Moore’s WWE Talking Smack Recap: Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan on whether Smackdown will become a three-hour show, Dolph Ziggler talks about Apollo Crews being known as “a smiling guy who’s athletic”

talkingsmacklogoBy John Moore

WWE Talking Smack
Aired September 6, 2015 on WWE Network

-Daniel Bryan and Renee Young checked in on the Talking Smack set. Renee Young talked about kicking off Smackdown with the new Women’s Championship. Bryan said people actually like the Smackdown belts as opposed to Raw. Bryan said blue was a handsome color. Renee wondered if Becky Lynch coming out was a bit of strategy by Bryan. Bryan said it was because Lynch was their first female draft pick. Bryan said when you invite six women to the ring, madness ensues. Bryan then said he preferred it civil because wrestling is a gentleman’s sport.

-Renee wanted to talk about Sasha Bank’s retirement tease. Bryan wanted instead to talk about the six-woman tag. Bryan said what bugs him the most is not Nikki being a relative. Bryan said he was the one who invented Carmella’s reverse headscissors triangle choke. Bryan also said he was bothered by it targeting Nikki Bella’s surgically repaired neck. Bryan said Nikki was told she wouldn’t be able to do anything again as told by the doctor. Bryan used that to plug the “Total Bellas” show. Bryan said this season was going to be interesting for both Total Divas and pro wrestling fans because of all of the surgery talk. Renee wanted to see how Bryan fares living in John Cena’s house. Bryan said that’s a good hook for the women viewers.

-Renee then transitioned to Sasha Bank retirement tease. Bryan said it was a fake retirement and the presentation simply wasn’t good. Renee laughed again about Daniel Bryan being able to say anything he wants without repercussion. Bryan said he can say anything because he’s the Smackdown General Manager and only gets dinged sometimes like when the Miz went off on him.

-Suddenly Shane McMahon joined the set. Renee asked Shane about Smackdown Live possibly going to three hours. Bryan told Renee to shut her face and Smackdown wasn’t going to three hours. Shane said they were happy with the two hour format.

-Renee asked Shane and DB if they had any pressure with the first Smackdown PPV coming up this Sunday. Bryan said of course especially with The American Alpha. Shane acted like he just received news via his smartphone that Chad Gable was injured with a minor MCL sprain that won’t require surgery. Shane said that Gable would be out of action for about two to four weeks. Shane said unfortunately American Alpha was out of the tag team tournament. Bryan said he doesn’t have a man crush on American Alpha even though he thinks that Olympians are cool, despite what Renee Young may think.

-Renee asked Bryan about the alternative plan. Bryan said that Rhyno and Heath Slater could end up champions by default, but that won’t be fun. Bryan then proposed a second chance tournament with the Hype Bros facing The Usos in order to face Rhyno and Slater later on in the night on Backlash. Renee wondered if it was unfair that The Usos or Hype Bros would have to fight two matches in one night. Bryan and Shane agreed that since they both lost already it was fair (since they are essentially doing an abridged double elimination losers bracket).

-Renee wanted to see if Shane McMahon wanted to make any changes with the new Smackdown. Shane said the ratings were good and he was trying to help put together the best show possible. Shane congratulated Bryan for doing a good job like in handling the women earlier on in the night. Renee wanted Shane’s thoughts on his endorsement for first Smackdown Women’s Champion. Shane avoided playing favorites. Bryan jumped in and said all of the women got great reactions. He said they were giving everyone opportunities to take what they deserve.

-Renee Young wanted Shane to talk smack about Raw. Shane McMahon said he doesn’t watch Raw and gets his Raw information from Renee then wondered why Shane wasn’t wearing sneakers right now. Shane said he had some good sneakers for the PPV. Bryan said Shane has more shoes than Nikki Bella, and Nikki has two full rooms of shoes which you can see on Total Bellas.

-Renee Young formally announced the second chance tournament and asked for more plugs from Shane. Shane said he didn’t have any more and wanted to thank Renee for letting him on.

-Renee transitioned to talking about the AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose segment and also asked Bryan if he won any championships outside of WWE recently. Bryan said he won an Olympic weightlifting competition for people over 35 in Aberdeen, Washington. He said he beat two other people and was the youngest of the three. Bryan said he won a giant sword. He said he put the sword on the Elk trophy in his house. Bryan said AJ took offense to the trophy thing. Bryan said he likes the line about there being no trophies for the face that gets second place. Bryan said there was a reason they drafted Ambrose number one and he was living up to being the face of Smackdown. Bryan said that Dean specializes in getting a rise out of people which got his balls kicked on Smackdown. Bryan was intrigued by AJ calling “Balls” a “Jesus Zipper”.

-Bryan said that Styles and John Cena stole the show at SummerSlam. He said there were added accolades for beating John Cena at SummerSlam. Bryan said that could make AJ the man to run the show. Bryan then talked to Renee about AJ attacking random dudes and throwing cell phones. Bryan threw his own phone. Renee asked for Bryan’s prediction for the AJ vs. Dean match. Bryan predicted a 60 minute draw to duck the question. Renee wanted an answer so Bryan threw it back to her. Renee said she predicted Ambrose. Bryan made funny and sarcastic facial expressions (which he’s done before in reference to Dean Ambrose dating Renee Young).

-Dolph Ziggler joined Young and Bryan on the set. He brought a Mountain Dew with him. He wore a sweater over his dress shirt like he wore on Smackdown earlier in the night. Dolph also made fun of Renee Young picking her boyfriend to win. Renee threw a pen at Dolph.

-Renee talked about Ziggler doing things outside of WWE and talked about Dolph doing things with Fox Business. Ziggler talked about covering both conventions the DNC and RNC. Daniel Bryan asked if Dolph covered the third party convention. Dolph said he did and interviewed Gary Johnson (Libertarian). Ziggler said he can’t pick a candidate on air to avoid twitter hate. Bryan said he was voting for Jill Stein of the Green Party. Dolph gave Stein credit for gaining some ground in the polls.

-Ziggler said Apollo Crews was seen as a smiling guy who is athletic by the general public so he talked to Apollo Crews about what he does outside of WWE. Crews told Dolph that he collects shoes and hats. Dolph said that Apollo probably has a sinister superstar hidden in him but has to show it more. Bryan started to talk about Crews’s story of being a first generation American with parents from Ghana. Bryan said Crews was making his parents dream come true. Dolph pressed about people needing to know more about Crews. Bryan said it was his fault for Crews being called Apollo Creed.

-Ziggler said he was happy to hear that there is more to crews than a smile. He said Crews needs to take an extra step. Bryan said he’s not supposed to talk about Miz so he asked Dolph to talk about him for him. Dolph said Miz and Dolph have been around for about eleven years in WWE and have had matches with each other without people caring even if it’s for the Intercontinental Championship. Dolph said now that the rosters are split Miz is trying to make noise by ranting. Dolph said that Miz does get called to do the outside projects for WWE and now wants recognition for it. Dolph said he can’t blame Miz. Dolph said everyone said they want to make the IC Championship important, but not many people are as much of a go-getter as Miz.

-Dolph said he is hungry like Miz but Miz is here to get paid and in pictures. Dolph said you have to be angry to be the best. Dolph then yelled a bit about being hungry and stuff. Bryan made a comment again about WWE not letting him wrestle. Ziggler said people told him that he was too good at time. Renee wanted to know what that meant. Dolph said he’s not sure, but he tries every night to become the best. Dolph said he tries as much as he can to complain about trying to be the best. After Dolph’s promo, Young closed out Talking Smack.

John’s Thoughts: This was a better show than last week. Bryan and Young got back into their grove of saying whatever the hell they want to say. Mostly Bryan saying whatever the hell he wants to say. It’s also becoming a weekly occurrence with Daniel Bryan making an aside comment about WWE not allowing him to wrestle. I’m not sure what Bryan’s goal with making such comments are but he’s essentially making it clear that he wants to wrestle and that his retirement was a faux one on his end. Dolph was okay at the end but he’s starting to get hard to follow. His promos consist of him yelling a lot for some reason that isn’t clear. Hopefully this leads to Ziggler calming down or turning heel to make the annoying ranting have a direction.



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