Axl Rotten dead at age 44

Brian Knighton, who wrestled as Axl Rotten, died on Thursday in Baltimore, Maryland at age 44, according to Mike Johnson of The cause of death is unknown at this time. Knighton had been battling severe back problems and a fundraising effort had been established to help him with medical costs. WWE has also acknowledged Rotten’s death in a brief story.

Powell’s POV: Axl, who is best known for his work in ECW, battled major drug issues in recent years, yet he claimed to be sober when the fundraising effort was started. Chris Jericho had Axl on his podcast last June to help raise awareness of his health issues and also donated to the cause. My condolences to Knighton’s family, friends, and fans. You can listen to Jericho’s interview with Axl Rotten at


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  1. On behalf of Brian’s Dad, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you and appreciation to the out pour of prayers, condolences, and warm words regarding the untimely passing of our beloved Brian (aka Axl Rotten). It is a difficult time for the family and they are still trying to digest the news themselves. For personal reasons which will not be disclosed, the family will not be holding a funeral or memorial service. Please try to understand and respect their decision. Thank you all!

  2. saddened gave his body to entertain not one of the most technical but gave his all and loved the sport willed by missed by a lot of pro wrestling fans

  3. saddened gave his body to entertain not one of the most technical but always gave everything he had for his love of the sport will be missed by pro wrestling fans

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