broken and had both tag titles with him. Eddie Edwards was out after Jeff got to do his usual Jeff Hardy interactions with the crowd…

5. James Storm, Bram, and Kingston vs. Jeff Hardy and Eddie Edwards. Edwards dealt with Bram and Storm while Jeff had Kingston on his end. Jeff hit an early Twist of Fate on Bram. Eddie Edwards kept Storm and Kingston on the outside. Jeff followed up with a high risk crossbody on everyone. Jeff Hardy and Storm brawled with Storm slamming Jeff’s head on the steps. Edwards slammed Kingston and Bram into the ring post. Storm punched Jeff over the steps. Storm beat on Jeff with a chair. Kingston and Edwards fought in the ring. Kingston tossed Edwards with a belly to belly… [C]

Storm kept Jeff isolated on the outside while the other two teamed up on Eddie Edwards inside of the ring. Edwards was wrestling in a T-Shirt. Bram grounded Edwards with a short arm clothesline. Storm was choking Jeff Hardy with a stick. Bram earned a nearfall in the ring. Storm set up a chair in the turnbuckle. Edwards blocked being tossed into it and tossed Bram outside. Kingston gave Edwards an STO. Jeff dominated Storm with the chair this time. Kingston tried to do a suplex into chairs but Edwards turned the tables and suplex Kingston on the top edge of the chair. Storm gave Edwards a backstabber.

Jeff Hardy came in and did his signature moves on James Storm. Storm was staggered by a jawbreaker. Jeff ran into the chair Storm set up in the corner. Storm hit Hardy with the Eye of the Strom to pick up a nearfall. Edwards gave an enziguri to Storm. Bram gave Edwards a clothesline to give the DCC the momentum. Bram gave Eddie Edwards the impaler DDT. Jeff Hit Storm with one Twist of Fate. Jeff went for a second but ran into the Last Call Superkick which earned James Storm the clean victory.

DCC defeated Jeff Hardy and Eddie Edwards via pinfall in 10:10.

James Storm did his DCC hand sign in the middle of the ring and led the crowd in doing it. Josh Mathews went over some clips from the match. Impact ended.

John’s Thoughts: A good match and better matchup for the DCC than the Broken Hardys. It’s funny, we got regular Jeff Hardy this week, which works in that he stayed away from sucking DCC into the Matt Hardy comedy world. Eddie Edwards continues to put on good matches on his end as well. Going back to Jeff, he’s still doing Jeff Hardy high risk things, almost like he never ever had a career threatening injury on a dirt bike. Everything Storm does is like walking on a tightrope and right now I’m a little more intrigued as to seeing where this ends up. I still think Edwards’s babyface build suffers because fans have the potential to dig this new trio a la the Shield. Overall, this was a good episode of Impact. We got a good EC3 promo. The DCC got some build. Jeff and Eddie were protected. Matt got to delete some emails. This was solid. Be sure to check out Jason Powell’s Hit List and member exclusive audio review once they are available.


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