Santino Marella on Roman Reigns, Triple H, and the birth of his Cobra finisher

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Santino on seeing the transformation of Triple H from talent to corporate figure: “Oh yeah.. When I started, DX was on the house shows with us. As you know, Triple H is a brilliant guy and he really has his finger on the pulse of the industry of professional wrestling. He lacked the business side and he has since learned that… having Vince as the ultimate businessman as your mentor, what a luxury that is.”

Santino on the Origin of the Cobra and how John Cena helped: “Well, it was at a bar in Japan and a friend of Battle Arts Academy submission head Instructor, his buddy transformed his arm in a snake, it was kind of just a little funny thing. Then five years later I call Cena and said, ‘Hey I want to try something in my match.’ I used it in my comeback and the crowd went crazy and after the match Cena told me, ‘I’d keep that if I were you.'”

Santino on Roman Reigns being a locker room leader and fans perspective of the product: “Sometimes the fans should just enjoy the product. If you spend your time as a fan wishing it was something different you not going to have a good experience. Roman Reigns is awesome (people are silly) he looks the part, he’s a great human being, he’s a locker room leader. There should be no reason people are booing him unless they jealous of his hair or something. He speaks up, he’s an independent man, and he’s a stud.”

Other topics include advice Dusty Rhodes gave him, playing the Green Ranger back in the ’90s for a singing telegram company, his thoughts on a fun wrestling movie, and more.


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