World Series Wrestling “Unleash Hell Night 4” results: Vetter’s review of Johnny Down Under and Bandido vs. Matt Cardona and Brian Myers, Jordynne Grace vs. Steph De Lander vs. Shazza McKenzie for the WSW Women’s Title, Brian Cage and Flip Gordon vs. Erick Redbeard and Matt Basso for the WSW Tag Titles, TJP vs. Robbie Eagles for the WSW Australian Title


By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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World Series Wrestling “Unleash Hell Night 4”
Streamed on FITE TV
March 13, 2023 in Sydney, Australia at Panther Penrith

This venue is an auditorium, with the ring directly in front of the stage.

* Like each of the shows, it opened with “The Major Players” Matt Cardona and Brian Myers hitting the ring. Cardona got on the mic and said, “You want Chelsea? You couldnn’t handle Chelsea. Once I get out of this stupid country, I’m going to go and have sex with Chelsea every single night!” Myers got on the mic and said, “You idiots, you don’t even realize you are in the presence of greatness.” They are in the main event later. Myers said he’s flying home in the morning, “The the best country in the world, the United States of America!,” which got some boos.

1. TJP defeated Robbie Eagles for the WSW Australian Title at 17:03. TJP won this newly-created title a day ago in a six-way match. Australia native Eagles is a regular in New Japan Pro Wrestling and this is his first appearance on this tour; these two definitely squared off in the NJPW junior tag league just a few months ago. TJP sauntered to the ring, turning up the heel charisma. Standing switches to open. TJP ripped off Eagles’ bandana and tossed it aside, drawing huge boos, at 4:00. Eagles unloaded some deafening chops that popped the crowd.

TJP snapped the left arm backward at 6:00 and he took charge, focusing on the left arm. Eagles hit a series of Yes Kicks to the chest at 9:30. Eagles missed a 450 Splash. TJP applied a mid-ring Octopus and hit three snap suplexes, but he missed the Mamba Splash. Eagles hit a springboard dropkick on TJP’s knee, and he immediately applied the Jamie Noble Trailer Hitch leglock at 12:00, with TJP scrambling to reach the ropes. TJP hit a spin kick to the head and a back suplex; Eagles hit a running elbow to the back of the head, and they were both down.

TJP hit a tornado DDT out of the corner, and he nailed the Mamba Splash for a believable nearfall. He turned Eagles over and applied an STF, but Eagles reached the ropes. They traded rollup attempts at 15:00. TJP hit a running Facewash in the corner. Eagles hit another basement dropkick on the knee, then a second-rope flying shoulder tackle on the back of the knee. Eagles again applied the Trailer Hitch and TJP teased tapping out before reaching the ropes at 16:30. They traded kicks. TJP hooked the arms, got a forward roll, and a clean pin. Really good mat-based match.

2. Jessica Troy defeated Effy in an intergender match at 7:34. First intergender action of the tour, and she immediately worked the left arm. He easily shoved her to the mat; Effy is a full head taller than her and noticeably heavier (I always write that he’s deceptively large). He hit a backbreaker over his knee, then flipped her over and hit a gutbuster over his knee. He hit a clothesline at 3:00 and was in complete control. How does this match benefit anyone?

Effy hit a second-rope Buff Blockbuster at 5:30. Troy fired back with a second-rope tornado DDT to the floor; she rolled him in the ring and got a nearfall. He immediately hit a TKO Stunner and applied a Dragon Sleeper. She applied a Fujiwara Armbar, cranked back hard, and Effy tapped out. Don’t be confused by her win — she barely got in any offense and this was uncomfortable to watch.

3. Josh Alexander defeated Mick Moretti at 10:08. Moretti competed in the PWG “Battle of Los Angeles” a few years ago, and he’s dressed like Crocodile Dundee (showing my age), and he has Darby-style charisma. Outside of that PWG appearance, I’ve only seen him on these Aussie shows. Alexander again has his Impact World title belt with him. Alexander tossed him to the ground and got booed; he’s been a fan favorite everywhere on this tour until now. Moretti hit a springboard senton for a nearfall at 2:00 and the crowd chanted, “This is your house!” Alexander hit a forward Finlay Roll and a kneedrop to the back of the neck for a nearfall.

Alexander hit a backbreaker over his knee and was now in complete control of the offense. Moretti hit a kick to the face for a nearfall at 6:00. Alexander hit his flying crossbody block in the ropes that sent them both to the floor. In the ring, Josh set up for the C4 Spike, but Moretti fought out of it. Josh hit rolling German Suplexes. Mick hit a Dragon Suplex for a nearfall at 9:00. Josh applied an anklelock, a roaring forearm to the head, then he nailed the C4 Spike butterfly piledriver for the pin. Really good match, and Josh went undefeated on the tour.

4. Blake Christian defeated Everett Connors and Joey Janela in a three-way at 8:09. Everett wore a colorful outfit, with short blue-and-pink hair, and gave me Grayson Waller vibes. Janela hit a double German Suplex. Blake hit a Lionsault Press on Janela at 2:00, then his handspring-back-enzuigiri. Connors hit a pair of headscissor takedowns on Blake. Janela hit a German Suplex on Blake. They did a tower spot out of the corner and everyone was down at 4:00. Janela hit a roaring forearm on Everett. Everett hit a Canadian Destroyer on Janela. Blake hit a pumphandle sit-out powerbomb on Janela for a nearfall.

Blake hit a spear on Everett. Everett hit a piledriver out of the ropes on Blake for a nearfall at 6:30, but Janela made the save. Janela gave Blake a Death Valley Driver into the corner onto Everett, then Janela hit a package piledriver for a nearfall. Christian hit a mid-ring Spanish Fly on Janela. Everett hit a DDT on the ring apron on Blake. Everett hit a spinning top-rope splash on Janela. Blake hit his Rollins-style Stomp to the head on Everett for the pin. That was a fast, non-stop sprint. Good stuff.

* Intermission. The screen looked weird, tinted blue, as we returned from intermission and we had no sound. It would get fixed mid-match.

5. Matt Basso and Erick Redbeard defeated Flip Gordon and Brian Cage to win the WSW Tag Titles at 8:57. They all brawled to the floor early on. In the ring, Cage hit a backbreaker over his knee on Basso at 1:30. Redbeard tagged in and traded shoulder tackles with Cage. The sound and quality picture was fixed. Basso and Redbeard began working over Flip. Cage entered and hit some clotheslines. Flip hit his rolling Death Valey Driver for a nearfall at 5:00.

Cage hit a 619 on Redbeard, earning a pop. Masso went for a top-rope chokeslam on Flip, but Gordon rotated mid-air and landed on his feet. Nice. Redbeard and Cage went for simultaneous crossbody blocks, and suddenly everyone was down at 7:30. Flip accidentally hit a superkick on Cage; Cage accidentally clotheslined Flip! Basso hit a Doomsday Clothesline, and Redbeard pinned Gordon. New champs! Gordon and Cage had been champs for 1,300 days. This was clunky.

6. Steph de Lander defeated Jordynne Grace and Shazza McKenzie in a three-way to win the WSW Women’s Title at 7:49. Jordynne was champ entering the match. Shazza and Steph attacked Jordynne before the bell. Steph and Shazza traded chops; it is worth reiterating how tall and strong Steph is and she got the better of this exchange. Jordynne hit a spinebuster at 4:00 on Shazza. In an impressive spot, Steph put both women on her shoulders and hit a Samoan Drop at 5:30. Shazza hit a top-rope crossbody block on both opponents. Jordynne tied both women in a submission hold on the mat. Shazza put Jordynne on her shoulders, spun her to the mat, and pinned her. New champion!

* Jessica Troy returned to the ring, joined by a female wrestler I didn’t know, and they helped Shazza McKenzie as they beat up Jordynne some more after the match.

7. “The Major Players” Matt Cardona and Brian Myers defeated Bandido and Johnny Down Under (f/k/a John Morrison) at 11:31. Myers stalled in the ropes to avoid locking up with Johnny. Bandido hit a top-rope corkscrew splash on both heels. Bandido leapt off Johnny’s back and hit a splash on Cardona at 4:00. TMP began working Johnny over in their corner. Bandido made the hot tag at 8:00 and he beat up Myers, then he hit his Gorilla Press on Cardona, then a Gorilla Press on Myers for a nearfall.

Johnny hit Starship Pain/corkscrew press for a believable nearfall, but WSW owner Adrian Manera pulled the ref from the ring. Adrian got in the ring, but Bandido and Johnny hit superkicks on him. Steph de Lander got in the ring and teased she was going to hit Cardona with a steel chair, but instead she clocked Johnny with it. Cardona jumped on Johnny and got the tainted pin. Steph, Cardona and Myers celebrated in the ring together.

* The lights went out. On the screen appeared “The Perfect 10” Shawn Spears, who declared himself the No. 1 contender to Matt Cardona’s title. Bandido and Johnny returned to the ring and beat up Myers and Cardona to end the show, and they danced together.

Final thoughts: TJP and Eagles got the show started off right; they were given enough time to have a really good match. Alexander-Moretti was really good and earned second place, ahead of the three-way. That said, other shows on this tour had much better matches than the ones here.

I’ve said this before: I believe Tessa Blanchard, Rachael Ellering, Jordynne Grace and a few others could stand toe-to-toe and beat up a man. I have been entertained by Trish Adora and Masha Slamovich in matches against men of similar size this year. But here… Jessica Troy is so much smaller, I couldn’t enjoy this at all.


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