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The Godwinns recall working with Triple H, Dusty Rhodes, Undertaker, and The Kliq

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast with The Godwinns (a/k/a Mark Canterbury and Dennis Knight)
Host: JP John Poz
Twitter: @TwoManPowerTrip
Website: www.tmptempire.com
Interview available at Tmptow.podomatic.com

Mark on Triple H: “We always got along. We didn’t get to hang out with him that much, I don’t think, in WCW, but I was up there just two, three months and, and he was too. And then they just threw us together and we were married for like six months. He was a trooper. He took the slop every night. I remember he’d have to wash his stuff out every night, hanging up in the hotel room. We always tease him that I scarred him for life cause he got 15 stitches. I loved it. It was awesome, man. The Englishman, you know, the prim and proper and, it was easy. Hunter’s the best.”

Mark on The Undertaker and “BSK” Bone Street Krew: “ When I went up there, I started riding with Jeff (Jarrett), traveling with Jeff and then Road Dogg come up. And then, I don’t know, something happened one night, they talked about it at the round table. He (Taker) asked me to ride with him and Paul (Bearer). I just sort of grew on him. Hey, our whole clique, we all been through a lot together and you know, a lot of stuff we did for each other that we can’t talk about and some stuff we can. It’s always been a good brotherhood.

Dennis on The Kliq: “We traveled with Hunter a lot. We traveled with Shawn (Michaels). Shawn liked to have us around when Kevin wasn’t there, as you can imagine why. Because Shawn would need somebody to either take him back to, oh my God, we’ve undressed him and put him to bed so many times. We traveled with, Jeff and Brian (Road Dogg).”

Dennis on Dusty Rhodes: “When I first started in Florida, I went to Steve Keirn’s School. Steve Keirn and Mike Graham were running the territory, and Dusty was the booker. So Dusty gave me my first job there, and then he gave me my second one in WCW. I went to South Atlantic with Robert Fuller around 89-90. We, we were so lucky to be bouncing around with all, you know, at at our very young. I mean, we were both only in the business like a year or two, and then we’re thrown into this and we were basically just, you know, he was working with (Bill) Watts and they liked him and they were gonna put him with somebody else. And then I came up and had a dark match and, uh, Dusty just, Dusty got up from Gorilla, went all the way around the thing, and introduced us and put us together. And from that night on, we were inseparable.”

Mark on the Godwinn’s gimmick: “I loved it. You know, I went up there and met with Vince and JJ Dillon, and he asked me what I did, and I told him, and he liked the farm part. He said, ‘what do you do with them hogs?’ I love, I loved it. I hated working in the overalls and the boots, but I, I actually liked it. I think it was Vince’s grandfather, uncle, somebody, his, his name was Orpheus, so Henry Orpheus Godwin. That was, and that’s how the hog became, yeah.”

Dennis on the Godwinn’s gimmick: “There was never an I, so we just kind of made up shit, over the years, I didn’t remember what we came up with.”

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  1. Johnny Skinwalker May 24, 2023 @ 2:25 pm

    I always thought Henry Godwinn was underrated and should have been bigger in this field. Maybe by getting a gimmick change. A great no holds barred brawler and convincing stiker. He came off as so badass. He should have gone to WCW during the MNW given that pretty much everyone got there like Bryan Adams. But you have him teasing joining the nWo but he would have gone after them.

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