Gleed’s ROH Hit List: Dalton Castle and The Boys, Young Bucks vs. The Kingdom vs. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly build, booking weakness


By Haydn Gleed

ROH Hits

Build to next week’s television show: ROH did something they rarely do by building up next weeks show as must see. With some uncertainty over free agents Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly, Mike Bennett and Maria having already left for TNA, and Matt Tavern on the long term injury list, the outcome of the three-way tag might seem obvious in retrospect (I didn’t look up the spoiler). It should be an interesting match for hardcore fans on a number of levels, and casual fans are presumably looking forward to what should be a good match. Most importantly, they give the fans a reason to think that the match is important and that the winner has accomplished something (more on that later).

Dalton Castle vs. Jay Briscoe vs. Moose vs. Matt Sydal: One thing that ROH TV almost guarantees is good to great in-ring action. This week was no exception. The main event put four wrestlers with four very different styles together and it worked. I was also quite intrigued by Jay Briscoe being in the same match as the Dalton Castle character given his Twitter rants years ago but I digress. It looks like ROH is going to make the smart move by pushing The Peacock of professional wrestling following Castle’s win against three established names, and that is certainly not a bad thing. Likewise, the opening match involving Trent Barreta and Rocky Romero vs. Kenny King and Rhett Titus was also good showcase for all four men to show what they can do.

Dalton Castle and The Boys: I would be remiss to not mention the return of the Dalton Castle we know and love with The Boys in tow, completely with the full peacock entrance. Even I have to admit that I had a big smile on my face while watching that entrance.

ROH Misses

ROH booking flaw: Darren Gutteridge and I have spent a lot of time venting in Dot Net Members’ audio about how many times we have no idea why the wrestlers on ROH television are even having a match against one another. I know every match won’t have a big storyline, but I don’t know why I should or shouldn’t want the All Night Express to beat Trent Baretta and Rocky Romero. Does this mean they move closer to a tag title opportunity? Who are Baretta and Romero (if you only watch ROH TV)? Is it a good thing or a bad thing that All Night Express won? I’ve thrown out the possibility that the win for Dalton Castle in the main event will push him forward in his hunt for a title, but I had to come up with that on my own. It’s not like they answered the question of what the win means for Dalton Castle or what it means for those who lost the match. If ROH officials want the company to stay at the level they are at now, then they can just keep doing what they are doing. They are putting on great wrestling shows in a vacuum with great action, but that will only get you so far. I want ROH to grow. I want more people to see the likes of Adam Cole, The Briscoes, Dalton Castle, etc. I want more people to be exposed to how great ROH wrestling can be in terms of pure athleticism, but in order to get more people to see it, they have to make their television show must see on an emotional, not just on an athletic level.

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