GCW “Feel No Ways” results (2/4): Vetter’s review of Alex Hammerstone vs. Richard Holliday, Blake Christian vs. Jack Cartwheel for the GCW Title, Masha Slamovich vs. Starboy Charlie

By Chris Vetter, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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GCW “Feel No Ways”
Streamed on TrillerTV+
February 4, 2024 in Phoenix, Arizona at The Nile Theater

This appears to be a night club and this is sold out with maybe 400 fans in attendance. Lighting is decent. Dave Prazak and Jordan Castle provided commentary. Ten matches were announced in advance. Prazak pointed out there are strings of lights on the ceiling and it could be an issue for high-flyers…

1. Masha Slamovich defeated Starboy Charlie in an intergender match at 11:57. Charlie is 20 and as Castle noted at the bell, he’s put on some size in the past two years. Masha undoubtedly has more singles matches in GCW against men than women. He hit a running Shooting Star Press for a nearfall. She hit a stiff kick to the spine and got a nearfall at 2:30. She applied a Camel Clutch and cranked on his nose. She hit a superkick. Charlie fired back with a Sliced Bread at 6:00, then a corkscrew senton for a nearfall. Charlie hit a shotgun dropkick, but he missed a second-rope Phoenix Splash. Masha immediately hit a Shining Wizard. Masha got a nice rollup and turned it into a standing powerbomb for a nearfall at 8:00. “That was impressive strength from Masha Slamovich!” Prazak said.

Charlie hit a Pele Kick. Masha nailed an Air Raid Crash into the corner for a nearfall. She hit a clothesline and was in charge. She applied a sleeper on the mat in the center of the ring, but he powered out and he hit a Saito Suplex, then a Buzzsaw Kick to the head. He pulled down the straps of his bib overalls. He set up for a Gotch-style Piledriver but she escaped. Instead, he hit a Tombstone piledriver for a nearfall. She nailed the Trash Compactor piledriver, a roundhouse kick to the head, then the White Knight piledriver for the pin. Masha is easily the most believable woman in matches against men. That was a really good opener.

* Nick Gage replaced Jordan Castle on commentary.

2. Chris Bey and Man Like Dereiss defeated Fuego Del Sol and Sam Stackhouse at 13:46. Sam is 400+ pounds. Bey beat Dereiss in a singles match on Saturday but they are partners here. Dereiss (think a young Shelton Benjamin) opened against Fuego, and Dereiss hit a dropkick. Fuego hit a second-rope head-scissors takedown. The massive Stackhouse entered at 3:00. Bey made a blind tag and he jawed with Dereiss, so I guess they ‘aren’t on the same page.’ When Bey couldn’t budge Stackhouse, he tagged right back out! Funny. Dereiss tried to pick up Stackhouse for a bodyslam but Sam didn’t budge, and Sam hit his own bodyslam. Sam hit a running Stinger Splash into the corner.

Bey hit a dropkick on Sam. Bey and Dereiss began working over Fuego in their corner. Bey hit a suplex for a nearfall at 7:30. Stackhouse got the hot tag and he hit running splashes on each heel, then running Stinger Splashes in each corner. In a cool spot, Fuego jumped, launched off of Stackhouse’s collarbone, and hit a moonsault to the floor onto the opponents. Creative. Bey hit a kick in the corner, causing the massive Stackhouse to fall backward and crash onto the mat at 9:30. Dereiss hit a stunner on Fuego. Stackhouse hit a Rikishi Driver piledriver on Dereiss for a nearfall. The crowd loudly chanted “All these guys!” Bey and Fuego traded forearm strikes. Fuego hit a doublestomp on the back.

Dereiss again couldn’t bodyslam Sam. Dereiss avoided a chokeslam, hit an enzuigiri, and finally got the bodyslam at 12:30, rightfully earning a “Holy shit!” chant. Dereiss flipped Fuego to the floor. Bey hit the Art of Finesse stunner on Sam. Dereiss then hit a top-rope 450 Splash to pin Stackhouse. WOW that was fun and really well put together. It topped all of my expectations.

3. Mance Warner defeated Bodhi Young Prodigy via ref stoppage at 3:52. Bodhi is the 16-year-old who looks like a young Matt Sydal; he’s talented but under-sized. Mance has an obvious size and strength advantage. Bodhi hit a missile dropkick and a flying Stinger Splash. Mance dropped him with a hard clothesline at 1:30. He hit a running knee to the head for a nearfall but he pulled up Bodhi at the two-count. Mance went under the ring and got a bull rope and a cow bell, and the crowd immediately started chanting “you sick f—!” Mance hit him over the head with the cow bell. He choked Bodhi with the bull rope and the ref called for the bell.

Allie Katch ran in and hit some blows to Mance’s back, but Mance dropped her with a clothesline. Mance then choked her with the bull rope until 1 Called Manders and Dark Sheik ran into the ring, and Mance ducked out rather than confront them. With them at ringside, it led directly to our next match!

4. Matt Cardona and Jimmy Lloyd and Steph De Lander defeated 1 Called Manders and Dark Sheik and Allie Katch at 11:50. Cardona is upset at Lloyd today and barked at him. Manders competed 24 hours earlier in MLW in Philadelphia; he hit a shoulder tackle on Steph; she tried some but barely moved him. Allie hit a splash on Steph at 3:00. Allie hit a clothesline on Cardona. Sheik hit a splits legdrop on Cardona for a nearfall. Sheik dove through the ropes onto Cardona at 5:30. The heels began working over Sheik in their corner. Cardona hit a standing neckbreaker for a nearfall at 7:30, and he choked Sheik in the ropes.

Sheik hit a straight punch to Cardona’s groin. Sheik hit a spear on Lloyd on the ring apron and they both fell to the flloor. Katch made the hot tag and she hit a clothesline on Steph, then her buttbumps and rolling cannonballs on Matt and SDL, getting a nearfall on Cardona at 10:30. Sheik hit a guillotine legdrop on Lloyd. Manders accidentally clotheslined the ref. Allie hit a piledriver on Cardona for a visual pin but we had no ref. Mance Warner jumped in the ring and hit a running kneestrike on Katch’s head, then he pulled Cardona’s prone body onto Katch’s prone body. The ref wok up and made the three-count.

* Manders tried to calm Warner down. They hugged… but then Mance hit Manders in the forehead with a screwdriver! He hit him several times in the forehead, then bit at the cut.

5. Microman defeated Mini Abismo Negro at 6:35. I have a truly irrational hatred of Microman. Abismo is a full grown man, maybe 5’7″. Abismo slammed Microman stomach-first to the mat and stomped on him and was loudly booed. Microman hit a head-scissors takedown. Negro hit a delayed vertical suplex for a nearfall at 3:00. They did a pose-off. Microman hit a Vader Bomb for a nearfall. The crowd chanted “This is lucha!” Microman hit a stunner for a nearfall at 5:00. Abismo hit a Mafia Kick that dropped Microman. Microman got a small package rollup for a nearfall. Abismo missed a split-legged moonsault. Microman did an airplane spin-into-a-rollup for the pin. The crowd was fully into this cartoonish match.

6. Cole Radrick defeated Kerry Morton at 10:35. Prazak noted both men will compete in the J Cup tournament next weekend. Kerry got on the mic and proclaimed he “is the face of Game Changer Wrestling” and he was booed. Radrick is the Gomer Pyle-meets-James Ellsworth dork who in inexplicably popular here. Kerry stalled on the floor before locking up. In the ring, Kerry hit a bodyslam and was in charge. He hit a backbody drop at 4:00 and celebrated. He hit a slingshot suplex for a nearfall. Radrick fired back with a leaping Flatliner for a nearfall at 7:30. Kerry hit a powerslam fo a nearfall. Kerry got a rollup with his feet on the rope but the ref saw it, and they argued. Radrick hit a springboard stunner at 9:30 and they were both down. Kerry raked the eyes. He again went for a rollup but had his hand on the ropes, so the ref kicked it away. Radrick immediately got a rollup for the pin.

7. Rina Yamashita and “Los Macizos” Ciclope and Miedo Extremo defeated Gringo Loco and Arez and Latigo at 13:45. Loco and Rina opened. Miedo and Latigo entered at 1:30. Arez entered and hit some quick kicks on Ciclope, then an Asai Moonsault to the floor. Loco hit a superkick on Rina. The rudos worked over Ciclope in their corner, taking turns hitting chops on him. Loco hit a powerbomb at 5:00. Rina got in and hit a huracanrana on Arez, then one on Loco. She grabbed Latigo in the groin, then she grabbed Loco in the groin with her other hand… then she bit at Arez’ groin, so all the rudos were neutralized at the same time at 7:30. The crowd loved that spot.

Miedo hit a Swanton Bomb, then a backbreaker over his knee on Latigo. Los Macizos slammed Rina onto their prone opponents. Ciclope got a door from under the ring, and that popped the crowd. Arez hit a leaping DDT. Latigo hit a flip dive to the floor at 11:00. Arez hit a flip dive to the floor. Loc hit a moonsault onto Rina, then he also hit a flip dive to the floor. Rina hit a top-rope crossbody block to the floor on all the men. Latigo hit a flip dive through the ropes, but he accidentally crashed onto Loco. In the ring, Miedo hit a second-rope Canadian Destroyer on Arez through a door bridge. Rina immediately hit a top-rope frogsplash — accidentally taking down a string of lights from the ceiling! — to pin Arez. That was fun.

* Emil Jay told the crowd they will be back on Sunday, June 16.

8. Brittnie Brooks defeated Jamie Lynn Senegal at 7:22. Senegal is transgender and much larger, and is the child of WCW “scream queen” Daffney. Phoenix native Brooks, just 19 years old, is making her GCW debut. I’ve seen her in the Chicago area shows a few times, and she wore pink. (If they made a ‘wrestler Barbie,’ it would be Brooks. (Prazak noted here of Brooks being in Dreamwave Wrestling.) Senegal hit a standing moonsault at 2:00 and was in charge. Senegal hit some clotheslines and a faceplant for a nearfall at 4:30. Brittnie hit a dive through the ropes. Senegal kissed her on the lips then hit a spinning kick to the head fo a believable nearfall at 7:00. Brittnie hit an inverted DDT move for the pin.

* A nice video package showed the list of names of everyone Blake Christian has defeated in his title run.

9. Blake Christian defeated Jack Cartwheel to retain the GCW Championship at 18:31. I’m a huge fan of both of these guys, who both have gotten good looks on ROH TV in recent weeks. Jack did numerous cartwheels; Blake refused to participate. Blake quickly grounded Jack and worked the left arm. In a fun spot, Blake held Jack around the waist and Jack did a cartwheel, but Blake held on as they did a cartwheel together. Blake then did a cartwheel and gave Jack a middle finger at 3:00. Jack hit a huracanrana and some deep armdrags, then more cartwheels to celebrate. He hit a corkscrew senton for a nearfall. Jack went for a cartwheel on the ring apron but Blake hit a spear. Blake hit a plancha to the floor at 4:30.

They brawled on the floor with Blake in charge. He applied a Texas Cloverleaf in the ropes. Blake hit a sidelam off the second rope for a nearfall at 7:30. Jack hit a nice Crucifix Driver for a nearfall, then a snap German Suplex for a nearfall. Blake hit a 619, then a springboard 450 Splash for a nearfall. They traded punches while on their knees. Jack got angry and ripped off the tassels on his arms. He hit a superkick. Blake hit his own superkick at 12:00. Jack hit a Poison Rana. Blake hit a mid-ring Spanish Fly and a splash, and they were both down. Jack missed a top-rope corkscrew moonsault.

Blake hit another superkick for a nearfall at 14:00. Jack hit his Flagpole Legsweep. Jack got a door from under the ring, but Blake barreled through the ropes, crashing onto the door being held by Jack at 16:00. Blake set up a door bridge on the floor. Jack hit a stunner on the ring apron, then he hit the Sasuke Special onto Blake, who was lying on the door bridge, at 17:30. He threw Blake into the ring, but Jack missed his top-rope cartwheel splash. Blake did a giant swing, then re-applied the Texas Cloverleaf, and Jack tapped out. That was really good and exactly what I hoped for. Plus, Blake didn’t need to cheat to win.

10. Richard Holliday (w/Charles Mason) defeated Alexander Hammerstone at 20:11. Prazak noted this feud has spanned for years across multiple promotions (he didn’t specifically say MLW.) Hammerstone is a Phoenix native and Emil Jay saying the city name alone got a big pop. They immediately traded punches and chops. Mason choked Hammerstone in the ropes. Mason handed Holliday a belt, but Hammerstone avoided being choked with it. Hammerstone hit a German Suplex at 2:30, and he choked Holliday with it. They brawled to the floor with Hammerstone in control of the offense. He slammed Holliday back-first on the apron at 4:00. Mason tripped Hammerstone, allowing Holliday to hit a DDT out of the ropes.

Holliday was now in charge, and he twisted Hammerstone’s injured leg. Holliday hit some punches but Hammerstone “hulked up” and hit some punches and a chokeslam at 7:30. Holliday hit some chops. Hammerstone repeatedly stomped on Holliday in the corner. Holliday put Hammerstone on his back and hit a Torture Rack F5 for a nearfall at 12:00. Hammerstone hit the Nightmare Pendulum for a nearfall, but Mason pulled the referee from the ring. Mason hit Hammerstone, allowing Holliday to get a nearfall. Holliday slid two doors into the ring. Hammerstone hit a double suplex at 15:30, and the crowd rallied for him. Hammerstone hit a belly-to-belly suplex, tossing Mason through a door in the corner.

However, Holliday speared Mason through a door, then the “2008” swinging suplex for a believable nearfall; Castle said that’s normally a ‘game-ending maneuver.” Holliday got a chair but Hammerstone ducked it, and Alexander hit a standing powerbomb. Hammerstone got the chair, so Holliday begged and pleaded for mercy, and Hammerston looked conflicted. Of course, Holliday got a rollup for a nearfall at 18:30. Hammerston hit another belly-to-belly suplex. Mason hit a low blow uppercut in front of the ref; Prazak reminded us that there are no rules in GCW. Mason got in the ring and choked Hammerstone with the belt. Holliday hit a chairshot to the top of the head, then he hit another “2008” swinging suplex for the tainted pin.

Final Thoughts: A much better show than in Los Angeles 24 hours earlier. I did like Blake-Cartwheel a lot and that takes best match. The main event was a good WWE-style brawl; it never got bloody or too violent either. The Bey/Dereiss tag match had no business being that good; it was just fun stuff. That takes third. Both the Gringo Loco six-man tag and the Charlie-Masha match were quite good too. Like I said, just a far better show than Saturday’s card. Plus, the J Cup begins on Friday featuring Mike Bailey vs. the Great Sasuke, and the return of Jordan Oliver from his European excursion. The Manders-Effy stuff continues to play out well and it appears they are building to another bigger, more violent match to blow off the feud.


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