The Freebirds named WWE Hall of Fame entrants

Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, Buddy Roberts, and Jimmy Garvin will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as The Freebirds. WWE announced the group as the latest entrants in the Class of 2016. Read the official announcement at

Powell’s POV: This is long overdue. Fortunately, the wait was worth it, as the Freebirds will be inducted in the state where they had their hottest run as part of World Class Championship Wrestling with the Von Erichs. Garvin was with the promotion at the time, but he was not a Freebird until later in his career. I can’t even imagine what type of beautiful pimp suit Hayes will rock at the Hall of Fame ceremony. I’m curious to see whether any family members represent the late Gordy and Roberts. By the way, one can only assume that Kevin Von Erich will present the Freebirds.

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