Glory Pro Wrestling “Locked Up” results: Warhorse vs. Cody Land in a cage match, Camaro Jackson vs. Calvin Tankman for the Crown of Glory Title, Jake Something vs. Dan the Dad, Rohit Raju and Karam vs. Moses the Deliverer and Ethan Price


By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Glory Pro Wrestling “Locked Up”
Replay available via FITE.TV
June 24, 2023 in St. Louis, Missouri at Delmar Hall

This show is built around the double main event of Kody Lane vs. Warhorse in a steel cage, plus GPW champion Camaro Jackson vs. Calvin Tankman. The lights are low, and it appears the crowd is in the 300 range. The commentary is good but the crowd and mic are almost inaudible; the only thing you hear is commentary.

1. Tootie Lynn defeated Blair Onyx at 5:32. Onyx is a smaller version of Jessicka Havok’s gothic look. Lynn is a short Black woman; she has competed in NWA. She wore a karate robe to the ring. Tootie unloaded a series of kicks on the bigger Onyx, then a second-rope crossbody block for a nearfall at 4:00. Onyx fell backward but bridged back up. Tootie hit a Shining Wizard for the pin! Short but solid.

2. Marcus Muncherson defeated ATM, Edmon, and Storm Grayson in a four-way at 6:11. ATM is a young Black man. Grayson just wrestled on AEW TV last week. Marcus is a Black man and he’s a powerhouse. Edmon hit a stunner on Grayson. Edmon and Muncherson traded stiff forearm shots. Grayson hit a huracanrana on ATM, then a flip dive onto everyone on the floor at 3:30. In the ring, ATM hit a Falcon Arrow on Grayson for a nearfall. Muncherson hit a gut-wrench powerbomb on ATM, dropping him on Edmon, for the pin. Solid.

3. Karam and Rohit Raju defeated Moses the Deliverer and Ethan Price at 12:09. Moses is a Black man with shoulder length dreadlocks; he wears a gold singlet. Price is essentially doing the Eugene Dinsmore gimmick; he’s “the big strong boy.” They brawled on the floor before even getting in the ring. In the ring, Moses hit a crossbody block on Raju. The heels began working over Moses. Karam and Moses traded blows. The ref missed Ethan making a hot tag, and the heels continued to beat down Moses.

Ethan finally made the hot tag at 8:00 and he hit a DDT on Raju, then a top-rope crossbody block for a nearfall. Price hit a standing powerbomb on Karam. All four fought in the ring. Raju hit a leaping Flatliner on Moses. Karam chokeslammed Ethan to the mat, and Rohit made the cover for the pin. Solid, standard tag match.

* Moses tried to console Ethan after the bell, but Ethan was frustrated. Ethan brushed his shoulder on Moses as he angrily left the ring.

4. Xavier Walker defeated Crash Jaxon at 10:04. Xavier is a tall Black man, a legit 6’6″ or even taller; he’s comparable to EJ Nduka. This was originally slated as Xavier vs. Kenny Alfonso, as Crash had been listed as being in the four-way (the second match.) They hit multiple shoulder tackles with neithe rman going down. Xavier couldn’t pick up the rotund Jaxon. Crash hit a running Stinger Splash at 5:00 then he sat down on Xavier’s chest for a nearfall. Jaxon missed a massive frogsplash at 7:00. Xavier fired back with a clothesline. Xavier hit a bodyslam and a running elbow drop for a nearfall. Jaxon hit a Death Valley Driver for a believable nearfall. Xavier clocked him with a punch for the pin.

5. Rahim de la Suede and Mike Outlaw defeated Chris Hendrix and Mason St. Goods at 8:21. Rahim is a thin Black man; Outlaw is Black and a bit thicker. Hendrix and St. Goods have been on ‘pre-show matches’ recently and are still learning; they also are Black and much smaller in size. Outlaw spoke on the mic but it was completely inaudible on tape. All four brawled at the bell. Outlaw hit a back suplex, and Rahim hit a legdrop for a nearfall at 2:30. The heels worked over the thinner St. Goods. Sound from ringside kicked in briefly, 70 minutes into the show. Hendrix hit a top-rope Meteora kneedrop for a nearfall at 5:30.

St. Goods hit a flying knee on Rahim for a nearfall, but Rahim reached the ropes. Outlaw hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker over his knee. Hendrix hit a Poison Rana at 8:00. Hendrix accidentally kicked St. Goods. Outlaw hit a stunner on Hendrix for the pin. Solid match, but I never thought Rahim and Outlaw were losing here.

* Mason St. Goods attacked his partner, Hendrix! Rahim and Outlaw handed a wad of cash to St. Goods, and they all stomped on Hendrix. “This is disgusting!” the commentator said.

6. Jake Something defeated Dan the Dad at 16:38. Jake is the heel and stalled before the bell. They brawled to the floor. In the ring, Jake pulled Dan’s shirt up over Dan’s face and repeatedly punched him at 4:30. Dan finally ripped off his shirt and hit some Stinger Splashes. Dan went for a dive to the floor but Jake caught him. In the ring, Dan hit a top-rope crossbody block for a nearfall at 9:00. Dan took a drink from his coffee mug (it’s Popeye’s spinach effect!) and he fired up and hit some punches, then a DDT for a nearfall.

Jake nailed a sit-out powerbomb for a believable nearfall at 11:00; I really thought that was it. Jake hit a spear into the corner. Dan hit his own standing powerbomb for a nearfall. Jake hit some hard punches to the jaw. Dan hit a jab that dropped Jake at 14:30. Jake nailed a Black Hole Slam for a believable nearfall, and the commentator was incredulous that didn’t get the pin. Jake shoved the ref into the ropes, causing Dan to fall from the corner into the ring; Jake caught him and immediately hit another Black Hole Slam for the pin. Good match.

7. “The Philly & Marino Experience” Marino Tenaglia and Philly Collins defeated “The Best Bros” Mei Suruga and Baliyaan Akki to retain the Glory Pro Tag Titles at 11:49. Mei and Baliyaan routinely team together and they have some cool moves. Akki has been at ringside for Suruga’s AEW matches, as well as some of Emi Sakura’s Dark/Elevation matches. Marino and Philly come to the ring to Phil Collins’ “Sussudio.” I always say Philly reminds me of Joe Gacy, and with his curly blond hair, Marino has a passing resemblance to Kenny Omega. Philly and Akki started. Mei entered at 2:00 and slapped Collins. Akki did the ‘Dirty Dancing’ spot where he hoisted Mei in the air, then slammed her down on Collins.

Marino tagged in and hit a dropkick on Akki at 5:00. Mei tied up Marino and spun him in pinning combinations on the match. She walked the top rope while holding onto PME’s arms; lots of silliness. Mei sat on Akki’s shoulders and flexed, and the champions backed off; more comedy spots. Akki slammed Mei onto an opponent for a nearfall at 11:00. However, PME hit a team Flatliner move to pin Akki. Solid match with the usual comedy you expect from the Best Bros.

8. Calvin Tankman defeated Camaro Jackson to win the Crown of Glory Heavyweight Title at 14:16. Two months ago, Tankman attacked Camaro and left with Jackson’s title belt, and we saw a nice video package building to the match. Calvin is perhaps 350 pounds. Camaro also is Black and he’s a short powerhouse; I always compare him to Jonathan Gresham in looks, not in-ring style. Camaro attacked at the bell. Tankman hit a Pounce that sent Camaro between the ropes. They brawled on the floor, with Tankman ramming Jackson against a stage along one side of the ring, and they got back in the ring at 2:30.

Tankman hit a back suplex and was in charge. He tied Camaro in a Torture Rack at 6:30. Camaro fired up and hit a series of forearm shots. Jackson hit a Michinoku Driver! That is a big man to get up! Camaro went for a dive to the floor, but Tankman caught him. Camaro escaped and he hit a dive over the ropes! In the ring, Camaro hit a top-rope frogsplash for a believable nearfall at 9:30, and they were both down. Tankman nailed a standing powerbomb for a believable nearfall.

Camaro hit an enzuigiri and a spinebuster, and they were both down. Tankman accidentally punched the referee. A Black guy named ‘Cinco‘ walked to ringside; the commentator speculated that Cinco was the one who called Tankman and got him to come to Glory Pro. Tankman swung the title belt, but Camaro ducked it, and Camaro hit a spear for a visual pin, but the ref was down! Another ref hopped in the ring, but Cinco pulled him right back out. Tankman nailed his pop-up spinning bak fist, then the Rikishi Driver for the pin! New champion! I didn’t expect that.

* Tankman got on the mic and said a few expletives before leaving with the belt. They headed to an extensive break to set up the cage. Luckily I wasn’t watching live, so I could fast-forward.

9. Warhorse defeated Kody Lane in a cage match at 19:31. This is a WWE-style cage rules, meaning you can escape the cage to win. (I hate that.) Kody came out first, but he hopped out of the ring so they could brawl on the floor. They got back into the ring and Warhorse rammed Lane’s head into the cage wall. He hit a backbreaker over his knee, then a snap suplex for a nearfall on Lane at 2:30. Kody leapt off the top rope and hit a flying senton for a nearfall. Lane ducked and Warhorse slammed headfirst into the turnbuckles. Lane applied a Full Nelson and swung Warhorse in circles.

Lane applied a sleeper, but Warhorse powered out at 5:30. Warhorse hit a decapitating clothesline, and he again rammed Lane’s head into the cage wall. Warhorse applied the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring, bt Lane powered out. Warhorse hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Lane hit a Death Valley Driver for a nearfall at 8:30. Warhorse hit a huracanrana for a nearfall. Lane hit a flapjack faceplant, then a Lionsault for a nearfall at 11:00.

Warhorse hit a powerslam into the turnbuckles, and they were both down. They traded foream shots while on their knees. They fought on the ropes, and Warhorse hit a sunset flip powerbomb to the mat, and they were both down again at 14:00. Warhorse was bleeding from his head being rammed into the cage. Lane hit a second-rope fallaway slam for a nearfall. Lane got a roll of duct tape and he tied Warhorse to the top rope! Warhorse was able to kick the ropes, causing Lane to fall and be crotched on the ropes.

Lane crawled to the door, but Warhorse dove and caught the ankle and dragged him back in at 17:00. Lane nailed the Jay Driller butterfly piledriver for a believable nearfall. They fought on the ropes in the corner, and Warhorse hit a top-rope superplex to the mat. Warhorse stood on top of the cage and nailed a flying elbow drop to the chest for the pin. A really good cage match and a great way to end this feud.

* An exhausted Warhorse stood up to celebrate, when Jake Something hopped in the ring and attacked! Jake beat him up. Several undercard wrestlers ran to ringside, but Jake beat them up, too. Jake turned back to Warhorse and beat him up some more, and he celebrated over Warhorse’s prone body.

Final Thoughts: Two really good matches to conclude the show. I will take the cage match for best of the show. I truly never considered the possibility that Calvin Tankman was winning the title, so I was definitely surprised there. I’ll go with Jake-Dan the Dad for third place.

I hate the ‘escape the cage’ rule because a cage should be a blowoff to a hot feud (like it was here), and the thought that you can win by ‘running away’ doesn’t work for me. Thus, no babyface should EVER win by escaping from the cage. All Glory Pro Wrestling shows can be viewed at Fite+.


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