Paul Levesque on The Pat McAfee Show recap: WWE on Netflix, offers strong praise for Nick Khan, labels Jacob Fatu a game changer, comments on Damian Priest getting hung up in the ropes

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The following are the highlights of WWE executive Paul Levesque’s appearance on Monday’s edition of “The Pat McAfee Show” on ESPN and YouTube. The show can be viewed in full below or via the show’s YouTube Page.

-Levesque spoke about holding an NXT event in McAfee’s studio. Levesque said he would take to Shawn Michaels and then he and McAfee shook on it.

-McAfee and Levesque spoke about WWE’s deal to bring the 2025 Royal Rumble and future WrestleMania and two-night SummerSlam events to Indianapolis. Levesque said McAfee was the biggest advocate for WWE coming to Indianapolis.

-Levesque spoke about working in Russia once and said the fans were insane despite the product not airing on Russian television. Levesque attributed their fandom to the bootlegging that takes place.

-Levesque spoke about the Netflix deal and what a big deal it is for the company internationally. He spoke about all of the international events they have been doing. Levesque said the U.S. fans will have to step up with their reactions because “the international fans are putting them to shame.”

-There was a still shot shown of Chad Gable from the Wyatt Sicks angle. Levesque said Gable is still alive and “you will probably see him competing” on Raw. McAfee acted stunned (even though Gable is advertised for a Triple Threat Money in the Bank qualifier).

-McAfee brought up Nick Khan. Levesque said he doesn’t think he’s met a business man who is more intuitive in terms of what is going on. He said the folks on the investor calls seemed to want to know Khan’s opinions regarding what was happening in the sports world as they did WWE. Levesque said Khan isn’t a massive sports fan, though he knows what’s going on. Levesque said Khan is massively into combat sports and WWE. Levesque said he and Khan hit it off and now he gets to work with him daily. Levesque said a lot of people are very good at what they do, but he considers Khan to be a genius.

Powell’s POV: I was among the investor call listeners who enjoyed Nick Khan’s comments about sports media rights. Khan is missed on the TKO investor calls.

-Levesque was asked if he has to think about fans who are seeing the show for the first time ever now that they are going worldwide via Netflix. Levesque said you always have to keep that in mind. He spoke of giving people who don’t know a base understanding of what’s happening.

Powell’s POV: Wait, Levesque doesn’t expect unfamiliar viewers to “Google It”?!? Imagine that.

-Levesque was asked about the nerves he had as a wrestler compared to the nerves he has in his current position. He compared it to the nerves parents feel while watching their children. He spoke of being invested in so many wrestlers who are trying to live their dream. Levesque said he thinks the butterflies are worse for him now, especially when they are doing something dangerous. Levesque spoke about the Damian Priest spot at Clash at the Castle. Levesque feared that Priest tore something or that his leg snapped. Levesque thought they would need to call off the match, but he received word from the ring that Priest was fine. Even then he thought Priest might have issues once the adrenaline wore off, but he said that he’s fine.

-McAfee recalled getting drunk when he was a rookie in the NFL and ordering a wrestling ring in the middle of the night. McAfee recalled doing some basic things once the ring was set up and how much it hurt. Levesque spoke about why wrestlers hate when people say what they do is fake.

-Levesque was asked how things will be tweaked when Raw moves to Netflix. Levesque said they have spent large chunks of time thinking about that. Levesque said it’s a different animal. He spoke of being censored on television when fans chant holy shit. McAfee brought up The Rock. Levesque said you can’t tell Rock what to do and he does what he does. Levesque said they won’t have those restrictions on Netflix. He said being live globally is a game changing moment. Levesque said the world is headed toward streaming and he believes people in other sports will watch to see the things they are doing.

-Levesque was asked when Roman Reigns might return. Levesque said Solo Sikoa is putting himself out as The Tribal Chief. He spoke about Sikoa, Tama Tonga, and Tonga Loa. Levesque brought up Jacob Fatu joining the group and referred to Fatu as “a game changer.” Levesque spoke about how Raw and Smackdown are ramping up heading into SummerSlam. He teased the long term possibility of The Bloodline and The Wyatt Sicks clashing.

-Levesque labeled McAfee as the hottest announcer. McAfee said not everyone feels that way. They joked about the ongoing gag that every Monday is Michael Cole’s birthday. A Wyatt style graphic “You Lied” interrupted them. They wrapped up Levesque’s appearance a short time later.

Powell’s POV: McAfee’s studio is in Indianapolis, which is playing host to tonight’s Raw. Michael Cole also appeared in-studio shortly after Levesque’s segment and talked sports with McAfee and his regular crew.


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