Ace Steel on CM Punk and Drew McIntyre, not knowing the finish to the men’s WWE Money in the Bank match, working for TNA as a producer

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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On CM Punk: “I wanted to see [Punk] make that run to WrestleMania to the point where I kept thinking ‘Should I go?'” I love watching wrestling from home because I don’t have to see people bouncing in and out of me or whatever. I’m sure I would’ve had great seats, a great viewing platform there, but yeah, just a killer [that Punk is missing the event now]. All I can think about is the comeback is going to be even more special. We have a nice reason for it happening. We have Drew McIntyre taking credit for it in such a heel storyline, elevating Drew McIntyre to this dirty son of a bitch that prayed for you to get hurt. What a line. [Punk] now has a dragon to slay when he comes back, like ‘I’m coming for you. I’m coming for your head.’ So when the time is right, the place is just going to unload.”

Being shocked by Drew McIntyre: “I still want to be that way. Like that promo the other night, the way it ran even with Drew, when he had that line, ‘I prayed for you to get your injury. For you to get hurt.’ Oh, man, I was howling just like everybody else.”

On not knowing the finish to the Money in the Bank match in Chicago: “I didn’t know the finish. I was there all day, hanging out. I think I was hanging out talking to [William] Regal and various other people. When I sat down for that show to start, as I’m watching the matches it occurred to me… I didn’t know the finish. And I went, ‘Oh, wait, I don’t wanna know.’ I wanna watch it, and although I’m not a fan, I wanted to be surprised whichever way it went.”

On his role with TNA as a producer: “Working with TNA as a producer at the moment. Loving that, loving the atmosphere there. Just a great backstage feel.”


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  1. >>On not knowing the finish to the Money in the Bank match in Chicago:<<

    Umm…..pretty much everyone knew who was going to win that match…

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