Gutteridge’s Ring of Honor TV Hit List: The Briscoes vs. Adam Cole and Hangman Page, The Cabinet vs. Kushida, ACH, and Jay White, and Donovan Dijak vs. Danny Miles, Final Battle hype

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The Briscoes vs. Bullet Club: Bullet Club booking is done in two halves at the moment. The “Adam” side, which was on display here, is going very nicely. ROH are clearly setting up an “ROH vs. Bullet Club” war, with the likes of The Briscoes and Red Dragon standing up against them. The match here wasn’t long or substantial enough to warrant a Hit on its own, but as part of this plan it did its job well. The only problem so far is the “Young Bucks” half – ROH is still portraying 50 percent of their dominant heel faction as babyfaces most of the time.

Donovan Dijak vs. Danny Miles: A minor Hit for giving Dijak a very strong squash match win. I dislike heels that give in to fans chanting “one more time”, but the visual of him hitting three Feast Your Eyes on Miles was impressive. And anything that teases tension between Dijak and Nana is a good thing in my book!

ROH TV Misses

ACH, Kushida and Jay White vs. The Cabinet: Had this happened in the middle of the card, I think I’d have given this match a Hit. Instead, it underperformed in the main event role. The Six Man Tag Title Tournament isn’t catching fire, and whilst the effort was there to make this semi final feel important (particularly in a chaotic final stretch), this match didn’t get me excited for the finals at Final Battle.

Final Battle hype: Does it feel like the biggest show of the year for ROH is a month away? Weirdly, it seems ROH finally got everything together when it came to marketing their live tours, outside of the painfully generic ads, at the exact worst time. Their energies seem split between the UK tour, Final Battle, and pre-Final Battle matches. All of these are important yes, but in an effort to push everything, ROH is instead pushing nothing effectively.

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