5/16 NXT TV results: Moore’s review of Roxanne Perez vs. Jacy Jayne, and Fallon Henley vs. Cora Jade in NXT Women’s Title tournament matches, Julius Creed and Brutus Creed vs. Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler, Supernova Sessions with Noam Dar and guest Dragon Lee


By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center
Aired live May 16, 2023 on USA Network

[Hour One] Vic Joseph and Booker T were on commentary. Alicia Taylor was the ring announcer…

Entrances for the opening match took place…

1. Cora Jade vs. Fallon Henley in a first round match of the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament. The match started off with a collar and elbow that Jade dominated. Henley dominated the next collar and elbow after Jade did a “Ha” like Nelson from the Simpsons. Henley hit Jade with an atomic drop slam and baseball slide punch. Henley hit Jade with a chop and suplex for a two count. Jade came back with a few knees in the corner and a leg submission on the ropes.

Jade hit Henley with a springboard stomp to the legs for a two count. Jade tangled Henley in the ropes and gave her a series of chops and running dropkick for a two count. Jade put Henley in an Indian Deathlock. The picture-in-picture showed Duke Hudson and the NXT Women’s Locker Room watching the match in the locker room (Random Duke Hudson). Henley rallied back with right hands.

Henley hit Jade with a Flying Jalapeno. Henley hit Jade with a twisting Blockbuster for a two count. Jade reversed a suplex into a knee. Henley reversed Dirty Deeds and hit Jade with a Shining Wizard. Jade rolled to ringside after Henley sold a hamstring injury. Jade chop blocked Henley when Henley reentered the ring. Jade hit Henley with a Dirty Deeds DDT for the win.

Cora Jade defeated Fallon Henley via pinfall in 5:05 to advance to the Semi-finals of the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament.

Vic Joseph introduced the updated bracket with one more first round match left in the tournament. Lyra Vallkyria and Cora Jade jawed at ringside. Joseph announced Jade vs. Valkyria in a semi-final match next week…

John’s Thoughts: Better match than I would expect given it was only around 5 minutes with the outcome not in doubt. This was Jade’s best match in NXT since returning from her long layoff and Henley has the reputation of making her opponents look good. Henley is someone to look out for in 2023 given a lot of NXT’s female veterans were shipped off to Raw and Smackdown. More TV spots are open and Henley is a good worker along with having a good personality (which was taking a bit of a hit when she was looking like a bad friend when screwing up her stuff with Jensen).

Back in the locker room, Kiana James called Thea Hail a “fan” and called herself a superstar. Hail mocked James for losing last week. Duke Hudson, Chase U’s substitute teacher, approved Hail’s request to face James later on. James said she’ll kick Kiana’s ass…

Tyler Bate and Wes Lee were meditating in their smoke hotbox locker room. Lee and Bate were jumped by The Dyad. Ava and Joe Gacy also showed up. Gacy gave Lee a few words and then slammed his head into a locker. Gacy was sporting his yellow sunglasses that he’s been wearing recently…[c]

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams pulled up in a slick looking sports car. They were both shirtless. Trick and Melo entered the Performance Center and made their entrance to the ring. Melo took a mic and gave Trick props for bringing the business to Bron Breakker. Melo was sporting kinesio tape. Melo talked about how Bron is not the same as from Stand and Deliver, but neither is Melo.

Melo said that in Bron’s yard they may bark, but in Melo’s they bite. Melo called out Bron to face him right now like a real one. Trick called Bron “Big Booty Bad Bron”. Instead of Bron coming out, Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak made their entrance to Dempsey’s theme. Gulak said that Melo’s and Trick’s sit-in is over. Gulak said he doesn’t care about their business.

Dempsey took exception to Trick and Melo dismissing them in the hallway after they found out their match this week got cancelled. A “Willie Wonka” chant ensued because Dempsey looks like Gene Wilder. Dempsey corpsed a bit because the chant caught him off guard. Melo said while they chant “Willie Wonka” to Dempsey, they chant “Meloooooo” to him. Trick called Dempsey “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

Trick proposed an impromptu match between the two teams in the ring now. The heels refused and tried to jump Trick and Melo. Melo and Trick cleared Gulak and Dempsey from the ring….

John’s Thoughts: Fun segment to showcase the champion while also giving Baby Regal a bit of TV time. I did crack up at the Gene Wilder jokes and credit to the four men in the ring for improvising on the spot to adjust to the chant. Dempsey looking like William Regal and Gene Wilder’s lovechild might lead to something character wise once he gains more experience.

The show cut to Dijak in his dark tape recording room. He was about to cut one of his promo, but he was met at the table by Ilja Dragunov. Ilja said that Dijak is obsessed with breaking him. Ilja said he’s invincible and unbreakable. Dijak said Ilja likes taking pain, but Dijak likes to deliver it. Ilja said that pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. Dijak said there’s no man alive he can’t break. Ilja said he invites Dijak to try. The cinematic ended with a staredown…

The Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile made their entrance…[c]

The show cut to Dani Palmer at an NXT house show over the weekend. She was attacked by a hooded figure…

John’s Thoughts: Blair Davenport? I hope so. Could also be Stevie Turner who’s character can hack and use computers. I hope we don’t get a repeat of Sami Callihan’s crappy NXT Hacker gimmick. I lived through that two times and both times sucked.

The Schism made their entrance…

2. “The Creed Brothers” Julius Creed and Brutus Creed (w/Ivy Nile) vs. “The Dyad” Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid (w/Ava). Julius and Fowler showed technical prowess with chain wrestling off the test of strength. Julius landed on his feet after taking a monkey flip. Brutus tagged in and hit Rip with a top rope axe handle smash. Reid tagged in and cut the ring in half on Brutus with aggressive strikes. Brutus recovered carried Reid to his corner in Delayed Vertical Suplex.

After Julius tagged in, he took the Delayed Vertical on Reid away from his brother. Julius suplexed Reid. They repeated the same spot on Fowler. Just passing it twice with Julius taking back Fowler. Julius suplexed Fowler. Reid tagged in and hit Julius with an enzuigiri. Reid hit Brutus with Poetry in Motion. After executing a double team move, Reid put Julius in a Koji Clutch.

Julius powered through and escaped the hold with a Power Bomb for a two count. The show cut to picture-in-picture.[c]

Reid worked on Julius with methodical offense, preventing him from tagging out. Joseph noted that Joe Gacy was not at ringside and wondered if that makes Ava the de facto leader when Gacy is out. Julius got a window of opportunity after hitting Reid with an Electric Chair slam. Fowler and Brutus tagged in. Brutus landed on his feet when Fowler German Suplexed him.

Brutus hit Fowler with his signature Hulk Smash moves. Brutus hit Fowler with a lariat and Delayed Samoan Drop for a two count. Fowler hit Brutus with a jawbreaker after the distraction from Reid. Brutus tossed Reid into Fowler. Brutus hit Fowler with a Northern Lights and pinned Reid at the same time for a two count on both opponents. Brutus set Reid out of the ring with a Pounce.

Brutus and Fowler traded Strong Style strikes. Fowler and Brutus took each other out with lariats. Julius and Reid hit the two men laid out in the ring with Stereo 450s. Reid and Fowler traded hands and feet. Julius turned Reid inside out with a lariat. Reid reversed a power bomb into a headscissors.

Ava tried to Body Slam Ivy Nile, but Ivy reversed it into a Dragon Sleeper. Brutus hit Fowler at ringside with a Brutus Ball. Julius hit Reid with a Cartwheel DVD and Basement Lariat for the victory.

The Creed Brothers defeated The Dyad via pinfall in 14:14. 

John’s Thoughts: A stellar tag team match with some very nice setpieces. The Grizzled Young Veterans are tag team specialists and The Creeds continue to show off innovative offense that their agility allows them to do. It’s funny, the GYVs have been underutilized in this crappy undercard cult for months, but ever since they had their releases rejected (and thus seemingly putting them in lame duck status) they’ve gotten way more TV time and push than I would expect. Good for them and good for WWE for not being petty (NXT usually does well by people leaving the company though. Just look at Undisputed Era and Johnny Gargano’s exit). Another unexpected gem of a match that didn’t seem that epic on paper.

Vic Jospeh and Booker T checked in from the commentary table, where Joseph plugged the NXT Battleground ticket sales…

The show cut to Tony D’Angelo and Stacks eating at an Italian restaurant. They were discussing getting their tag title shot eventually with Gallus. Two bad actors showed up (and we couldn’t see their faces). They were “cops” and said that Tony needed to be brought in for some questioning as to his “criminal activity”. They arrested Tony D’Angelo after Stacks left to take a call. Stacks returned and D’Angelo was shocked that Tony was arrested…

John’s Thoughts: Hey! We found out Pretty Deadly are alive and were just Izekai’d to Smackdown. Tony should be in the clear. Poor Cole Karter tough. Getting Izekai’d to AEW Dark might be wrestling’s Dante’s Inferno (RIP AEW Dark).

Vic .and Booker checked back in. Julius took the headset and challenged Gallus to a tag team title match at Battleground…[c]

Noam Dar introduced us to his Supernova Sessions show, which had a cheesy daytime talk show theme (that also sounds like Adult Swim’s talk shows). Dar was wearing a plaid shirt and shorts. He hyped up his Supernova Sessions and called it an international phenomenon. Dar had a couch set up next to his Heritage Cup Championship. Dar introduced Dragon Lee as his first guest on the US version of his talk show.

Dar said that he can only sit on the couch while Lee gets the wooden chair. Dar said he came prepared for the interview. He read a kindergarden Spanish book poorly. Lee said he speaks English better than Dar. Dar said that book was a waste of $20. Dar said that Lee appearing on the talk show is the highlight of Lee’s “nothing life”. Lee said it’s an honor to perform with the fans, but Dar disrespects everyone.

Lee talked about his dad training him as a kid. Lee wanted to talk about the Heritage Cup, but Lee deflected. Dar downplayed Mexico as a big market. Lee said the Mexican People have spirit, like the NXT fans. Dar said he likes that passion, which is the same passion Dar has for the Heritage Cup. Lee asked Dar to defend the cup. Dar told Lee to tranquilo and to hand him the level 2 Spanish book.

Dar said that Lee can’t handle the Heritage Cup rounds format. Nathan Frazer interrupted the talk show and said he’s here to expose Dar as a fraud. Dar yelled for security to escort Frazer out of the ring. Frazer said that Dar needs to follow the same rules as other WWE champions. Frazer said Dar is not HBK and can’t book his own matches. Frazer said he wants to see Lee vs. Dar for the Heritage Cup.

Lee said he wants to challenge for the cup at Battleground. Frazer said after Dar loses, Dar will have to go crawling back to Alicia Fox. Dar accepted and then challenged Frazer to a regular match next week. Dar closed the show and asked to play his funky music…

Ilja Dragunov was being tortured by Dijak backstage. Dijak asked Ilja if he had enough. Ilja said “not even close”…

Melo and Trick made their entrance…[c]

John’s Thoughts: With JD McDonagh gone, I guess Ilja is NXT’s lone resident masochist. The Noam Dar talkshow segment did drag a bit. Dragon Lee isn’t quite ready for a “sports entertainment” segment quite yet. Noam Dar was funny with a handful of lines and he definitely is witty. Nathan Frazer actually came off well here. The material wasn’t anything to write home about, but Frazer continues to show a ton of confidence on the mic these days ever since adopting the John Oliver gimmick.  Looking forward to Dar and Lee at Battleground. I like that Dar is playing a good confident pest heel. That’s not surprising given that he broke out as a strong character on the main roster in the past.

[Hour Two] McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Jacy Jayne and said that Jayne is challenging a favorite of the tournament. Jayne joked about not being confident and then mocked McKenzie for doubting her. Jayne said Perez’s time has come and gone and she’ll march to the NXT Women’s Championship. Jacy then mocked Gigi Dolin for being a “failure”. Jacy said she’s the opposite, a winner. Jacy said she was going to picture Gigi’s face when she smashes in Roxy’s face…

The four wrestlers were already in the ring. Vic noted that the orignal advertised match was Gulak and Dempsey vs. Wes Lee and Tyler Bate, but Lee and Bate were jumped by The Schism earlier…

3. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams vs. Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey. The crowd started the match with an Oompa Loompa song to mock Dempsey. Trick dominated Dempsey with strikes. Things slowed down once Melo and Gulak tagged in. Melo dominated the chain wrestling. Gulak got a two count after a sunset flip. Gulak put Melo in a hammerlock and tagged in Dempsey.

Dempsey hit Melo with a double team kick for a two count. Melo and Charlie landed in a stalemate during some armdrags. Melo got a two count off a rollup. Melo escaped a wheelbarrow hold and tagged in Trick. Trick got a lot of air and hit Charlie with a flying lariat. Dempsey hit Trick with a throat punch. Gulak hit Trick with a lariat from the apron. Gulak tagged in and pulled at Trick’s hair for an illegal surfboard.

Drew and Charlie cut the ring in half on Trick. Charlie hit Trick with a bridged German for a two count. Vic noted Trick and Melo aren’t 100 percent. Trick hit Charlie with a kick and tagged in Melo. Melo caught Drew with a superkick. Melo hit Chalrlie with a flying lariat. Melo hit Charlie with a Uranage. Melo tagged in Trick after Gulak tagged in. Trick hit Charlie with a Cyclone Pump Kick. Melo tagged in and hit Dempsey with the Nothin’ But Net leg drop for the win.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams defeated Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gualk via pinfall in 6:32. 

Trick took the mic and noted that, that was another win for the Trick Melo game. Melo called out Bron Breakker again. Melo appeared on the big screen and asked Melo how he feels after being speared mid-air. Bron said he made a pit stop. The camera panned back, and Bron was hanging out at Trrick and Melo’s barber shop. The patrons looked nervous. Bron said he was just there to get a fresh cut before next week. The segment ended…

Thea Hail was acting hyperactive while Duke Hudson was grading papers. He forgot he approved her match against Kiana James…[c]

John’s Thoughts: A nice little tag team match. Trick Williams has really gained a lot of in-ring credibility over the last two weeks now that he’s given a chance to perform. He’s getting more character development than Melo, but Melo will get his. Simple and effective post match stuff with Bron Breakker continuing to shine in his new menacing heel role.

Noam Dar was cradling his Heritage Cup backstage. He was talking to it like a baby. Dar then caught up with Lash Legend and “Miss Jackson” (he assumed that was her  name due to it being on her shirt). Dar talked about going way back with Lash when she made her excursion to NXT UK. Dar told Jackson, “I’m sorry Miss Jackson, I am for real”. Hol up? Did Noam just make an Outkast reference? Dar flirted with Lash and asked what she thought the talk show. Lash argued about WWE having too many talk shows. Lash said only one talk show matters, “Lashing Out” with Lash Legend. Dar said he never saw that show…

Thea Hail made her hyperactive entrance to the ring. Kiana James made her entrance…

4. Thea Hail (w/Duke Hudson) vs. Kiana James. Duke Hudson was still grading papers at ringside. Hail tripped James and gave her running stomps. Hail rolled up James for a one count. Hail rallied with armdrags. Hail backdropped James and fired up the Chase U section. Duke continued to be distracted grading papers. Hail dumped James to ringside and hit James with a suicide dive.

That finally caught Duke’s attention, who approved with a high five. Hail avoided a Frog Splash attempt. James hit Hail with knees to the gut. James worked on Hail with methodical offense for a few minutes. Hail rallied back with right hands and a knee lift. Hail hit James with a few clotheslines and a Northern Lights Suplex. Hail did a Liger Kick, Warrior Rope shake, and springboard senton.

Hail caught James with a diving crossbody for a two count. James countered Hail with a Front Suplex and Snake Eyes. James hit Hail with the 401k (Tornado Paydirt) for the win.

Kiana James defeated Thea Hail via pinfall in 4:53. 

John’s Thoughts: Fun match to give James a win and Hail a rep. Expect Hail and James to also be elevated now that there’s more TV time women due to the callups. James continues to be someone I see as a breakout star in WWE because she’s really good in the ring. Only thing they needs to stay away from is the low budget parts of her act that held her back early in the NXT 2.0 days.

Hank Walker and Tank Ledger were looking at a mirror at Tank’s broken tooth. Briggs and Jensen showed up and congratulated Tank for being tough. Briggs and Jensen talked about beating each other up helped them grow up as people. Briggs and Jensen left, inviting Tank and Hank to the bar.

Tank then told Hank that they need to get close like that. Tank wanted a match with Hank next week, as a “bonding experience”. Hank was a bit apprehensive, but he ultimately happily agreed…

Vic and Booker checked in from the commentary table. They sent the show to a replay of Lee and Bate getting jumped by The Schism. McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Wes Lee and Tyler Bate in the medical room. Bate was on the medic bed. Lee said he usually likes to joke around, but he has something serious to say to the NXT Universe after the break…[c]

The show cut to a Dabba-Kato promo. Kato talked about how he came back to NXT to take down Apollo Crews, which he did. Kato then noted how he was undrafted at the WWE Draft. He said that means he has more time to create havoc. He said he’s also hunting for NXT Gold. He said he’s on the hunt and every NXT star is his prey…

The show cut to Edris Enofe, Malik Blade, Axiom, Eddy Thorpe, and Dante Chen hanging out in the locker room. They were just having casual conversation…

NXT North American Champion Wes Lee made his entrance looking serious. Lee brought up how his match got scheduled for got cancelled due to him and his buddy getting jumped. Lee called Gacy and the Schism leaches. Lee said Gacy treats The Dyad like sheep. Lee said it was wrong to attack his friend and if Gacy wanted a title match all he needed to do was ask.

Joe Gacy and Ava appeared on the Crow’s Nest. Gacy said he does want that North American Championship. Ava said Lee’s wins are making him the greatest North American Champion in history, which would make Gacy’s win mean more. Gacy said that Lee needs to tell Bate that Bate isn’t getting the title match. Lee told Gacy to stop trying to drive a wedge between him and his friend. Ava claimed that Bate is deceiving Lee. Tyler Bate got off the medic table and made his entrance.

Bate said Gacy is probably just salty over losing to he and Chase U at Stand and Deliver. Bate said Gacy has a beatdown in his future. Bate then told Lee that he’d be lying if he say he wasn’t going after the title. Bate said he won’t let the belt get inbetween their friendship. Gacy asked Lee who Lee was facing at Battleground, he or Bate. Gacy told Lee that Bate will stab Lee in the back…

John’s Thoughts: A decent enough segment to set up the North American Championship match at Battleground. Lee is doing a good job as Fighting Champion (similar to Orange Cassidy). I can actually see the title shifting hands here. Bate would be another strong fighting Champ, and Gacy kinda needs something to drag him out of the rut of being in The Schism.

The show cut to a Roxanne Perez promo package. She was recapping her year. She then was looking at a picture collage of her highlights in WWE so far. She wondered how her 2023 collage will look? A nother board had Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and Wrestlemania pictures on it. She said she knows her goal, it’s more about how she’s gonna get there….[c]

Von Wagner was chatting with a random shawty backstage, who said it was wrong for “Luther” for antagonizing him last week. Wagner calmly said that Luther was probably jealous. Von Wagner then saw Luther arguing with Robert Stone. Wagner grabbed Luther by the collar and pinned him against the ladders, challenging him to a fight.

Luther ran off. Stone said he really liked that Wagner stuck up for him. Stone then tried to interrogate Wagner about the picture showing baby Von with a head scar. Wagner said, “nice try, Stone” and walked off…

Entrances for the next match took place…

5. Roxanne Perez vs. Jacy Jayne in a first round match of the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament. Perez got a rollup for a two count. Jayne shrugged off a right hand from Roxy. Roxanne worked on Jacy with arm wrenches. Perez used a jackknife victory roll for a two count. Perez got another two count after a Magistral. Jacy came back with a shoulder tackle.

Perez rolled up Jacy for another two count. Perez got a two count off an armdrag. Perez went for a Bulldog, but Jacy reversed into a Northern Forearm. Jacy dumped Perez off the apron to the announce table. The show cut to picture-in-picture. [c]

Jayne got a two count off a neckbreaker. The camera showed the NXT Women’s Championship on the pedestal at ringside. Jayne dominated a stretch of the match while also showboating. Perez got a window of opportunity after avoiding a cannonball. Perez and Jayne traded kneeling forearms with Perez dominating. Perez rallied with clubbing blows and dumped Jayne to ringside off a Shotgun Dropkick.

Perez hit Jayne with a suicide dive. Perez hit Jayne with a high crossbody and scisors knee. Perez got a two count off a Russian Legsweep. Jayne blocked a hook hick. Jayne blocked Pop Rocks. Jayne hit Perez with a discus forearm for a two count. Perez held on the rope to prevent a Death Valley Driver. Jayne hit Perez with a Bennadryller. Perez came back with a Kick and Pop Rocks (Code Red) for the win.

Roxanne Perez defeated Jacy Jayne via pinfall in 9:06 to advance to the finals of the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament. 

Roxanne Perez and Tiffany Stratton jawed with each other at the pedastal to hype next week’s Semi Final match. Gigi Dolin ran out and brawled with Jacy Jayne. Referees ran out to separate both women…

Suddenly NXT Champion  Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams made their entrance. Melo took a mic and called out Bron at the top of the hour….[c]

John’s Thoughts: Again, the outcome was not in question, but both women put on a good match despite the foregone conclusion. I like that they did subvert expectations a bit by not having Gigi cost Jacy the match. NXT is usually good with avoiding some of wrestling’s overused tropes. Jacy came off well here. She’s had a bit of a rough run recently with both of her matches against Gigi Dolin getting cut short due to injuries. Hopefully Gigi and Jacy can have the match they wanted, but so far they haven’t clicked in the ring despite clicking as the tag team.

The show cut to Ilja continuing to be tortured in Dijak’s sex dungeon…er… torture room. Dijak said he told Ilja that he can break any man. Ilja said he’s still standing and not broken, despite seething in pain. Dijak gave Ilja a nod of approval and walked away with his nightstick…

John’s Thoughts: Is Ilja one of those dudes that’s really into BDSM? Hey, I’m not judging. No kink shaming here. The thought also entered my mind that Dijak and Ilja can team up and become the 2023 version of the Basham Brothers. (The funny part about this segment is they used the cinematic cameras for it. They put some effort into it!)

Wes Lee vs. Joe Gacy vs. Tyler Bate for the North American Championship and Noam Dar vs. Dragon Lee for the Heritage Cup Championship were announced for Battleground. Noam Dar vs. Nathan Frazer in a non-title match and the two women’s tournament matches were announced for next week’s go-home show…

[Overrun] Bron Breakker made his entrance surrounded by security detail. Bron said he didn’t bring them for him, he brought them for Trick and Melo to protect them from Bron. Bron said he’s trying to protect the Battleground main event. Trick said Bron is the one who needs protection. Bron gloated about beating Trick last week. Melo said that Bron’s standing there with the security wall.

Melo said Bron doesn’t need to blame Melo and the fans for losing the title. Melo said that Bron thought he was untouchable until he got touched. Melo said that Bron isn’t taking his NXT Championship. Bron said he and Melo fight for two different reasons. Bron said Melo is trying to defend the title. Bron said he’s more interested in embarrassing Melo in front of his hometown fans. Bron said friends and family will be crying that Melo can’t get the job done.

Melo said that there is a reason he and Bron are in the main event, because nobody are cut like he and Bron. Melo said he was going to build a legacy off Bron’s prone body. Bron talked about The Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics being champions. Bron said they are all trash. Bron said Melo will soon realize that Melo is not “him” but “nothing. Melo hit the security guards with a flip dive.

Trick and Melo brawled with Bron and the Security Guards. Bron managed to blindside Melo with a lariat. Melo escaped Bron’s finisher and punted Bron in the balls. Melo smashed Bron’s head with the NXT title. Melo and Bron were left lying to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: Solid segment to build towards Bron and Melo’s Battleground match. Melo does still resort to heel tactics a bit much so it would be cool to see him get one over without low blows or belt shots. Bron is doing a pretty good job with the heel run. He’s coming off as strong, a bit of a jock, and ruthless. Only part of Bron’s promo that I could have done without was him going for Boston cheap heat in Florida. That was more of a Scott Steiner reflex. I could excuse Melo resorting to plucky heel tactics a bit because Bron has been so dominant in this feud so far.

Looking forward to Bron and Melo running it back at Battleground because their match at Stand and Deliver was underwhelming and suffered from the looming cloud of Bron’s dad acting a bit of a fool over the weekend. This week’s NXT, formatted very well. This felt like some of those solid NXT UK shows with a bit more flava to it. With evil Moustache man Vince creeping around main roster creative, and AEW Dynamite not having the best creative these days, one can make the argument that HBK’s NXT is the best weekly show in television.

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