Future Stars of Wrestling “Poder Cinco” results: Vetter’s review of the women’s show featuring Shazza McKenzie, Billie Starkz, Allie Katch, Miranda Alize, Alex Gracia, Jazmin Allure, Brittany Blake, Madi Wrenkowski, and more


By Chris Vetter, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Future Stars of Wrestling “Poder Cinco”
Replay available via FITE.TV
May 27, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada at FSW Arena

This took place in the FSW Arena with a crowd of maybe 100. This is a training arena; banners of past stars like Chris Bey and Karrion Kross hang on the walls. Veda Scott and Walker Stewart provided commentary.

* Ricky Tenacious jumped in the ring to start the show. He’s the guy in the glittery gold outfit I saw a day ago. He wanted a match. Heidi Howitzer and Ruby Ray came out for their match, but they beat him up first. A ref counted, so I guess this is officially a match.

1. Heidi Howitzer and Ruby Raze defeated Ricky Tenacious in maybe a minute. They beat him up and both sat on him for the pin.

2. Alice Blair & Mylo defeated Heidi Howitzer & Ruby Raze and Everly Rivera & Taniya and Mazzarati & Rachel Riveter in a four-way tag elimination match at 7:38. I saw Mylo and Riveter on the women’s show in California a couple weeks ago. I’ve probably see the larger Howitzer the most; she has tattoos, the side of her head is shaved, and her hair is orange. Ruby Raze is on par in size with Nyla Rose. Mazzarati is looking very much like Kiera Hogan here with blue hair and a splash of pink. Veda said it makes sense that no one wants to tag in Ruby or Heidi.

Heidi and Ruby entered and beat up the other six. Someone rolled up Howitzer and pinned her at 5:11, so we are down to three teams. Mazzarati got a Northern Lights suplex to pin Taniya at 6:00. The remaining four women kept brawling. Rachel accidentally kicked Mazzarati. Blair hit a swinging neckbreaker to pin Rachel. Too short to be much of anything; I was just figuring out who everyone was when it suddenly ended!

We are having a tournament to declare a new women’s Poder Champion because champ Christ James is injured, and some tournament matches will be on this show. (No one explained how the Poder Champion is different than the FSW women’s champion.)

3. Bryn Thorne defeated Alex Gracia at 7:03.  We’ve seen Gracia in AEW and elsewhere, and her hair is bright pink. I haven’t seen Bryn before; she is blonde, wore black, and seems to have some muscle mass; I’m getting Zoey Stark vibes from her. Thorne dominated the match. Gracia hit a lungblower and got a nearfall at 6:30. However, Bryn hit a backbreaker over her knee for the pin. Decent.

4. Billie Starkz defeated Jazmin Allure and Miranda Alize in a first-round tournament match at 5:03. Jazmin has wrestled often on AEW TV and she wore red tonight. Alize, who just wrestled on ROH TV on Thursday, came to the ring and was upset; she was angry that the wrong entrance music was played for her. Starkz came out last. I mentioned this a day ago; her hair is purple today and she looks like Tegan Nox and Candace LeRae. The bell rang but Alize stalled on the floor. The commentators agreed that the 18-year-old Starkz is still the most accomplished of the three.

Jazmin hit a standing neckbreaker on Miranda for a nearfall. All three traded forearm shots while on their knees, then while standing. Jazmin hit a Flatliner on Starkz for a nearfall. Starkz was late breaking up a three-count but the match continued. Starkz hit a tombstone piledriver to pin Allure. Outside of that one awkward non-kickout, this was good. Quite frankly, it should have been three times this length.

5. Brittany Blake defeated Madi Wrenkowski in a first-round tournament match at 7:43. Madi also has wrestled often on AEW TV and more recently, as a tag champ in NWA. Blake has long black-and-red hair. Blake out-wrestled her early, so Madi rolled to the floor and sat next to fans. They fought on the floor. In the ring, Madi jawed at the ref, and she hit a sideslam for a nearfall at 4:30. Blake fired back with an enzuigiri. Madi nailed an X-Factor faceplant for a nearfall. Brittany hit a lungblower, and she tied Madi up in a modified Texas Cloverleaf, and Madi tapped out.

6. Shazza McKenzie defeated Allie Katch in a Las Vegas street fight at 13:22. Shazza wore jean shorts and a black T-shirt, and she came to ringside holding a kendo stick. (She usually is wearing pink; I like when wrestlers in a street fight are wearing regular clothes.) Allie came out second and she is dressed similarly (not in ring gear) but she had a screwdriver! Just seconds in, Shazza dove through the ropes onto Allie, and they brawled at ringside. Allie grabbed the screwdriver and jabbed it into Allie’s forehead. They brawled into the bleachers (below the hard camera).

They brawled into the hallway, and into a bathroom; the door shut and re-opened and Allie’s hair was wet. (We are to believe her head went into the toilet, I presume?) They returned to the ring at 4:00. Katch swung a kendo stick; it ricocheted off the top rope and hit her in the head. Allie grabbed the screwdriver and put it in Shazza’s mouth, then jabbed her in the head with it, and Allie got a nearfall. Shazza hit Allie with the kendo stick across her chest, then Shazza hit a top-rope crossbody block for a nearfall at 7:30.

Katch hit her running buttbump in the corner, then her rolling cannonball onto a chair placed over Shazza’s face and she got a nearfall. Allie removed her belt and she choked Shazza with it. Shazza hit a standing neckbreaker. Katch hit a second-rope superplex, then a Death Valley Driver for a believable nearfall at 10:00; I thought that was it. Shazza fired back with a Saito Suplex. Shazza hit a Tower of London/stunner out of the corner across two open chairs for the pin. Easily best match of the show.

7. Viva Van defeated Zyra to retain the FSW Women’s Title at 9:56. I’ve seen Viva a few times and she’s polished in the ring. Zyra has long black hair to her waist; she appears to be Latina, and a quick internet search says she faced Emi Sakura in an Elevation match not too long ago. They are similar height and weight. Quick reversals early and a standoff. Viva applied a cross-armbreaker, but Zyra reached the ropes. Viva hit a spin kick to the jaw at 2:30, sending Zyra to the floor.

Viva applied a Tarantula in the ropes. Zyra hit a snap supex for a nearfall at 6:30. Viva applied a Muta Lock in the center of the ring, and the crowd taunted Zyra to tap out. Viva hit a Meteora running double knees for a nearfall at 9:30. Viva again applied a Muta Lock, but she rolled onto her stomach; Zyra won. The right woman won here.

8) Brittany Blake defeated Billie Starkz to win the vacant Poder Championship at 7:21. An intense lockup to start, and Billie has a couple inches of height advantage. Brittany hit double knees in the corner for a nearfall at 3:00. They brawled to the floor, where Brittany tossed Billie onto a fan at ringside. Billie hit a running kick as Brittany was seated in a chair. In the ring, Billie hit a piledriver for a nearfall at 6:30. She went for a Swanton Bomb, but Brittany got her knees up to block it. Brittany immediately hit a top-rope doublestomp on the back for the pin.

Final thoughts: A solid show that clocked in at barely 95 minutes. While I’m not a fan of hardcore matches or street fights, Shazza-Katch had the best match here. With this being so short, I wish the three-way and Gracia’s match had been given more time to flesh out.


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