7/6 Moore’s Lucha Underground TV Review: Ultima Lucha Dos Part 1 – Son of Havoc, Willie Mack, Cage, and El Texano Jr. compete for a unique opportunity, a Lucha Libre legend makes his temple debut

luchaundergroundBy John Moore

Lucha Underground TV
Taped January 30, 2016 in Los Angeles, California

The teaser for Ultima Lucha Dos featured Dario Cueto throwing together the “4 A Unique Opportunity” Tournament for tonight’s show. This week’s episode was simply titled “Ultima Lucha Dos – Part 1″…

Melissa Santos introduced Ultima Lucha Dos as the camera showed that there were banners hanging which told the upcoming matches at Ultima Lucha. Matt Striker and Vampiro were super excited for the show. Striker explained how Cage, The Mack, El Texano Jr, and Son of Havoc were competing for Dario Cueto’s “Greatest” Unique Opportunity.

Already in the ring, The Mack and Cage were introduced. Before the match started Dario Cueto told everyone to hold on. Cueto brought up how Mack and Cage started Ultima Lucha off with a bang last year and may have been his favorite match. Dario said to ensure that Ultima Lucha Dos was just as successful and just as violent he was making this match a Falls Count Anywhere. Cueto yelled to “RING THE BELL!”…

1. The Mack vs. “They Call Him” Cage in a Falls Count Anywhere Match “4 A Unique Opportunity”. Cage and Mack kept the pace really quick to start off. After a neckbreaker, Cage hit Mack with a lionsault to earn a two count. Mack turned things around with a slap and exploder. Striker noted that Dario Cueto’s opportunities included a catch, just like how it led to Drago losing his job after earning one. Mack and Cage fought outside and Cage hip tossed Mack on the wooden steps.

Mack dodged a trash can shot and instead hit Cage in the head with the trash lid. Mack planted Cage on the trash can with a running body slam. Cage retreated to the hallway and eventually to Dario Cueto’s office. Black Lotus looked worried while Dario looked excited. Mack grabbed a Lucha Underground poster in a frame and whacked Mack over the head with it. Cage earned a two count after that one. Cage put together a steel chair structure as the crowd did their terminator claps. Willie Mack was powerbombed into the chairs. Mack kicked out at two.

Cage pulled out a stop sign this time. Mack blocked a piledriver and reversed it into a Samoan Drop into the stop sign. Mack earned a nearfall himself after a standing running shooting star press. Willie Mack pulled out a Mexican guitar and hit cage in the head with it. Cage kicked out at two. Suddenly! Mack pulled out some Piñatas. The crowd chanted Piñata. Mack pulled out a wrench out of one. Cage pulled out some candy. The wrench won. The crowd stated to pick up the candy.

Cage found some beer and tried the Stone Cold Stunner routine. Cage blocked it and hit Mack with the sign. Cage was bleeding at this point and brought out a table which wrestling fans always like. Mack recovered and hit Cage with a toolbox. Mack beat on cage with a chain. Mack got some more beer and hit the Stone Cold Stunner this time. Cage was placed on the table as Mack made his way to the stands. Mack hit a five star frog splash on Cage from the crowd to the floor. Cage kicked out of the pin attempt at two and three quarters. Cage brought out the cinder blocks again from last year. Mack blocked it because Cage supposedly slipped on the beer. Mack won with a schoolboy pin…

The Mack defeated Cage via pinfall in 10:12 to advance in the Unique Opportunity Tournament.

Mack looked ecstatic as he celebrated his win over his rival Cage. Mack slapped the hands of the believers in the temple. Mack also gave himself a beer bath… [C]

John’s Thoughts: I’m so glad we’re getting the Lucha Underground action that was so awesome last year and if they were going back into the well, Mack vs. Cage is a good well to go back to. I know TNA calls themselves “Total Non-stop Action” but that match was ten minutes of straight up total non-stop action steal a quote from Low Ki. There was some no selling, but Cage’s gimmick is that he no sells. A machine doesn’t have to sell right? (except to Chavo, that was strange). I’m going to give Ultima Lucha a fresh look after being down on the 2nd half of season 2 and so far so good, and So Awesome!

Melissa Santos introduced El Texano Jr and Son of Havoc next in the unique opportunity tournament. There were some beer mugs at ringside. Dario Cueto walked out again and addressed the mini bar at ringside. Dario Cueto said when he sees a cowboy and a biker he thinks “Bar Fight!”. Cueto said as such, he was making this match a “Boyle Heights Bar Fight”. “RING THE BELL!!!”…

2. El Texano Jr vs. Son of Havoc in a Boyle Heights Bar Fight “4 a Unique Opportunity”. Texano ran at Havoc and called him a cabron. Havoc hit Texano with his signature slingshot elbow. Havoc blocked a whip and sent Texano outside. Son of Havoc used the moment to hit Texano with an Asai Moonsault. Havoc missed his gymnast elbow and hit the railing instead. Havoc recovered and did a moonsault off the announce table to ground Texano. Texano was thrown into the closet. Havoc tossed Texano into a pile of chairs. Son of Havoc found a firefighters helmet and extinguisher. He shot extinguisher at Texano. Texano cleaned his eyes with “Vodka”.

Texano hit Havoc with the (sugar) Vodka bottle which Son of Havoc comically no sold because of the helmet. Texano took advantage of Havoc’s confidence and beat him down in the ring. Texano brought some stools and a keg in the ring. The crowd chanted “We want beer!”. Texano punched Son of Havoc with his bullrope. Vampiro commended Texano on hooking the leg in the nearfall. Havoc dodged Texano and dropkicked Texano into the keg. Son of Havoc put together some broken chairs and frankensteinered Texano on the wood. Texano recovered and sent Havoc in the corner. Texano hammered a chair into Havoc’s balls. Havoc and Texano fought on the apron with Havoc backtossing Texano into the mini bar for a cool visual.

Son of Havoc found some more booze under the ring and broke the (sugar) glass all over the ring. Havocs springboard double stomped and back kicked Texano into the glass to earn himself the victory…

Son of Havoc defeated El Texano Jr via pinfall in 7:22 to advance in the Unique Opportunity Tournament.

The camera zoomed in on Texano’s back which showed some red marks (but not quite the gashes you would expect). It would be cool if they ran a “Do not try this at home” disclaimer since so much sugar glass was used… [C]

John’s Thoughts: I’m a happy Lucha Underground reviewer again as we’re getting a string of solid Lucha Underground action that has been missing so much in Season 2. The action continues and we aren’t just seeing derivatives of last year, we are seeing improvements. This match was also very unique in that it was probably one of the safest hardcore matches you will probably see wrestled but the visuals were violent enough. The one flaw was the cameras zooming in on Texano’s back which only showed traditional bruising and melted sugar. Overall, this was a fun hardcore match with melted sugar.

Striker talked about how the arena smelled like desire, beer, and sweat. Striker then ran down the rest of the card which we have posted on prowrestling.net last week. Melissa Santos introduced Mack and Son of Havoc. On cue, Dario Cueto walked in again. He said his money was on Texano and Cage but these two wrestlers impressed him. Dario said since this opportunity was so freakin’ awesome and so great that they had to work for it. Cueto said this match a Falls Count Anywhere match too… [C]

3. The Mack vs. Son of Havoc in a Falls Count Anywhere Match “4 A Unique Opportunity”. Dario Cueto yelled to “RING THE BELL!”. Mack and Havoc shook each other’s hands to start off the match. Mack and Havoc had a traditional chain wrestling opening. Mack then hit Son of Havoc with the pounce. Mack went to the top rope for a high risk move and hit a Spiral Tap a la AJ Styles on Havoc, yes, from Willie Mack. Havoc kicked out at two and rolled away. Mack tossed Havoc outside and beat on him outside. Havoc was thrown into the barricade.

Havoc fought back with some chops and pushed Mack on the wooden benches. Havoc struggled to get Mack back into the ring (which he didn’t have to do since this was falls count anywhere, but it didn’t detract from the match). Mack dodged an incoming Havoc and hit a combo swinging move to earn a two count. Havoc dodged Mack and sent him ringside to hit him with his somersault tope. Mack got the knees up to block the Shooting Star and earned a nearfall off the schoolboy.

Havoc and Mack struggled to get to their feet. Havoc whipped Mack and hit a forearm on Mack. they traded corner moves. Havoc gained the upper hand and hit the shooting star press on Mack to earn the hard fought victory…

Son of Havoc defeated Willie Mack via pinfall in 5:30 to win the Unique Opportunity Tournament.

Son of Havoc celebrated in the crowd with the fans. Dario Cueto walked out of his office with two briefcases before the commercial break… [C]

John’s Thoughts: A slower paced match than the first two, but who said slowly paced wasn’t good. It was intelligent especially since Mack and Havoc already fought hardcore matches earlier in the night. I missed the days when Lucha Underground could do no wrong and they are starting to regain that swag tonight. It would have been cool if they did the Unique Opportunity tournament during the season, but since this is so good, I don’t mind it in their season ending event.

Black Lotus laid down the two briefcases in the ring as Dario Cueto congratulated Son of Havoc for winning the tournament. Dario Cueto said in one briefcase was probably more money than Havoc’s ever made in his career, it was $250,000. Dario Cueto said there is always a twist with these unique opportunities. He opened the second briefcase and showed it had a contract to main event of Ultima Lucha tres. This was essentially Let’s Make a Deal meets Money in the Bank. Son of Havoc said he didn’t care if it was 250 million, he was choosing the main event of Ultima Lucha Tres. Dario Cueto said that Son of Havoc will main event next year’s ultima lucha if he could win, one more match. He said he was offering the money to his opponent while Havoc’s prize would be the contract.

Son of Havoc wasn’t happy at this. Famous B walked to the top of the steps and said he was getting a new client who was already famous. He mentioned how Havoc should be sick to his stomach and said that there was a “Dr.” in the house. That doctor was Lucha Libre legend, Dr. Wagner Jr. Famous B announced Dr. Wagner Jr with the Beautiful Brenda. Dr. Wagner came out looking more ripped than Al Snow over the age of 50…

John’s Thoughts: By the way, Dr. Wagner Jr is 50 years old, but at least he is a way better worker than Blue Demon Jr. This guy is going to be a treat to watch.

4. Son of Havoc vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. (w/Famous B, Brenda) for the Unique Opportunity Briefcase. Wagner started of the match quickly with a spear to Havoc and followed up with a Samoan Drop. Striker talked about Son of Havoc having to conquer so many mountains to get to the top. Wagner hit Havoc with a top rope cutter. Wagner worked the chinlock on Havoc. Vampiro talked about his history with Dr. Wagner. Havoc gained a hope spot with a crossbody.

Son of Havoc hit consecutive clotheslines on Wagner. Havoc hit his pump kick to attempt the shooting star. Wagner dodged out of the way. Dr. Wagner hit the Michinoku Driver on Son of Havoc to take away Havoc’s Unique Opportunity…

Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Son of Havoc via pinfall in 2:03 to earn $250,000.

Dr. Wagner was met with loud boos for beating up the fan favorite. Famous B entered the ring and held a stethoscope to Havoc’s chest in a mocking way. Wagner took down the straps to show his ripped 50 year old physique. Famous B and Brenda yelled that they were now rich. Matt Striker closed the show and said that he would see us next week on Lucha Underground…

John’s Thoughts: The Dr. Wagner mask is one of those legendary masks of Lucha Libre, but unlike Blue Demon Jr, who kinda sucks as the Demon successor, Dr. Wagner Jr can actually go in the ring. He’s 50 years old, yet he can do moonsaults and such. This was a much better get than Blue Demon because they found a guy who can wrestle. As for the match, it was what it was, a two minute match, but it was good at drawing heat for Wagner and Famous B. Son of Havoc also comes out of this show with more sympathy because he had his main event shot taken away from him after fighting through some of the best wrestlers in the promotion.

As down as I’ve been on post-Aztec Warfare Lucha Underground, this episode brought me back to reviewing shows from last year. It was a good show with good progression throughout. If anyone wanted to complain about the lack of selling in the first two matches, the Mack vs. Havoc match brought back the selling at a good level. Another fun part of this episode was old school Dario Cueto. El Jefe is the one true heel authority figure in pro wrestling today. Speaking of nostalgic LU, Vampiro and Striker were actually good on commentary like they used to be. I believe the next show marks the episodes I attended, but I’ll go in with a fresh mind and this was a good kickoff for Ultima Lucha Dos. Check out my LU Hit List coming later on as well as Will Pruett’s member exclusive LU audio review.


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