Mike Bennett takes a jab at TNA ownership, Maria says she’s leaving wrestling soon

Logo_TNA_dn_600Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett do not appear to be happy with the way the TNA legal battle has played out thus far. Shortly after the news came out that the Nashville Chancery Court declined Billy Corgan’s request for a restraining order, Bennett issued the following tweet: “Welp, back to bad business as usual.” Meanwhile, his wife Maria announced that she will be leaving wrestling soon.

Powell’s POV: It’s worth noting that Bennett’s character has been anti-TNA management, but the belief is that they are among many in the locker room who were hoping the company would end up being run by Corgan. Sources say the couple has been more active than most when it comes to pressuring the company to pay them in a timely manner, which sadly doesn’t sit well with some in TNA management. Maria noted that she will earn her bachelor’s degree in May and will continue to pursue her master’s degree. “Eventually everyone must realize that the road never changes until you change roads,” she added via Twitter.

The couple may have already made their final appearances for TNA, as the word is that their deals will be expiring and they will be free agents to start 2017, which we’ve discussed in past episodes of the Dot Net Weekly audio show. Bennett was pushed as a major acquisition by the company and has elevated his stock during his run this year. Meanwhile, Maria finally got the chance to speak on a regular basis (something she rarely got to do in Ring of Honor for some odd reason), and I rate her amongst the promotion’s best talkers. Should they end up leaving, it will be interesting to see where Bennett lands next and whether Maria joins him or follows through on her plan to leave the business.

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  1. Only a badly run company would get mad at somebody wanting to be paid on time.

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