11/16 Moore’s Lucha Underground TV Review: Aztec Warfare 3 with Matanza Cueto defending his Lucha Underground Championship against 19 other wrestlers

luchaundergroundBy John Moore

Lucha Underground TV
Taped Early 2016 in Los Angeles, California

Dario Cueto was walking in the hallway and was blocked by Johnny Mundo. Dario told Mundo to get out the way so he can lead Matanza into Aztec Warfare. Mundo said tonight he was going to win the Lucha Underground tonight in Aztec Warfare which would make him the first Lucha Underground and Gift of the Gods simultaneous champion. Taya was recording this on a digital camcorder. Dario asked what the hell this was. Mundo said she was filming a documentary and just to ignore that she’s there. Mundo said if he loses Aztec Warfare, he was cashing in Gift of the Gods in that case for a match with the winner next week. Dario Cueto pointed out how this was a backup plan for Mundo. Mundo revealed that he was number 12 in the rumble match. Dario said that Mundo thinks he’s the best in the Mundo, but Dario has his doubts. Dario said if Mundo thinks he could beat Matanza he’ll now be number 2, and Dario did this by ripping the 12 card in half. Dario said after what Mundo will go through tonight he’ll be fighting for his life and probably not be able to fight for the title next week…

Matt Striker and Vampiro checked in on commentary as they introduced Aztec Warfare. Matanza was already in the ring. Matt Striker went over the rules and pointed out how this was different than your typical Royal Rumble type match in that there must be pinfalls and submissions in the ring. Melissa Santos introduced the match. Dario Cueto whispered to Melissa Santos that “by random draw” instead of Sexy Star being number two, Johnny Mundo was now number 2…

1. Aztec Warfare 3 for the Lucha Underground Championship. Matanza and Johnny Mundo were the first two in the ring to start off. Mundo started the match by dodging the incoming monster. Mundo locked in a headlock but that got him pressed in the corner. Mundo managed to parkour his way out and hit a kick on Matnaza that he no sold. Matanza hit Mundo with an exploder suplex. Mundo flipped out of a German Suplex and gave Matanza an eye poke. Matanza caught Mundo into a uranage.

The third wrestler was Son of Havoc. Havoc hit a doublestomp on Matanza which allowed Mundo to hit a Canadian Destroyer for a nearfall on Matanza. Havoc got a nearfall on Mundo after a standing shooting star. Mundo tried to distract Matanza by whipping Havoc at him but Mundo cowered out. Mundo and Havoc hit a low kick and crossbody combo for a nearfall.

#4 was Jeremiah Crane. Crane, Havoc, and Mundo all kicked Matanza out of the ring. Crane dragon whipped Mundo’s foot into Havoc. They all wrestled each other while Matanza rested outside. Dario said Matanza should focus on Johnny Mundo. Pentagon Dark was #5. After Pentagon kicked Matanza they cut to commercial… [C]

Pentagon, Crane, Mundo and Havoc traded kicks. Pentagon tossed Mundo into crane. Pentagon gave Havoc two sling blades. Matanza ran in the ring and pummeled Pentagon. Madness ensued. #6 was “The Darewolf” PJ Black. Black gave Havoc the coast to coast on Havoc. Black and Mundo shared a bro handshake.

John’s Thoughts: Black and Mundo just gave me Bro Man flashbacks and that’s not a good sign.

Mundo and Black double teamed Havoc and Crane. #7 was Mariposa. Mariposa cleared out the ring and was one on one with Crane. Crane hit Mariposa with the tiger piledriver. Matanza hit Crane with a twist German suplex to pick up the pinfall on Matanza. Striker pointed out how Matanza has ten eliminations. Matanza teased alluring Matanza but Matanza gave her a chokeslam to pick up the pinfall on Mariposa.

Rey Mysterio Jr. came out at number 8 which fired up Matanza. Cut to commercial… [C]

Mundo and Black kept Rey from entering the ring. Rey hit a knee and huracanrana on the Worldwide underground and was able to get in the ring. Rey was one on one with Pentagon which Rey called a “Dream Match” (even though we got it earlier on today). Dr Wagner Jr was #9. Wagner and Pentagon Dark double teamed Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio Jr was wearing a dreadlock wig for some reason. Black and Mundo hid under the ring.

Marty the Moth was #10. Matanza cleared house. Marty and Moth traded power strikes. Marty the Moth clotheslined Matanza and then flew over the top rope for a Tope. Matanza recovered but Marty fought back. Jack Evans was the 11th combatant which made Mundo and Black celebrate like they won. The Worldwide Underground teamed up on Havoc to start off. Evans hit a corkscrew standing moonsault to pick up the pinfall on Son of Havoc.

Johnny Mundo’s old number, twelve, was Sexy Star. Cut to commercial again… [C]

The Worldwide Underground triple teamed Sexy Star and tossed her outside. Jack Evans did a corkscrew senton to the outside. Pentagon Jr intercepted Black. Mundo gave the people outside a corkscrew crossbody. Number 13 was Ricky Mandel who Vampiro and Striker were tongue-in-cheek in saying that he came out at number “trece”.

John’s Thoughts: I think “Trece” was the name of one of Mil’s dead putty patrollers. I forget which color he actually played.

Mandel ran in and was quickly given the package piledriver by Pentagon Dark. Pentagon played to the crowd and went to break Mandel’s arm. He was saved by Black Lotus and three Asian chicks. One of the asian girls gave Pentagon a Canadian destroyer which allowed Mundo to pick up pinfalls on Pentagon and Mandel. Mascarita Sagrada ran in at number 14 to challenge Matanza. Matanza hit his best ever Wrath of the Gods to defeat Mascarita Sagrada. Vampiro said the ninja chicks were hot. Famous B was number 15.

John’s Thoughts: You have qualifying matches with all the top wrestlers competing, yet you have Famous B and Ricky Mandel wrestle for the World Title automatically? Give me a Break… On a positive note, I believe two of the “hot ninja chicks” were Io Shirai, Mayu Iwatani, and Kairi Hojo. well known japanese women’s wrestlers. What I do always critique as an Asian American is how all asians are generalized, in that Lucha Underground is seemingly going to bill Japanese wrestlers as being from Hong Kong.

Famous B tried to get Rey Mysterio to 423-Get-Fame. Rey told B his area code and hit him with the 619 of San Diego. Rey tried to 619 Mundo and Black but was tripped by Marty the Moth. Marty then tossed the Underground guys out of the ring. Rey reversed a powerbomb into a rollup on Marty to eliminate him. Willie Mach was number 16. Mack gave Marty a stone cold stunner on Marty’s way out. Mack gave everyone else a Tope con Hilo. Madness ensued.

Joey Ryan was number 17. Joey brought out the handcuffs again just did it on the hand rail this time. Mack body slammed Mundo with a chair. Sexy Star suplexed Jack Evans into a chair. Matanza was number 18 with Catrina beside him. Mil slowly walked towards Joey Ryan who was in his path. The cuffs “broke” and Ryan ran in the ring. Matanza and Mil Muertes eliminated Dr. Wagner Jr and Joey Ryan at the same time.

Matanza and Mil stood face to face in the ring where they traded blows after the standoff. Kobra Moon made her season 3 in ring return. Kobra Moon sat at the announce table with Vampiro and Striker. Mack turned a sleeper into a stunner on Jack Evans. PJ Black was hit with a pop up Stone Cold Stunner. Sexy Star and Mack gave him a double pin. Drago was number 20 due to beating his tag partner. Kobra Moon gave him a huracanrana. Dragon went for the dragon’s lair and planted it to pick up the victory on Kobra Moon. Matanza hit a twist reverse powerslam for the victory over Drago.

John’s Thoughts: Damn… Drago just got Fenix’d!

We had six wrestlers at this point. Rey and Matanza were alone in the ring. Sexy Star was chasing Mundo. Mil and Mack were around. Rey was caught into a Samoan Drop. Mundo ran in and gave Matanza a running knee to the head. Mil gave Matanza a spear. Sexy Star hit Matanza with the codebreaker. Mack hit him with the Shining Wizard and Stone Cold Stunner.

Johnny Mundo gave Matanza the flying chuck. Rey went for and hit the 619 on Matanza. Dario cueto looked worried because Rey went for another 619. Matanza caught Rey but Rey countered Matanza into the Canadian Destroyer to pick up the pinfall victory on Matanza. Dario tried to overturn the decision but it looked like Marty Elias wasn’t going to do it… [C]

John’s Thoughts: That was probably the best part of the match so far. Not because I dislike Matanza because he has won me over a bit during the Dial of Doom run. This was essentially the most cohesive and psychologically smart part of this match. I do feel bad for Drago though. You give him a big win and have him treated like Fenix was last season by losing in less than a minute.

Matanza followed up by attacking Rey post loss. Rey was slammed on the barricade. Matanza hit Rey with Wrath of the Gods in the ring. Matanza then brought a chair to hit random things. Dario tried to control Matanza with the key, but Matanza pushed him down and walked to the back exit area. Mundo pinned Rey Mysterio to pick up the pinfall on him.

Sexy Star went for the rollup but only to get a nearfall. Mundo called in the Underground to triple team Sexy Star again even though they were eliminated. Rey did a stretcher job. Marty Elias was allowing this to happen for some reason. The Underground did caporieta handstands. Angelico was on the roof and did his signature crossbody from atop of the roof on all of the Underground. Sexy Star picked up the pinfall on Mundo. Mack, Sexy Star, and Mil Muertes were the three left in the match.

Mack and Sexy Star teamed up. Mil overpowered both of them. Mil hit a flatliner on Mack which was met with boos. Mil Muertes defeated Willie Mack via pinfall. Sexy Star was the last one in the ring with Mil. Mil powered through Sexy Star’s onslaught and overpowered Sexy Star. Sexy Star ate a chokeslam. Mil got the table!

He also brought a chair in the ring. Sexy Star DDT’d Mil on the chair. Sexy Star then hit Mil several times in the back of the head with the chair (mitigated but unprotected). Mil recovered and put Sexy Star against the table in the corner. Mil accidently speared only table and Sexy Star picked up the nearfall. Mil recovered and hit Sexy Star with a clean right hand. Mil dragged another table in the ring and put it standing this time.

Mil Muertes tried to hit a super flatliner into the table. Sexy Star fought out and sent Mil falling through the table himself. Sexy Star reved up and hit a double stomp on Mil for the victory. Sexy Star defeated Mil Muertes via pinfall…

Sexy Star won Aztec Warfare 3 to become the New Lucha Underground Champion.

Sexy Star was crying in the middle of the ring as Marty Elias held up the title with her. Sexy Star kissed the title and played to the fans while trying to hold back tears. The show quickly ended…

John’s Thoughts: Solid ending to the match but they didn’t let the moment settle before cutting the show off. This could have easily been done by cutting some of the match up, or even do the trick of having someone eliminated during the commercial rather than doing the pause and cut. I like the pause and cut but it took away minutes from what should have been a cool celebration of Sexy Star reaching the pinnacle of Lucha Underground.

Overall, this was a solid Aztec Warfare match that had the benefit of having to follow up on a very terrible Aztec Warfare ending from last year. While not the novel concept of two years ago where there was better storytelling and time efficiency, there were enough set pieces here to set some cogs in motion. I’m not a huge fan of the Worldwide Underground guys being a bit too comedic, but at least it didn’t take away from this match overall. What’s great as well is the reign of Matanza is finally over and hopefully this leads to the World Title of the promotion finally being in main events again. I will have more to say audio review, which will be posted later for Dot Net Members.

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