Billy Corgan says he has not been reimbursed by TNA/Anthem

imgresBilly Corgan took to Twitter to respond to the TNA/Anthem press release that stated he is out of the company. “FACT: TNA was supposed to pay me to 2 days ago, which they swore to in front of a judge,” Corgan wrote. “Yesterday they asked for a day to ‘get $ together.’ Upon which, (yesterday or today) they’d ‘reach out directly’ to settle ALL claims. So they lied again and have used the time as a weapon. FACT: I have still not been paid, and I’m exploring all remedies including new filings with court and converting to 36 pct. equity.” Follow him online at

Powell’s POV: In other words, Billy Corgan is not out of TNA despite the TNA/Anthem press release stating: “Billy Corgan is no longer with the company.” It would have been one thing to say he is out as president, but knowing that he could still convert to 36 percent equity in the company makes that line seem premature to say the least.


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