11/14 WWE Raw Pre-Show notes: Live coverage of the WWE Network broadcast

rawpreshow1By Jason Powell

-The show was hosted by Scott Stanford, Jerry Lawler, Booker T, and Lita from the studio at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. They hyped the Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg confrontation for Raw.

-They played up the fan vote to determine which co-host picked the best Survivor Series team. Team Lita won, Booker finished second, and Lawler finished last. Lawler protested the vote by putting on a Cleveland Indians hat and holding up a sign that read “The Cubs are not my world champions.”

-The hosts discussed the Goldberg and Lesnar confrontation. Lita neither man wants to get hurt this close to Survivor Series. Booker picked Lesnar to win the match. Lita agreed. Lawler said a Goldberg win would be the biggest upset since Tuesday (election) and he doesn’t think it’s going to happen.

Powell’s POV: It’s interesting that Lesnar is acting arrogant about Goldberg’s chances after taking a 12-year layoff, and now the broadcast teams are also labeling Goldberg the heavy underdog. Granted, if this were a shoot, that’s exactly what everyone would be saying, but WWE typically has the broadcast team members take dueling approaches to the predictions.

-Seth Rollins being named the fifth man on Team Raw at Survivor Series was discussed. They played up the question of why Rollins was added to the team given his issues with Stephanie McMahon.

-The Raw trivia asked for the Surivor Series team name of Rick Martel, Power & Glory, and The Warlord. It was The Visionaries.

-Footage from last week’s women’s segment was replayed, and then the hosts spoke about the women’s Survivor Series match.

-Backstage at Raw, Sami Zayn was hanging up his gear in his locker when he turned and asked if he could help someone. It was Bo Dallas, who was upset that he was passed over for the IC Title match. Zayn told Bo he knows how good he is and thinks highly of him. Zayn said he earned the match. Zayn said if he had something to prove, he could prove it to him in the ring on Raw.

-Cathy Kelley hosted the Social Media segment.

-Charly Caruso checked in from backstage and said the main concern of the veterans is why Stephanie McMahon invited Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan to Raw.

-The hosts wrapped things up by answering Twitter questions.

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