Pruett’s WWE TeenyMates Review – The delight and mystery of TeenyMates with a wrestling twist!

By Will Pruett

A few weeks ago, I was sent an email asking if I would like to review some toys for the website. Being a sucker for: a) collectable good, b) free things, and c) reviewing things, I answered yes. What happened next was the arrival of six packages of WWE TeenyMates at my home.

IMG_3142First off, we should cover what these are: they’re part of the evolution of toys different than an action figure. I could compare them to the delightful Funko Pop series, but these are much smaller. They come in packs of two and which toys you receive will be a mystery to you until you open the package.

Intrigued yet? I remember this feeling of excitement, delight, and a little fear from when I spent a year obsessing over Disney’s Vinylmation toys (specifically the Star Wars) ones. It’s fun! Every pack contains both mystery and adventure. Will it be a wrestler you love, like the newly retired Daniel Bryan, or will you end up with a third Uso twin?

IMG_3143There’s a wide swath of wrestlers available, so chances of a double seem unlikely until your collection is just about complete. In the six packs I was sent, there wasn’t one duplicate. Who knows if this is because they were trying to impress me as a respected member of the wrestling media (unlikely) or if they just shoved six packs in a box and mailed it out (likely)?

IMG_3145The actual toys are fairly cute. There is a fun level of detail that makes each one stand out. The design seems more natural/appealing for the male figurines. he female ones (my packs contained both Bella Twins) could be more flattering. The details, including tattoos on wrestlers who have tattoos, make for some fun viewing. Goldust’s figure is particularly impressive.

The Randy Savage TeenyMate (as you can see in these photos) appears to be from a heavy self-tanner period (or perhaps it’s a Jay Lethal figure), but these things happen.

If you’re not looking for hyper detail and the ability to have matches in every area of a wrestling figure, these will probably fill your merchandizing itch.

IMG_3146Ultimately, if you’re into the delight and mystery of toys like these and into wrestling, you will probably enjoy them. There are far worst ways to spend your disposable toy income (like a Dixie Carter action figure)!

Got thoughts on these toys or my review of them? If they aren’t super annoying thoughts (and please don’t ignore this and post super annoying thoughts), hit me up with them! Check the Twitter @itswilltime, leave a comment, or email me at

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