Gutteridge’s Ring of Honor TV Hit List: Field of Honor matches include The Bullet Club vs. ACH, Rush and the Motor City Machine Guns, Bobby Fish vs. Evil for the ROH TV Title, and Michael Elgin vs. Donovan Dijak

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The Bullet Club vs. ACH, Lio Rush and the Motor City Machine Guns: After being fairly quiet for the first two matches, the crowd really picked up for this match. And it isn’t hard to see why, as all eight men are athletes operating on a very high level (or at least I can say that is true of seven of them, as I didn’t see Takahashi throw a single punch). It was nice to see the Bullet Club work as a unit too. It’s usually Adam Cole and his entourage or the Young Bucks working alone. If they are supposed to be the powerhouse faction, they need more matches like this, instead of just being The Elite and their interchangeable goons.

Michael Elgin vs. Donovan Dijak: Initially, I thought this was an unnecessary loss for Dijak to take at a time when all effort should be being put into protecting and pushing him. However, the match was better than expected, and Dijak actually looked very dominant against Elgin, who is usually the one doing to dominating.

Bobby Fish vs. Evil (a/k/a Watanabe) for the ROH TV Title: A solid win for Fish, who still needs straightforward wins like this to build momentum as champion. The TV Title has to be built on workrate, and while this match was nothing special, the ending picked up nicely. It also came with the added bonus of Fish applying his knee bar finisher out of nowhere, which adds a nice nuance to his matches. ROH does need to clarify their DQ policy though. If Fish getting thrown at the ring post with a chair wrapped around his head isn’t a DQ, what is?

ROH TV Misses

Nothing: Though I did enjoy all three matches, I can’t say I’m disappointed that I didn’t order Field of Honor as a PPV. These matches all felt thrown together, which is not something I want when laying down money for a show. But when I get them for free, on a nice smooth hour of a wrestling show, it’s thumbs up all round.

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