WWE Raw onsite report: Mark Henry’s pizza returns, notes on the live crowd’s reaction

Logo_Raw_dnDot Net reader Kevin Lotito attended WWE Raw in Chicago on Monday and sent the following report.

The show opened with a recap of last weeks undertaker appearance. Shane’s music hit and the place went crazy the floors were shaking it was so loud. His pop was insane. Shane seemed visually overwhelmed I swear I could see tears. The Undertaker bell hit and the crowd again popped HUGE, only to be followed by what would probably be the biggest heat of night for Vince McMahon. Their segment was filled with loud chants and great feedback, particularly Vince embracing the a-hole and CM Punk chants. Shane springing into action also got a huge pop from the crowd.

Kevin Owens came out to a decent pop and little heat. Followed by Neville who received a decent pop. The match went over well. Neville was over huge by the end of the match for his spots. Sami Zayn came out to help Neville and the crowd went nuts again HUGE pop. It’s about time we see some more NXT face on Raw. What a surprise.

Brie Bella came out to a nice pop and some YES! chants. Summer Rae came out to a little to no reaction. The match went over in typical divas fashion. Flat. Until Lana’s music hit and she got a decent pop. Nice surprise.

Side note: every video package that contained Roman Reigns got huge heat.

Dean Ambrose made his way to the ring for a huge pop. And got his mic. I hope “hijack wrestlemania” is trending. “Kids don’t try this at home” pure gold Dean. Triple H’s music hit and he received a mixed reaction. His promo got heat.

Dolph Ziggler came out to a nice pop the Chicago crowd always gives him love. Not sure how it played out or sounded on TV, but the League of Nations came out to almost no reaction. The match was a typical Raw match. League of Nations still got nothing from the crowd after their win.

Charlotte got heat but Ric Flair got some cheers. Tamina and Naomi got some cheers. Sasha Banks and Becky both got a pretty big pop. Sasha is over big with the Chicago crowd.

New Day got a big pop and everyone chanted and danced along. Side note: I remember last time when everyone hated them. Chris Jericho got a big pop and AJ Styles got a huge pop. It’s really crazy to finally see AJ live in the WWE. The AJ chants were loud and plentiful. The match was solid and the crowd loved it. AJ was on fire and the crowd knew it. The triple Codebreaker heel twist got big heat from the crowd.

Kalisto came out and I guess people actually like him. I suppose it is his hometown but I was still confused. Tyler Breeze came out to mainly cheers. This is the first Raw I have been to here in Chicago in a while where the crowd still had a bunch of gas left in them two and a half hours in.

The Social outcasts got a mixed reaction. Mainly cheers. Consider me confused again. Ryback got a mixed reaction and Goldberg chants. The match was flat and the crowd seemed to be ready for it to be over before it even began.

Ambrose came back out again to a huge pop. Bray Wyatt came out to a mixed reaction. The match was flat. The crowd was dead. Even Triple H came out to silence. Dean hitting Dirty Deeds was about the only salvation. The Wyatt family made their appearance again to nothing.

In the post show dark match, Dean was cornered by the Wyatt family minus Bray. Out came Jack Swagger followed by Kalisto, R-Truth, Goldust, The Dudley Boyz, The Usos, Stardust, and Mark Henry who had his pizza from earlier. HILARIOUS. Everyone beat down the Wyatts and a pizza chant started. Stardust ate the pizza to a loud CODY chant started as Goldust pushed him into the Usos for a kick, which was followed by R-Truth for another finisher. And then pretty much everyone else in the ring performed their finisher. Dean then thanked Chicago for being one of the best places to perform because of the energy from the crowd. This sent us home happy. The first hour was fantastic and the show went down from there at least in a live perspective. Still an always awesome time in Chicago at Raw.


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