C*4 Wrestling “Hell or High Water” results: Vetter’s review of Kevin Blackwood vs. Stu Grayson vs. Gringo Loco vs. Travis Williams, vs. Junior Benito vs. Gabriel Fuerza in a six-way for the C*4 Championship, Wheeler Yuta vs. Buxx Belmar, Evil Uno vs. Myung-jae Lee, The Mane Event vs. Mathieu St. Jacques and Thombas DuBois


By Chris Vetter, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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C*4 Wrestling “Hell or High Water”
Streamed on IndependentWrestling.TV
April 28, 2023 in Ottawa, Ontario at Preston Event Centre

The venue was a well-lit ballroom, and the building is PACKED. Attendance is probably in the 500-600 range. This building looks new and appears to be a great place to watch a wrestling show. This isn’t “live-to-tape;” one match ends and almost immediately, wrestlers for the next match come out. So, they’ve edited out any short breaks between matches.

1. Puf and Pretty Ricky Wildly defeated “Philly Marino Experience” Phil Collins and Marino T. at 9:36. Puf is extremely heavy and reminds me of Blue Meanie or a white Fallah Bahh; I’ve only seen him once before but he is INSANELY over with this crowd. Wildly looks like a young Jimmy Hart. The PME always strike me as beer-drinking goofballs. Philly C reminds me of a heavier Joe Gacy, while Marino T has short curly blond hair and has a passing resemblance to Kenny Omega. Wildly kissed Phil Collins on the lips at 6:00 and that popped the crowd. Puf hit a senton that flattened Marino T.

Philly hit the softest chairshot to the back I’ve ever seen. Yuck. The commentators tried to cover for it by saying it wasn’t loud but still hurt. Marino hit a doublestomp on Puf’s back for a nearfall at 8:30. Wildly grabbed both opponents in their groin. Puf nailed a double clothesline, then a standing powerbomb on Marino for the pin. Adequate and passable.

2. Joshua Bishop defeated Evan Rivers at 9:16. Bishop is the Sid Vicious clone with a good physique. My first time seeing Rivers; he has curly hair and lots of tattoos and makes me think of Zicky Dice. Bishop has a significant height and overall muscle mass advantage. They brawled on the floor, and Bishop hit a Death Valley Driver on the ring apron; he rolled Rivers into the ring and got a nearfall at 7:30. Rivers hit a spin kick to the shoulder and a diving forearm to the back of the head for a nearfall. Rivers hit a rolling stunner, but he missed a top-rope moonsault. Bishop hit a Razors Edge-style powerbomb for the pin. Decent match.

3. Cheech defeated Cecil Nyx, Danny Jones and Sway Archer in a four-way at 7:17. Cecil is a chubby kid in a black singlet. Jones is Welsh and really tall with a crew cut; the commentators say it is his Canadian debut. Archer has long black hair and think of him as a mini-Damian Priest. Chikara/CZW veteran Cheech is now completely bald and looks a lot like a white Sonjay Dutt today. Cecil hit a spear on Archer. Jones hit a Lungblower on Cecil at 4:00. Archer hit a spinning brainbuster on Jones.

Cheech hit a fisherman’s suplex on Jones for a nearfall. Cecil hit a ropes-assisted moonsault into the ring for a nearfall. Nice. Jones nailed a piledriver. Cecil hit an Angle Slam for a nearfall, but a hooded person grabbed the ref’s ankle! Cheech hit a running powerbomb on Cecil for the cheech pin. Von Vertigo was revealed as the man in the hoodie. OK match; Jones is definitely the standout here.

4. Alexia Nicole defeated Ultra Violette at 6:33. Violette is wearing red and she’s competed a lot in Amazing Red’s “House of Glory.” Nicole is in white and reminds me of Paige/Saraya; they both have long, straight black hair. Nicole hit a snap suplex for a nearfall. Violette took control and was the heel here. Nicole was bleeding from her nose at 4:00 and she smeared it across her own face. Nicole hit a Lungblower for a nearfall. Violette hit a Samoan Drop move for a nearfall, then a German Suplex with a bridge for a nearfall. Nicole hit a top-rope 450 kick as Violette was standing in the ring, then a jumping piledriver for the pin. Highly watchable and physical.

5. “Tabarnak De Team” Mathieu St. Jacques and Thombas DuBois defeated “The Mane Event” Jay Lyon and Midas Black at 10:08. The Mane Event wrestled in a losing effort on MLW TV this week, and they are a fun team. I saw TDT on some of the recent GCW shows that have ventured into Canada, and I’m impressed with them; they both wore jeans, suspenders, and gray T-shirts and look like they are ready to fight, not wrestle. All four brawled at the bell and immediately went to the floor.

In the ring, Lyon hit a moonsault by pushing off Midas’ back at 3:00. TDT slammed Black stomach-first on the ring apron. In the ring, one of the TDT guys choked Lyon with the hula-hoop ring. Lyon hit a handspring-back-elbow. Lyon hit his flip dive through the ropes (and the hula hoop ring) at 7:00. In the ring, Black hit a DDT. TDT slammed each opponent into a ring post. Midas hit a 619 and a frogsplash, then they hit a team X-Factor faceplant for a nearfall, but a guy in a hood broke up the pin (again!?!?).

Mane Event got a door and set it up in the corner of the ring. TDT hit low blows, and Midas was sent into the door. One of the TDT guys hit a sit-out powerbomb on Lyon for the pin. That was fun and highly watchable; easily best of the show so far.

6. Evil Uno defeated Myung-jae Lee at 13:56. Evil Uno and Jay Lyon on the same card? So, they aren’t the sam person? I need a side-by-side picture for proof. I haven’t seen Lee before; he wore red trunks and has long hair. Lee attacked with some kicks at the bell, and they also brawled to the floor. Lee hit a top-rope missile dropkick for a nearfall at 2:00. Lee hit a hard kick to the spine, then a series of chops in the corner.

Evil Uno began choking Lee with Lee’s necklace, and he playfully stomped on him, and he was in charge of the action. They hit double clotheslines. Lee hit a suplex and they were both down at 9:00. Lee hit a back suplex for a nearfall. Uno hit a roaring punch for a nearfall. Lee hit a pair of running kicks, then a top-rope doublestomp to Uno’s back; before Lee could go for a cover, Uno rolled the floor at 11:30. Lee set up for a dive to the floor, but Uno threw a chair into his face.

In the ring, Uno has a chair. Uno hit a suplex dropping Lee onto the open chair, and he got a nearfall. Evil hit a jumping piledriver, but Lee kicked out at the one-count. Uno hit a running kick anda two more jumping piledrivers for the pin. Good match. While I never doubted that Evil Uno would win, Lee brought a great fight here.

7. “Hawkestepper” Shayne Hawke and Macrae Martin defeated James Stone and Vanessa Kraven for the C*4 Tag Titles at 12:17. Stone is tall, muscular, bald with a beard; think a smaller Braun Strowman; he’s definitely bigger than an average indy wrestler. Kraven, who competed in the second Mae Young Invitational in 2018, also is tall (an internet search lists her at 6’0″) and has a couple inches of height over the short, bald Macrae Martin. They all brawled to the floor. In the ring, Kraven hit a rolling cannonball in the corner at 4:00.

Hawke made the hot tag, and he hit a sit-out powerbomb on Stone for a nearfall. Kraven tagged in and she pulled Shayne in and rubbed his face in her breasts, disorienting and surprising him. Shayne responded by hitting a hard chop to her chest, and they traded chops. She hit a Mafia Kick at 8:00, then an Abyss-style Black Hole Slam. Macrae hit a Swanton Bomb on Kraven. Stone hit a Death Valley Driver on Shayne for a nearfall.

Kraven brought a wood board into the ring and set it up in a corner. Hawke went for a spin kick, but Stone dropped him with a punch to the jaw. Stone went for a pin, but Joshua Bishop was suddenly at ringside and stopped the pin. Stone dove onto Bishop, but Bishop powerbombed him onto the ring apron. Meanwhile, in the ring, Shayne hit a Death Valley Driver on Kraven through the board in the corner. Hawke then hit a spin kick on Stone for the pin. Decent match.

8. Wheeler Yuta defeated Buxx Belmar at 10:32. My first time seeing Buxx; he has written graffiti all over his chest. He’s a bit of a lovable goofball in his torn black pants; he’s a cartoonish version of Darby Allin. Meanwhile, Yuta came to ringside and looked all business; you couldn’t have a more diverse approach to a match. They shook hands and are the same size. Buxx spit all over his hands and wanted to do a knucklelock. Yuta rightfully passed and dropkicked him. Yuta hit a senton at 3:30.

Buxx hit a Blockbuster. Yuta hit a German Suplex, then a Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall at 6:30. Buxx missed a top-rope legdrop, and Yuta immediately applied a crossface submission hold. Yuta applied a Dragon Sleeper at 8:30. Buxx hit some superkicks, but it just seemed to fire Yuta up. Yuta began hitting the series of elbow strikes to the side of the head; he then applied the crossface again, and Buxx tapped out. Decent match; Buxx is more cartoonish than I care for, but he has a decent move-set.

9. Kevin Blackwood defeated Travis Williams, Junior Benito, Stu Grayson, Gringo Loco, Gabriel Fuerza in a six-way to retain the C*4 Championship at 18:05. Blackwood is the champion entering the match, and he hit the ring last to a chorus of boos. Williams is the obnoxious heel with short blond hair I just saw on a Prestige Wrestling show (which occurred the next day!) Benito is a thin Black man and a popular babyface here. Fuerza is Hispanic and appears smug as he was lying in the corner of the ring, a la Raven. Stu dropped Blackwood with a jumping knee to the chin to kickstart the match.

Loco and Stu traded fast reversals, with Loco hitting a head-scissors takedown. Benito hit a snap suplex for a nearfall. Blackwood and Williams worked together to beat up Benito. Fuerza hopped in the ring and joned the other heels in beating up Benito. Fuerza and Benito traded quick reversals at 4:30. Grayson hit a uranage on Benito; he went for a Lionsault, but Benito got his knees up. Benito hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on Blackwood for a nearfall.

Loco hit a top-rope moonsault, then a dive to the floor. Blackwood hit a top-rope doublestomp onto someone being held on the floor, with everyone crashing to the floor. Benito hit a flip dive over a turnbuckle to the floor at 7:00. “This crowd is going ballistic!” a commentator shouted. TDT suddenly appeared at ringside and were booed. Benjamin Tull hopped in the ring and attacked Benito; Tull and TDT kept fighting with him to the back!

In the ring, Fuerza and Blackwood traded stiff forearm shots. Blackwood hit a top-rope double stomp on the top of the head at 9:30. Loco hopped back in the ring and hit a reverse Angle Slam on Blackwood. Fuerza hit a mid-ring Spanish Fly on Stu at 11:30. Loco hit a moonsault on Stu. Fuerza hit a running Shooting Star Press on Loco. Blackwood hit a double stomp on Loco for a nearfall. Stu missed on a move on Loco; the crowd was extremely forgiving.

Williams hit a brainbuster on Stu at 13:30, then a stunner move on the ring apron. Loco hit a top-rope Spanish Fly on Williams for a believable nearfall! Fuerza hit a double crossbody block for a nearfall. This has been really good. Fuerza missed a Shooting Star Press. Loco immediately hit a top-rope stunner on Fuerza for a believable nearfall at 17:00. Williams hit a running knee to the back of Loco’s head. Stu hit a backbreaker over his knee. Blackwood hit a low blow uppercut on Stu and got loudly booed. Blackwood then hit a top-rope doublestomp on Williams for the pin. Superb match.

Final Thoughts: A tremendous main event. If you have IWTV and don’t want to watch the entire show, at least watch this main event. Easily best match of the show. While I only knew Blackwood, Grayson and Gringo Loco going in (I have seen fewer than five matches with Williams), the unknown guys really looked good here.

TDT-Mane Event is a distant second place, with Evil Uno-Lee third place. The good definitely outweighed the bad here. I don’t like intergender matches, but Vanessa Kraven is so much taller than her opponents here, I didn’t mind it as much. I wasn’t a fan of two separate matches having a hooded individual interfere. This was an entertaining show. Watch it on IWTV.


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