Gutteridge’s Ring of Honor TV Hit List: Jay Briscoe vs. Michael Elgin vs. Moose, Cedric Alexander vs. Jonathan Gresham, and the Top Prospect Tournament begins

By Darren Gutteridge


Jay Briscoe vs. Michael Elgin vs. Moose: This was a solid main event. Moose looked a little green at times, but Briscoe and Elgin ably covered for him. My knock was going to be that this could have easily been saved for a No.1 contenders match at the 14th Anniversary PPV, but then the post match announcement of the Briscoes vs. Elgin and Hiroshi Tanahashi squashed that. It was but one example on tonight’s show of some nice short term booking from ROH. It could all fall down next week, but as I said last week on the members’ ROH podcast, I’m wiping the slate clean as of the last episode. So good job, ROH! One week sober!

Cedric Alexander vs. Jonathan Gresham: While I’m not sure they are handling Alexander well at the moment with this “bottom of the card” storyline, this feud with Gresham is better than nothing. On this show alone, it allowed Cedric to look mean in two separate beatdowns. And GOOD LORD that Lumbar Check on Cheeseburger! Bane didn’t hit Batman that hard when he broke his back!

Jay Lethal, Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole: Solid work from all three men, and Nigel McGuinness did great in his role as the matchmaker. I’m really looking forward to the triple threat ROH Title match at the 14th Anniversary show. Logical booking! Huzzah!

ROH TV Misses

Brian Fury vs. Shaheem Ali: While this wasn’t a terrible start to the Top Prospect Tournament 2016, it wasn’t a great one either. The match really needed a narrative, even if it was simply heel vs. babyface. Instead they held off on that until Fury grabbed the refs leg near the end. Otherwise, it was a match that was just kind of there. Like wallpaper – not bad to look at, but not interesting either.

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