Powell’s Impact Wrestling Hit List: Crazzy Steve, Alex Shelley vs. Brian Myers for the Impact World Championship, Chris Sabin vs. Samuray Del Sol, Trinity vs. Jody Threat in a non-title match, ABC vs. The Good Hands


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Impact Wrestling Hits

Crazzy Steve: Steve stuck the landing! I wasn’t sure where this was going after the first two videos of his three-part series. I was starting to wonder if he was being set up to be a sympathetic babyface. Rather, he went the opposite direction and delivered one the best deranged promos I’ve seen since the days of Mankind. How in the world did a guy who can perform like this spend so much time stuck in a generic wannabe Joker gimmick? Steve crushed it with his performance throughout the series and I am anxious to see what comes next. An assist goes to Tom Hannifan, who played his part well by showing hesitation, empathy, uneasiness, and finally outright fear over the last three weeks.

Alex Shelley vs. Brian Myers for the Impact World Championship: The two veterans came through with an enjoyable main event. The Impact World Championship isn’t defended on television all that often, so it felt like a treat despite there not being any real mystery regarding the outcome.

Chris Sabin vs. Samuray Del Sol: They were given plenty of time and came through with a good back and forth match. That said, I really wish the company would have established Del Sol’s persona beforehand. It’s been a strange start for Del Sol, whose advertised Impact debut match didn’t happen because he was attacked by Lio Rush. He’s a talented guy and hopefully they find the right role for him.

“ABC” Ace Austin and Chris Bey vs. The Good Hands” John Skyler and Jason Hotch: A pleasant surprise if only because it’s hard to tell whether the Good Hands will be booked as scrubs or a quality tag team from week to week. In this case, they were booked to be highly competitive with the former Impact Tag Team Champions. It was good to see, but the company really needs to be more consistent with Skyler and Hotch.

Knockouts Champion Trinity vs. Jody Threat in a non-title match: Threat may have lost the match, but she received a credibility boost by having such a competitive outing with Trinity. Impact had protected Threat heading into the match, so it was a pleasant surprise to see a clean finish.

Deaner vs. Laredo Kid: Deaner and Kon feel ice cold, but this was a nice television match. Perhaps it was a little too competitive given that Deaner could use a boost heading into his showdown match with Eric Young. Deaner is putting his all into this and his post match promo was well delivered. I hope that whatever comes next for him clicks coming out of the blowoff match with Young.

PCO and Bully Ray: Impact rarely strays from its formula, so the cold open with PCO attacking Champagne Singh and Shera jumped out. The story of PCO searching for Bully throughout the show was fine.

Impact Wrestling Misses

None: The Steve conclusion was great and there was some quality wrestling on the show. They also did an effective job of pushing Sunday’s Emergence event.


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