TNA Impact results (3/21): Moore’s review of Jordynne Grace vs. Tasha Steelz for the Knockouts Championship, Crazzy Steve vs. PCO for the Digital Media Title, Grizzled Young Vets vs. Alex Shelley and Kushida

By John Moore, Staffer (@liljohnm)

TNA Impact (Episode 1,026)
Taped March 9, 2024 in Windsor, Ontario at St. Clair College

Aired March 21, 2024 on AXS TV

Highlights from last week’s TNA Impact show aired… Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt were on commentary. Jade Chung was the ring announcer…

X Division Champion Mustafa Ali made his entrance to join commentary. Entrances for the opening match occurred. John Skyler cut a pre match promo on behalf of Jason Hotch. It was his usual “these good hands” promo that also hyped up Hotch in the number on contenders match. Kevin Knight made his entrance to cut off Skyler. Jake Something also made his entrance which made Ali nervous. Hannifan reminded Ali that the X Division was about “no limits not weight limits”…

1. Leon Slater vs. Chris Bey (w/Ace Austin) vs. Alan Angels vs. Jason Hotch (w/John Skyler) vs. Kevin Knight vs. Jake Something for a future X Division Title Shot at TNA Rebellion. Knight hit Hotch with a flip dive to start the match. The rest of the men traded armdrags. Skyler also interfered for distractions. Hotch ended up hitting Knight with a German Suplex. The show cut to regular commercial.[c]

Knight rallied with right hands on Hotch. Angels hit him with a dropkick which allowed Hotch to hit him with a German Suplex. Hotch and Angels went for a double suplex, but Knight escaped. Bey took down Angels and Hotch with clotheslines. Bey hit Hotch with a spinebuster. Angels took down bey with a DDT. Angels tried to do the “good handshake” with Hotch, but Hotch backed down due to Jake Something. Something beat down Angels. Angels went for a double underhook, but Jake deadlifted Something.

Leon, Kevin, and Alan triple teamed Jake with a slam. Slater and Knight then dumped Angels to ringside. Slater and Knight brawled. Slater hit Knight with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Knight caught Slater with a ugly spinebuster. Jake caught Angels with a Power Bomb. Bey caught Jake with a forearm. Ali was over the top in cheering at ringside after everyone took each other out. Bey was dumped to ringside. Slater rolled up Angels for a two count. Slater caught Angels with a reverse enzuigiri. Slater caught Bey with a Plancha.

Slater caught Something with a gamengiri. Slater then hit Hotch and Angels with a flip dive after diving over Something over the ringpost. Hannifan noted that Slater was signed to the roster (that’s news to me). Hotch recovered and brawled with Knight in a corner. Something dumped slater and Knight dumped Hotch. Something hit Knight with a Power Bomb. A distraction by Skyler allowed Hotch to hit Jake with a kick. Jake recovered and hit Hotch with “Into the Void” (Black Hole SLam) for the victory.

Jake Something defeated Jason Hotch, Chris Bey, Alan Angels, Leon Slater, and Kevin Knight via pinfall in 10:03 to become number one contender to the TNA X Division Championship.

Mustafa was shocked that Something was declared number one contender…

John’s Thoughts: Good opening X Division spotfest. TNA hasn’t overdone this in recent years so it’s okay to get it once it a while. That said, random “Leon Slater” looked good, but we don’t know who the hell he is? He’s from the UK? Okay. At least he didn’t eat the pin, and hopefully we get a promo or something from him soon because Hannifan claims he’s signed to the TNA roster. Aaaand, they’re going with the heavyweight Something to go after the X title to go with the whole “no limits” gimmick. That’s fine, but are they just going to feed Jake to Ali, because I think Jake needs to be built up as a potential future face of the company given his potential. Either that or Ali’s political character isn’t long for TNA?

The show cut to the latest docu-style Dirty Dango interview, with Oleg Prudius and Alpha Bravo alongside him. The first question was “what are you most proud of in your career”. They were interviewed in a random park gazebo with a random disposable bowl of cat food in the gazebo. Dango said he was actually most proud of the check he got from a match which allowed him to buy a Range Rover. Dango then said he doesn’t know were to find his highest rated match because he won’t be rated due to him bashing the dirt sheet writers every week.

Dango wondered if the boys egosurfed their names on google or something. The next question was “you seem exceptionally upset about your recent failures”. Dango said he took Josh Alexander to the limit and Josh only snuck one out due to a loose shoestring that nobody saw. Dango said he now is forced to cut a promo in the middle of the cold, in Detroit’s stupid cousin. Dango said he gets up in the morning, trains, tans, eats right, excels at what he does. Dango said he kills it in promos, but nobody cares about that anymore because they care about 5 star matches.

Dango said he is only as good as the people he surrounds himself with but unfortunately he has two anchors holding him back. Dango told Bravo and Oleg to not do the usual promo stances because this is well. Dango told Bravo and Oleg to sit down, but Oleg wouldn’t sit down. Dango berated Oleg for being a Sambo master who couldn’t help him stop Josh. Oleg intimidated Dango and walked off. Dango yelled “I made you!!!” before ending the segment…

Tom Hannifan plugged upcoming segments…[c]

Gia Miller caught up with AJ Francis and Rich Swann and asked for an explanation for Swann aligning with Francis last week. Francis said that everyone is going to have to wait until next week when they explain things in the ring. AJ shoo’d off Gia and said they had to catch a first class flight…

Deaner made his entrance to the ring for a promo. Hannifan noted that there was supposed to be a tag team match happening. Deaner said he hasn’t been himself the last few years. He said his last decisions have led to “failure”. Deaner said he failed at Violent by Design and in leading that faction. Deaner said the failure is all on him. Deaner said the best decision he made though, was falling in love with pro wrestling and becoming a wrestling fan. Deaener then said he agrees with the wrestling fans who also have that passion.

Deaner said they have that passion, but he lost it. Deaner said the only way he’s getting it back, is with the help of the crowd. Deaner said he’s no longer making the decisions, because the decisions are in the fans hands. He said it’s no longer his choice, but the people’s choice. Zack Gibson and James Drake made their entrance and Gibson said that nobody cares about Deaner’s pathetic life. Gibson said the crowd does nothing with their life, and give up. Gibson said Deaner needs to give up.

Gibson said the crowd offer nothing to society and Deaner offers nothing to professional wrestling. Gibson said Deaner is in the ring on GYV’s time and he needs to get out of the ring so the professionals can go to work. Deaner slowly walked to the apron. Deaner then reentered and said he made a promise to the people. Deaner said GYV doesn’t decide if he leaves, the fans do. Deaner asked the fans if he should leave or stay. The crowd cheered stay. Gibson said Deaner shouldn’t take advice from people claiming benefits. Gibson said Deaner better leave or get something he doesn’t enjoy.

Deaner said the people made their decision. Deaner attacked Gibson and Drake. Gibson and Drake dominated due to the numbers advantage. Kushida and Alex Shelley ran out. Shelley, Deaner, and Kushida managed to dump the GYVs to ringside. The referee took his time to get things under control…

2. “The Grizzled Young Veterans” Zack Gibson and James Drake vs. “The Time Splitters” Alex Shelley and Kushida. Drake and Shelley started the match with Shelley dominating after a shoulder tackle. Hannifan noted Shelley acting a bit reluctant in recent matches and not on the same page as Kushida and Chris Sabin. Kushida tagged in, showing friction with Shelley. Hannifan noted that Drake and Gibson vs. The Time Splitters happened four years ago in WWE (via an NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic).

Drake and Gibson took down Kushida with a double lariat. Shelley tagged back in to help his team regain control against Drake. Shelley worked on Drake with joint manipulation. Shelley held Drake in place for Kushida to hit him with a baseball slide. The show cut to picture-in-picture. [c]

Back from break, The Time Splitters cut the ring in half on Drake. Gibson tagged in but The Time Splitters managed to work on Gibson’s shoulder with alternating kicks. Shelley hit Gibson with a right hand. Drake tagged in and swarmed both opponents to regain control. Shelley hit Drake with a jawbreaker. Drake hit Shelley with a Dragon Screw on the bottom rope after a distraction from Gibson. Drake hit Shelley with a plancha after Gibson held him in back suplex position at ringside.

The GYVs cut the ring in half on Shelley while focusing on his left knee. Shelley reversed an Indian Deathlock on Gibson, but Drake tagged in and continued the onslaught on Shelley’s left leg. The GYVs went back to cutting the ring in half. Shelley managed to hit Gibson with a enzuigiri. Shelley brought in Kushida who rallied against Drake with a handstand back elbow. Drake hit Kushida with a sunset flip reversal for a two count.

Drake hit Kushida with an assisted Sliced Bread for a nearfall. Kushida rolled up Drake for a two count. The Time Splitters hit Drake with their signature Machine Gun Muta Lock combo. Drake and Gibson tackled both Time Splitters in the corner to end their momentum and dump Shelley to ringside. Gibson put Kushida in an Electric Chair. Kushida used a Tanaka Punch to block a Doomsday Divice.

Kushida then hit Gibson with a armdrag. Shelley hit Gibson with Shell Shocked. Kushida put Gibson in the Hoverboard Lock, but the referee was distracted by the recovering Drake. Shelley superkicked Drake while in the lock to give Kushida the tapout win.

“The Time Splitters” Alex Shelley and Kushida defeated “The Grizzled Young Vets” James Drake and Zack Gibson via submission in 13:16.

Shelley and Kushida looked to be on the same page after the match…

John’s Thoughts: Good tag team match to go out of your way to see. The ongoing behavior of Alex Shelley has me intrigued in his interactions with his longtime tag partners Kushida and Sabin. That said, I can’t help but have that lame duck feeling since it’s been reported by several outlets that Shelley and Sabin most likely are on their way outs of TNA. We’ll wait and see where that ends up. Can’t blame them because they were closely associated with Scott D’Amore (Kushida too, as Kushida’s trainer). We’ll see where that goes. If I take that away from the back of my mind, I am intrigued by Shelley’s recent heelish tendencies (though the abrupt push of “The System” only makes Shelley and Sabin leaving seem more like a reality). Hey, Kushida and Shelley get their win back against the Grizzled Young Veterans from NXT which Hannifan referenced (I’ll post the youtube clip below).

Hannifan sent the show to his sitdown interview with [Alexander] Hammerstone. Hannifan congratulated Hammerstone for his win against Josh Alexander (dirty win) and then moved on to ask him why he signed a contract to wrestle full time with TNA? Hammerstone asked Tom if he rather be called Tom or Thomas. Tom said “Tom” was fine. Hammerstone called him “Thomas”. Hammerstone said it was a long time coming and he had his first TNA match in 2018 on the XPlosion show. Hammerstone said he was told he wasn’t ready, but that put a chip on his shoulder.

Hammerstone talked about going all over the world in Japan, Mexico, Australia, England, Canada, many places, to conquer everywhere. Hannifan noted that Hammerstone fought his first TNA match back at Hard to Kill against the accomplished Josh Alexander, and he wondered what Hammerstone’s thoughts were heading into that match. Hammerstone said people have been hyping up, but people were also calling him a “big fish in a small pond” so he came to swim in the ocean. Hammerstone said he came to face the best in Josh Alexander, against someone who calls himself “the standard”.

He said he was nervous, but what squashes nerves is confidence. He said being as dominant as him, he had all the confidence and was ready for Josh. Hannifan pointed out that Hammerstone lost. Hammerstone asked Tom if he was a commentator, interviewer, or comedian? Hammerstone noted that he hit Josh with a Nightmare Pendulum and was “this close”. Hammerstone said Josh rolled out of the ring like a coward, and Hammerstone chalks that up as a victory. Tom noted that Hammerstone won at Sacrifice, but he also attacked the referee and got a low blow to get the victory.

Hannifan asked Hammerstone if he’s taking a “by any means necessary” approach in TNA, despite many taking exception to that approach. Hammerstone noted that he’s fast tracking his way to the top. He said he doesn’t have to prove he’s a better wrestler than Josh. He just has to beat down Josh and prove that he’s bigger, badder, and stronger. He said he broke Josh’s spirit and confidence. Hammerstone talked about holding Josh’s headgear as a reminder at his victory, and that will remind Josh of what will happen if he steps up against him again. Hammerstone asked Tom if he had more questions before walking off…

The commentators plugged upcoming segments…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Solid first introductory promo by the highly touted Hammerstone, who I’m also very high on going back to his days teaming with MJF and Richard Holliday. Yes he’s and two matches without an introduction, but he signed between now and the middle of their last tapings, so this was their best time to get an interview in. Here’s hoping he has success in TNA as the guy exceeds many expectations (I do hope the steroid jokes from MLW don’t follow him here though. For some reason, that was a thing they did with him every time they did a Mexico tour). I also like the work Tom Hannifan is doing in these sit-downs, doing a good job flushing exposition to fresh new characters on the show (He did it for the revamped Crazzy Steve last time).

A tale of the tape aired for the upcoming match. Hannifan noted that Crazzy Steve declared that all of his matches will be title matches as long as he’s champion…

3. Crazzy Steve vs. PCO for the TNA Digital Media Championship. Steve dumped PCO early on to ringside and worked on him with methodical offense. While Steve was gloating, PCO came back with a big boot and clothesline. Steve came back by sending PCO into the ringpost to get a two count. Steve rallied back with left hands and eye rakes. Steve went back to methodical strikes. PCO no sold a neck snap and rallied back.

PCO took down Steve with a clothesline. PCO hit Steve with a draping Codebreaker and top rope leg drop. PCO pummeled Steve on the apron. PCO hit Steve with his signature De-Animator senton. PCO hit Steve with a elbow smash. Big Kon walked to ringside with lawn chairs and various weapons. Kon tossed his weapons into the ring. PCO took out Kon with a Suicide Cannonball Dive. PCO beat up Kon by pummeling him with a trash can. The referee was distracted by checking on Steve, while PCO set up some chairs back to back at ringside.

Steve raked PCO in the eyes when he recovered. Kon Bossman Slammed PCO on the spine of the chairs, and like a dope the referee made sure to have her eyes locked on Steve. Kon tossed PCO back in the ring. Steve rolled up PCO for the victory.

Crazzy Steve defeated PCO via pinfall in 8:24 to retain the TNA Digital Media Championship.

John’s Thoughts: Eh. I get that they’re continuing the big man feud while trying to give Steve a win; but it does nothing for Steve to get a win out of fluke rather than pluck. Despite Steve facing yet another relic of the 1990s, PCO actually fells the most fresh due to his recent resurgence as the Perfect Creation One character, which actually had me hoping for an actual program. Unfortunately, Steve gains nothing with the fluke win. Kon vs. PCO actually got more of the boost, and I’m not 100% sold on that yet either (I’m willing to keep my mind open that that would be good though). Can we also rebrand the “Digital Media” title too? That isn’t really boasting it’s holder either.

Havok and Rosemary cut a promo saying they’re coming after the tag team champions Jody Threat and Dani Luna. Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich met up with them to claim that they are next in line for the tag titles. Rosemary challenged Kelly and Masha to a match to settle it…

Hannifan plugged upcoming segments…

Eric Young made his entrance in street clothes for a promo. Young said he was a fraction of a second away from becoming TNA Champion. He said he did promise the world that he would keep coming forward, and he did that. He said that’s something he and the fans can be proud of. EY said Moose has the biggest bullseye on his back and they’re not done.

EY then said that he’s also addressing Frankie Kazarian. Young said the old saying is “watch what you wish for”. Young said Kazarian got his attention. Young said Kazarian made a grave mistake. Young said Kazarian wants to be “heavy metal”, and if he does he challenged Kaz to a “Full Metal Mayhem” match….

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt checked in on commentary where they ran down the advertised Rebellion PPV card…

In the ring, George Iceman (still unnamed in TNA) did his usual personal ring introduction for Ash by Elegance. Ash by Elegance made her entrance. Her opponent was “already in the ring”…

4. Ash by Elegance (w/George Iceman) vs. Seleziya Sparx. Ash and Sparxs traded wristlocks. Ash smashed Sparx’s hand away and demanded that she kiss her hand. Sparx slapped it away. Ash called her a stupid idiot and slapped her away. Ash gave her opponent clinch knees. Iceman cleaned off Ash’s wrist. Ash took down Sparx with a clothesline. Sparx got the knees up to block a cartwheel.

Ash came back with a boot and clothesline. Ash gave Sparx mounted punches. Ash bickered with the ref when she called for separation. Ash hit Sparx with her signature Dana Brooke flip into a back elbow. Ash then planted Sparx with a suplex. Ash hit Sparx with Rarified Air (Swanton Bomb) for the victory.

Ash by Elegance defeated Seleziya Sparx via pinfall in 2:38.

Iceman chased off the ref to announce Ash the winner. Ash then went on to attack Selezia after the bell with punches. Iceman handed Ash a chair. Ash choked Selezia with a chair while Iceman distracted the referee. Ash then put the chair on Selezia. Xia Brookside ran out to get in between Ash and Seleziya to prevent a Swanton. Ash then backed down and motioned that she’s coming for Xia…

Hannifan plugged upcoming segments…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Another good win for Ash by Elegance who continues to come off well in her reinvention. Personally, I like that she has a different take on the entitled heel in that she’s all “elegance” before the bell, yet has that mean streak that puts her over in the end. I’m a bit weary of them putting Ash and Xia in a feud against each other, mostly because I would keep them separate due to them both being fresh faces in the women’s division and a potential top program. I don’t want to see either woman lose (and because Xia is the plucky babyface type, she should lose this early if they rush to this feud).

“The Wanted Man” Nic Nemeth made his entrance in a suit for a promo. Hannifan plugged Moose vs. Nic Nemeth for the TNA title at the Rebellion PPV. Nic noted that when he debuted in TNA he slid in the ring and stood face to face with the TNA Champion. Nic joked that he stood by Moose’s chest due to Moose actually being pretty tall. Nic talked about declaring being a future champion, but no matter what he’s done or where he’s been, he respects the people in the back too much to get an automatic title shot.

Nic noted that Steve Maclin was the first to get in his way. Nic said that Steve told him that he was going to run Nic out of TNA. Nic said when he pinned Steve at Sacrifice he proved he’s here to stay. Nic said he was going to bide his time until the perfect moment to get his world title shot. Nic noted that the person who couldn’t wait was world champion Moose actually. Nic said because of Moose’s actions, he has a world title shot at Rebellion. Nic said he’s not going to let that opportunity slipp by his fingers.

Nemeth was cut off by Moose, Bryan Myers, Eddie Edwards, and Alisha Edwards, The System, making their entrance in street clothes. Moose said there’s no denying that Nemeth is a well accomplished wrestler. Moose talked about Nemeth beating the greatest of all time in his career. Moose said if anyone knows anything about Nic Nemeth’s career, they know that the one thing that Nemeth has never been able to beat is the system. Moose dropped his mic as The System backed down posing with their title belts up the ramp…

Jordynne Grace was shown walking through the hallways…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Well, that was 50% a good segment. Nic Nemeth continues to come off really well as a fighting warrior of TNA. The weak part continues to be the weak ass “System” faction. I guess that “can’t beat the system” line was supposed to be a reference to Dolph Ziggler never beating his bad booking, but it just didn’t hit hard because The System TNA faction has just been so bleh. I actually thought their vignette last week was good, but it was too little too late as this group continues to come off as a rushed and fabricated Four Horseman bootleg. I kinda wouldn’t mind if they rush the title onto Nic Nemeth, if only because he’s the hotter act at the moment.

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt checked in on commentary. Hannifan made sure to plug the April 20th Rebellion PPV…

Entrances for the Knockouts Title main event took place. Jade Chung handled the formal in-ring championship introductions. Jade also made sure to name the referee…

5. Jordynne Grace vs. Tasha Steelz for the TNA Knockouts Championship. Grace rallied with forearms and a clothesline. Hannifan sent the show to picture-in-picture.[c]

Back from break, Tasha reversed a power bomb into a seated Senton. Grace reversed a Rings of Saturn into a rollup. Grace hit Steelz with a reverse tilt a whirl. Grace and Tasha traded strong style no sell chops. Tasha hit Grace with a forearm. Both women traded counters with Grace hitting Tasha with a spinebuster for a good nearfall. Tasha used elbows to block a Grace Driver.

Grace deadlifted a Triangle into a power bomb. Tasha broke the Triangle with another power bomb for a two count. Tasha escaped a Kinniku Buster. Grace escaped Slice Bread, but got tangled into the buckle. Tasha escaped a Vader Bomb and hit Grace with a Sliced Bread for a nearfall. Grace smashed Tasha’s face into the buckle. Grace and Tasha brawled to the top. Grace used a palm to knock Tasha out. Grace escaped a Frankensteiner, but Tasha fought through and body slammed Grace.

Both women traded counters. Tasha hit Grace with a enzuigiri. Grace hit Tasha with a discus lariat combo. Grace hit Tasha with the Grace driver for the win.

Jordynne Grace defeated Tasha Steelz via pinfall in 9:17 to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship.

Grace celebrated her win to close the show….

John’s Thoughts: Awesome women’s match to close the show. The outcome was 98% presumed, but the work of both women was good enough to suspend a bit of disbelief. Heck, I gave Steelz 2% because her good work won me over that much off a foregone conclusion. Good to see Steelz hasn’t missed a step since her solid run against people like Mickie James before Steelz took her long hiatus. I really hope they follow up with Steelz well after this because she proved that she is definitely someone the division can invest in. Meanwhile, Grace is probably the strongest champion in TNA given she’s been putting on high profile matches, Ali is experimenting with his political thing, and a bunch of the other titles are on the cold System faction.

Speaking of which, while I do question how TNA is booking a few wrestlers, their TV product hasn’t suffered in terms of being booked as an enjoyable no-nonsense weekly television show. The best thing TNA can do right now is take those belts off those System guys (or somehow find a way to not make them feel so mid-card). It’s awesome that they put the women in the main event. They’ve done throughout their history, and they also don’t rub it in your face that they’re putting women in the main event. They just give the women the ball, and they run with it.


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