MJF celebrates AEW approaching its fifth year, praises co-workers, says he’s using painkillers and addresses his health heading into AEW Worlds End

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Maxwell Jacob Friedman wrote a piece for The Players Tribune about AEW approaching its fifth year. “Listen … if you google me, I think it says I’m 5’11” — but we all know that’s horseshit,” MJF wrote. “I’m like 5’8″, guys. And this is a place where, simply put, a 5’8” Jew can be world champ. If you know wrestling history then you know that’s a big deal and why.

“So while I welcome anyone being critical of AEW (God knows I am)….. if you’re actually actively rooting against us? Against us EXISTING? Guess what, you’re the f—ing worst. You’re rooting against workers. And that’s the truth. Because out of all the incredible things that AEW has done over these last five years, #1 with a bullet is “put MJF on TV.” But #2 is “make the wrestling industry just a little bit better to work in.” Read the full piece at ThePlayersTribune.com.

Powell’s POV: I highly recommend reading MJF’s piece in full. I really like what he wrote above about “fans” who want AEW to go out of business. More so, I enjoyed a section where he wrote about being a Jew in America and eloquently laid out that he does not support: “terrorism, Zionism, genocide, war, bombs, genocidal governments, dead innocent Palestinians, dead innocent Israelis. I don’t support people — any people — dying because of hate.” He also makes it clear that he’s in a lot of pain heading into Worlds End and even acknowledges that he’s using painkillers and would probably be wise to sit this one out. It’s a hell of a read and a real love letter to AEW from the company’s world champion. Thanks to Dot Net reader Darren Persicke for passing it along.


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