Wrestling Revolver “Revolver Redemption” results: Vetter’s review of Jon Moxley appears but unable to wrestle, Rich Swann vs. Gringo Loco, Jake Crist vs. Ortiz in a street fight for the Revolver Title


By Chris Vetter, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Wrestling Revolver “Revolver Redemption”
Streamed on FITE+
October 8, 2023 in Dayton, Ohio at Calumet Center

The crowd is perhaps 500-600, an even larger crowd than for the all-women’s tournament that was held in the same venue the same afternoon. Veda Scott and Matt Rehwoldt provided commentary.

Gringo Loco came out first, followed by Jon Moxley. They were scheduled to fight, but Moxley informed the crowd he “has been prevented from getting in the ring tonight.” Moxley introduced a replacement, Rich Swann. Moxley (attempted to) join commentary but he was so barely audible, which was disappointing. Sound for both events this day have been subpar for what I’m used to from this promotion. I am sure promoter Sami Callihan will listen back to this later and cringe at how poor the sound quality is.

1. Gringo Loco defeated Rich Swann at 12:21. Mat reversals to open. Swann hit a summersault dive from the apron to the floor at 2:30. In the ring, Loco popped Swann in the air and slammed him stomach-first to the mat for a nearfall. Swann hit a rolling clothesline at 6:00, then a nice jump-up Frankensteiner and a running splash for a nearfall. They got up and traded punches, and Swann hit a Poison Rana at 8:00, then an axe kick to the back of the head. They fought to the floor, where Loco powerbombed Swann against the guardrail at 9:30, and they were both down on the floor.

Loco hit a top-rope Spanish Fly. Swann fired back with a handspring-back-stunner for a nearfall at 11:00. They got up and traded slaps to the face. Swann hit a spin kick; he went for another handspring-back-elbow, but Loco caught him and hit a sit-out powerbomb for the pin. Good energetic match. I can faintly hear Moxley speaking but you seriously can’t pick out a word of what he’s saying. Loco and Swann hugged afterward.

* Loco got on the mic and said Moxley “has ducked me twice in a row.” He made fun of Moxley saying “he’s supposed to be the toughest wrestler in the game. He doesn’t want this match.” He then added, “I’ll say what everyone is saying… Jon Moxley is a f–king pu$$y.” The crowd reacted to that statement! Moxley came down to ringside, but promoter Sami Callihan held him back. “I guess for the third time the little bitch is running again,” Loco said. The crowd responded with a “Mox fears Gringo!” chant. Can’t wait for that match to actually happen.

* Bork Torkleson joined commentary. Maybe he’ll be more audible than Moxley… it would be impossible for him to be less audible!

2. Alan Angels defeated Yoya, Damian Chambers (w/John E. Bravo), and Rachel Armstrong in a four-way scramble at 7:06. Yoya is the 5-foot Cambodian man and I like what he brings to the table.  Chambers is the jerk who everyone hates, but I think he has a great look. Chambers towers over the other three in this match. Rachel and Yoya brawled while Angels faced Chambers as we started. Chambers clocked Amstrong, sending her to the floor and he got booed. Rachel hit a top-rope crossbody block on two guys at 2:00, then a dive through the ropes. Yoya hit a Sliced Bread on Angels. Chambers hit a back suplex on Yoya. Chambers hit some punches on Yoya and Rachel. Yoya hit a Poison Rana on Angels at 4:30.

Rachel hit a Canadian Destroyer on Yoya, then a brainbuster, and suddenly everyone was down. Chambers hit a neckbreaker over his knee on Yoya at 6:00. He grabbed Rachel by the throat and was loudly booed, but she was able to escape and she hit a 619. Bravo grabbed her ankle, but she shrugged it off and hit a 450 Splash on Chambers. However, Angels grabbed her, hit the Angels Wings faceplant, and pinned Armstrong. Good match. That was a lot of action in a match that short.

3. Marina Shafir defeated Zoey Skye at 3:21. Skye, a blonde woman of average size, had a match in the afternoon women’s show. Shafir won her first two matches of the tournament but lost in the finals to Billie Starks, and “she wasn’t happy about it,” Veda said. Marina has a clear height and overall size advantage as they locked up, she easily shoved Skye to the mat. Marina hit some stiff kicks and she was dominating. Skye hit a Lungblower to the chest at 2:00. Marina grabbed the right arm and tied her up, then hit a stiff kick to the left elbow. Shafir applied a belly-to-belly sleeper and Zoey went limp. The ref checked Zoey and called for the bell. I liked this finisher. Marina just comes across as so deadly and dangerous, and she stormed to the back.

4. Alex Colon and Rickey Shane Page defeated “Second Gear Crew” 1 Called Manders and Matthew Justice to win the Revolver Tag Titles at 11:11. Okay… I just saw Manders wrestle in NEW JERSEY hours earlier for JCW. No way he drove the nine hours to Ohio, so he clearly flew to be here for his second match of the day. That’s a pretty insane schedule. All four of these guys are brawlers, so hopefully this doesn’t get too bloody. Colon hit a headscissors takedown on Manders, then a tornado DDT. RSP backed Manders into a corner and worked him over. (I can tell Bork is talking but can’t make out the words. Seriously, is no one in the back listening to a live feed?) Manders hit a spinebuster on Page at 5:00. Justice made the hot tag and he clothesliend Page to the floor.

Justice hit a Stinger Splash on Colon, and he hit a running chairshot on Colon in the corner. Justice nailed a Coast-to-Coast missile dropkick! Manders put teammate Justice on his shoulders and used him as a human battery ram. RSP hit a Swanton Bomb to break up a pin at 7:00. Colon hit a Flatliner into the middle turnbuckle. Colon and RSP set up doors in the corners of the ring. However, Manders shoved RSP through each door. Colon got in the ring and used the door shards across the heads of the SGC. Suddenly, we had a “test of the emergency broadcast system” at 10:00 and a bunch of guys in red hoodies ran to ringside! They all have masks on. The red hoods jumped in and at first it looked like they were going to beat up all four, but instead they began helping beat up Manders and Justice! RSP hit a splash to score the pin. New champs! I didn’t see that coming, and the crowd voiced their displeasure.

* Two of the red-shirts removed their masks… it’s Steve Maclin and Killer Kelly! The crowd chanted, “F–k you Maclin!” He held up a sign that read “Riches. Equal. Death.” They beat up Manders and Justice some more.

* Intermission, with a replay of Chris Sabin vs. Masha Slamovich from the previous Revolver show here in Dayton.

5. “The Rascalz” Zachary Wentz, Myron Reed, and Trey Miguel vs. Jordynne Grace and “The Death Dollz” Jessicka Havok and Courtney Rush in an intergender match …ended… at 13:10. I’ve said before that Revolver shows often feel like an Impact house show. Grace and Miguel started, and she overpowered him; Miguel rolled to the floor and went into the crowd. Funny. Reed also bowed out. Wentz reluctantly got in the ring to face Jordynne and they did a test of strength, but she easily overpowered him. The Rascalz all rolled to the floor and Wentz took a puff of a vape. Grace dove onto all of them at 3:00.

In the ring, Trey hit a superkick on Grace. The women were beating down on the men. The Rascalz again began vaping, so Jessicka and Courtney took them and joined in, while Grace was incredulous at all the silliness around her. Funny. They tried to get her to try it; they stomped on Jordynne’s foot, causing her to open her mouth, and they put something in her mouth. Like I said… all silliness. Jordynne rolled to the apron and she was showing being dazed from whatever drugs having entered her system. She tagged in and hit some slow motion punches on the guys, so they also started going in slow motion. (This silliness has been seen in several PWG BOLA bonus matches.) Everyone fought in slow motion.

The Alpha Sigma Sigma guys walked to ringside at 8:30, and they said they are here to party. I guess they are joining the match. The crowd chanted “F— these guys!” They pulled out a wood beer pong table with cups glued on it, and they had two pledges serve as the chairs holding the board up. Any semblance of a match has completely stopped. Of course, the Rascalz and Death Dollz began beating up the ASS guys. They worked together to slam a pledge through the beer pong table. They all covered the pledge and were declared the winner, with the Alpha Sigma Sigma guys being the losers. Okay… I enjoyed the silliness before the ASS guys came out.

6. Moose defeated (Madman) Fulton (w/Matthew Rehwoldt) at 14:22. An intense lockup to begin and they are nearly the same height and size. They brawled to the floor at 2:00. They hit a double clothesline. Fulton hit a Boss Man Slam for a nearfall at 7:00 and he was angry that didn’t get him the win. Moose grabbed him off the second rope and hit a Chokeslam Powerbomb for a believable nearfall. Fulton hit Moose with a chairshot while Rehwoldt was distracting the ref and he got a nearfall at 8:30. Fulton grabbed the ref but let go. Moose nailed a top-rope superplex, but Fulton immediately hit a Falcon Arrow, and they were both down, and we got a “this is awesome!” chant.

They got up and traded punches. Fulton got a backslide for a nearfall. Moose shoved Fulton into the ref! Moose then hit a spear for a visual pin, but there’s no referee. Fulton hit a low blow uppercut on Moose and he was loudly booed. Fulton did the ‘Eddie spot’ of tossing a chair to Moose and collapsing. Moose hit a blow with the chair! Rehwoldt pulled the ref from the ring, and he helped beat up Moose! Out came Shark Boy, who attacked Rehwoldt and fought Matt to the back. Meanwhile, in the ring, Moose hit a spear for the pin. Fun match nad the crowd loved the Shark Boy surprise.

7. Kaito Kiyomiya defeated JT Dunn (w/Phil Stamper) at 12:45. Kaito is the NOAH star who has the passing resemblance to Kazuchika Okada, and it’s pretty amazing he’s here in the United States. I always compare Dunn to Tony Nese, but with a little bit less muscle definition.  Bork said this is his first match in the U.S. EVER. They traded mat reversals early on. Kaito hit some European Uppercuts in the corner at 3:30. Kaito hit a German Suplex for a nearfall. Kaito hit a Dragonscrew Legwhip. Dunn hit a rolling elbow for a nearfall at 7:00, and Kaito rolled to the floor.

Kaito rolled back in before  being counted out. Kaito hit a huracanrana for a nearfall. Dunn hit a Poison Rana at 10:00. Dunn went for another rolling elbow but Kaito blocked it. Dunn hit a German Suplex with a bridge for a nearfall. They got up and traded forearm shots. Kaito hit a German Suplex and a Shining Wizard. He nailed a second Shining Wizard for the pin. Dunn is a good indy veteran and, while he wouldn’t have been my choice for this match, he delivered as an excellent opponent for Kaito. Great stuff.

* JT Dunn and Phil Stamper argued at ringside, and Dunn stormed out, signaling he is done with Stamper.

8. Jake Crist defeated Ortiz in a Dayton Street Fight to retain the Revolver Title at 15:44. AEW’s Oriz hit the ring to Sade’s “Smooth Operator.” (Yes, I am old; I didn’t need to look that one up.) Crist hit a leg lariat for a nearfall, then a top-rope elbow drop across Ortiz’ back. He hit a moonsault from the apron to the floor, then an Asai moonsault to the floor. In the ring, Jake hit a top-rope crossbody block for a nearfall at 2:00. Ortiz slammed Jake’s back on the ring apron, then he whipped Jake into a guardrail. They brawled into the crowd, and Ortiz hit a chairshot across Jake’s head at 5:00. He hit a snap suplex, sending Crist onto a pile of folded chairs on the floor.

They brawled along the wall, and Ortiz put Crist upside down into a trash can at 8:00. They finally got in the ring and Ortiz hit a frogsplash for a nearfall. He got a door and put it in the corner of the ring. Crist hit a powerbomb, and he applied a Sharpshooter at 12:00, but Ortiz reached the ropes; Rehwoldt explained that because it is a street fight, he didn’t have to break the hold. Ortiz hit a powerslam for a nearfall, then a backbreaker over his knee, then he applied a Boston Crab, but Crist reached the ropes. Crist hit a second-rope Canadian Destroyer for a nearfall at 14:30. Ortiz hit a clothesline, then a Death Valley Driver through the door for a nearfall. Jake got a backslide out of nowhere for the pin. Solid brawl.

Final Thoughts: A decent show. Not my favorite Revolver show, but with Moxley’s injury, him pulling out of his match was entirely expected. The Kaito debut was a fun, memorable experience, and even though no one anywhere thought Dunn was winning, that still gets best match. I summarized it earlier, but Dunn is one of those indy veteran gatekeepers… he’s not flashy and not on many people’s list of best indy wrestlers, but he showed why he was selected for this big match. He delivered. I’ll give the Loco-Swann match second best, and Moose-Fulton topped all expectations; as noted, they got a “this is awesome” chant that was rightfully deserved. The main event was fine; I don’t mind chairs and tables in hardcore action.


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