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Moore’s TNA Impact Wrestling Hit List: Ethan Carter III vs. Davey Richards, Dixie Carter Interview, Mahabali Shera vs. Lashley, Jessie Godderz vs. Matt Hardy

By John Moore

TNA Impact Wrestling Hits

Bobby Lashley vs. Mahabali Shera: This match gets a minor Hit, mostly due to it being Shera’s best match thanks Lashley seemingly carrying him. It was still below average since Shera comes off as an overhyped cross between early David Otunga and Vladimir Kozlov, but this match is a good step towards giving Shera a proper journey. I keep praising Lashley for being TNA’s most consistent wrestler over the last two years in terms of putting on good matches (as long as you keep the camera away from his blank face, and a mic out of his hand). This is good example of why, as it shows Lashley can carry even the greenest of the green to a watchable match.

Matt Hardy vs. Jessie Godderz: Mostly for doing the little things, both Matt Hardy and Jessie Godderz deserve a lot of praise in this match for putting a good story together. Hardy said in the interview that Jessie was stronger, and stronger he was portrayed. Every time Matt Hardy attempted to make a comeback, Jessie Godderz met him there and thwarted him. Jessie, in a very smart move, used each thwart attempt to target an execute a new move on the midsection of Matt Hardy to lead to his Boston Crab finisher. Another layer added was Hardy actually having to pull the win out of the air due to a surprise Twist of Fate, which Pope did a good job putting over as Hardy’s secret weapon. As far as an overall package, this match was solid, and Jessie Godderz has done a good job separating himself from the BroMans. I just hope he doesn’t regress too far in the Chris Masterpiece direction.

Davey Richards vs. Ethan Carter III: Davey Richards has been defined as a tag team specialist in TNA so many TNA viewers aren’t familiar with his world class singles work around the world. The World Title Series was a great outlet for both him and Eddie Edwards to showcase what they can do in singles matches. Davey got a chance to shine in a singles main event and I believe he did very well. Davey’s way of wrestling and look left me thinking he’d do well in the wrestling hole left by Austin Aries, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Davey solidify this by getting option C if given the chance. Ethan Carter III is really good at pulling out good endings to his main events. I like how he establishes his heelish-ness at the beginning, then tops his matches off with solid in-ring creditability.

TNA Impact Wrestling Misses

Dixie Carter Interview: I know TNA has time to fill, but why waste time asking Dixie Carter questions only for her to give answers that sell nothing and sound like statements people would post on their Twitter feed. There was an announcement in there, but it wasn’t one that needed Dixie to deliver it since it was just a retcon of a previous “huge announcement” of the World Title Series having semi-final matches in India. TNA did a good job with the facetime/skype interviews two weeks ago at the close of the round-robin tournament. Why not have some eliminated wrestlers share their thoughts on the rest of the series? I keep going back to the same well on this one, but Drew Galloway or Rockstar Spud are two great choices to help sell the WTS as well as making you care about what they have to say. Does anyone really care about what Dixie has to say, especially with most of her announcements being duds?


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