Billy Corgan addresses TNA court ruling, says no one can claim victory

imgresBilly Corgan took to Twitter to address the Nashville chancellor’s ruling that prevented his attempt to gain a restraining order against TNA and several executives. “For those asking, I’m in no way disappointed in the judges ruling regarding TNA,” Corgan wrote. “Rather, I’m grateful the judge considered the case. It’s important to note is these proceedings have brought forth facts which illuminate business practices I have fought against for a reason. And I suggest that a careful reading on the judge’s ruling supports there can be no claim of victory by anyone in a position of authority.” Follow him online at

Powell’s POV: Corgan is still listed as the company president and he still has the option of converting his investment into 36 percent ownership of the company. If he were to convert into ownership, there’s no telling what that would do to whatever Dixie Carter has planned with Anthem Sports & Entertainment and Aroluxe. Corgan could also accept the reimbursement and still pursue further legal action against the company unless the two sides work out an agreement to include language preventing him from taking further legal action.


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  1. F Dixie Carter. Enough BS.

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