10/4 WWE Smackdown Live Pre-Show coverage

sdpreshow1By Jason Powell

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-Scott Stanford, Lita, Booker T, and Jerry Lawler hosted from the studios at WWE Headquarters. Stanford hyped the AJ Styles, John Cena, and Dean Ambrose segment for Smackdown Live. Lita announced that Miz will have a “Dolphumentary” on Dolph Ziggler.

-The panel congratulated Sasha Banks for winning the Raw Women’s Championship.

-Footage aired from Talking Smack of John Cena saying Dean Ambrose doesn’t like him, and he doesn’t care about Dean Ambrose. Lawler said Styles will sit back and let Cena and Ambrose destroy each other and then swoop in and win the match.

-The panel briefly discussed the “new look Usos” and their upcoming tag title match with Heath Slater and Rhyno.

-Next up was the Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt feud. Lawler said he is worried about Orton. Booker said there’s no need to worry because he was under his learning tree. Booker said Orton may actually be Wyatt’s toughest and scariest opponent.

-They focussed on the Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss feud. Footage aired of Alexa telling Tom Phillips that Lynch isn’t made to be a champion. Lawler said you have no friends once you become champion.

-Nikki Bella vs. Alexa Bliss was announced for Smackdown.

-Charly Caruso checked in from backstage and announced Bray Wyatt vs. Kane for Smackdown. She also dropped a “You stay classy, San Diego” and scored major points with this writer.

-Lita read some answers to their social media question of what job Dolph Ziggler will do if he loses at No Mercy. One guy said he could go back to being a male cheerleader because at least he didn’t suck at that. Yes, they actually read that one. The hosts spoke more about the Miz vs. Ziggler feud, made predictions, and then wrapped up the show.

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